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British Airways launches new First, Club World and Club Europe sale

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British Airways has launched a new Luxury World Sale focussing on Club Europe, Club World and First. On many routes you can book until 10th May 2016 for Gatwick and 10th April 2016 for Heathrow so you could potentially secure your Summer, October half term, Christmas and Easter 2016 holidays now!

If you know where you want to go, the Low Fare Finder tool on is the easiest way to see which months have the lowest prices.

Alternatively, take a look at the sale home page on here.

These deals must be booked by 9th June.

British Airways 350

Headline prices in Club World include:

Dubai £1,597

New York £2,031

Hong Kong £2,588

Rio £2,137

Chennai £1,728

Barbados £1,695

Las Vegas £1,999

Beijing £1,897

Toronto £1,812

Abu Dhabi £1,424 (so do this instead of Dubai and get a cab!)

Male £2,176

First Class will generally be an extra £1,000 return, give or take.

If you can get these fares at peak periods then some are definitely worth a look, although of course they do not compare with some of the ex-Europe pricing we have seen recently.  There is no sign so far of BA launching an ex-Europe sale this week.

European deals in Club Europe are also available. The usual mix of sub-£200 routes are available: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bilbao, Dublin, Genoa, Rome, Turin etc with plenty more routes under £250. These are a cheap way to pick up 80 tier points towards status renewal.

Some of the longer routes which offer 160 tier points return are also worth a look. These include Athens, Istanbul, Larnaca, Marrakech and Helsinki. The tier point calculator on is a quick way of checking what a particular route will earn.

These fares are available for booking until June 9th.  More details, including some special sale prices on BA Holidays packages, can be found here at

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SUNDAY is your last day to book BA On Business redemptions at the old rates
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  1. James says:

    Ex EU is included. DUB is great as usual, with NYC from £880 (on American) Miami £917 or Honolulu around £1150.

    • Brian says:

      Yes, though maybe these are just ‘normal’ prices right now. I’m seeing return to San Francisco for 1090GBP – flying there on American via Chicago and back with BA – the onward flight back to Dublin is from Gatwick, so quite easy to ‘miss’ that one.

      I already have Virgin redemptions for the same dates, economy out and Upper Class back. Tempting to cancel those, since I’m spending about 350GBP on taxes, plus 72,000 odd miles. Plus I’d earn 22,000 Avios if I book the revenue flights, as well as the tier points. (And I’d be flying business both ways.) Still, probably worth keeping the Virgin if only for the convenience of direct flights.

      • James says:

        Virgin have good ex DUB prices too, around £1000 for east coast. Not sure about west (£1200??)

        • Mycity68 says:

          Sorry am I missing something? How do I get the Virgin fares from Dublin as I can’t see them? thanks

          • AndyGWP says:

            If they don’t fly under the Virgin ‘name’, I’m assuming it’ll be Delta codeshares won’t it? 🙂

          • Dependent on dates.

            Try the ita matrix with

            ba lon vs
            vs lon ba

            I’ve not checked recently, but for certain dates it was around 1170 ex DUB. But as the year goes on, the available dates become less and less…

          • dynamo says:

            Is there anyway that I can force BA to only show LHR-LCY transfers on the return leg?

          • Expedia or ebookers are the easiest way to book. Click advanced options under where you input your flight details and choose your class and preferred airline.

    • RIccati says:

      UNLIKE the previous sale, does not bring up AA choices ex DUB anymore (that is, to depart from LHR on AA metal). Cannot bring AA flights even with extended search.

      Transatlantic sharing agreement or not, Oneworld Alliance or not but BA clearly does not want “their” customers purchasing/flying other airlines.

    • Marly says:

      Is it the new AA plane that departs from Dublin?

    • I bagged an PE to F upgrade from LHR-YVR (ex-DUB) for €280! There seems to be some great deals out there!

  2. OT: I have just received an email from BA Exec Club CS saying my husband has just requested a reset of his password under our household account. As I do all the airmiles stuff and he hasn’t a clue about any of it – he didn’t request a reset and neither did I. The email does not show any official BA headers, only text, with a link to change the password. All looks a bit dodgy to me – so I have logged in and changed all 3 passwords in our account manually. Has anyone else had this? Be on your guard.

    • stealthmoose says:

      I hope you logged in from the BA site and not via the link.

  3. Imbruce says:

    OT: does anyone know if Cityflyer is part of an airline alliance as my partner uses them to go to Dresden as they offer direct flights. Cannot find anything on their website.

  4. I looked Monday at flights for my wife and infant to Orlando in April next year, was £2711 in club.
    Sale price was £1881!
    Then used my founders card to check if it worked in the sale and it dropped to £1759.

    Glad I didn’t book Monday!

  5. Is it possible to use BA’s low fare finder tool for departures other than London?

    • Andrew says:

      Not that I can find… Tried switching countries (e.g. to Ireland) but then the low far finder option disappeared.

  6. Just realise I need 150 TPs by first week of June… Struggling with ITA matrix!!

    • Helsinki was about £380 and would knock it on the head in one trip (I think). Lovely place and you can pop across to Talinn on the ferry.

      • If going to Helsinki I’d also recommend visiting Suomenlinna, I spent several hours there.

        • Andrew says:

          Ps – have been out to visit family there, it’s a lovely place and would thoroughly recommend.

      • Andrew says:

        Thanks – sadly not available until the end of the month. Can’t find anything else so think I’m going to miss out on that GUF2…

  7. Nathan says:

    Annoying that I have a cash+upgrade with Avios in October to New York flying from Dub.. can’t get a refund on it 🙁 basically used 35,000 avios for a £200 discount 🙁

    • Brendan says:

      October is not covered by the sale fare (and never is) if that makes you feel better

      • Worzel says:

        Nathan, you’ve done OK; having got the base/hotel rate of 0.57p-you can’t win them all !

        We recently lost a 2-4-1: expired, passed on, ceased to be, it is no more!!

        Sent in jest, 🙂 .

        • Danksy says:

          I’m seriously considering knocking BAPP on the head, the 241 vouchers don’t really hold much value in the face of sale prices. I might re-cycle cards every two years, using the year in between cycles to clock up Avios using Sale prices on Oneworld partner airlines!

          • Worzel says:


            We’re now about 25% into what will probably be our last 2-4-1.

            Little point now, it appears to me, in working towards a reward(half cost avios) within a system subject to devaluation at any time, and with limited flight availability(has to be on BA metal) !

          • agreed, and when comparing BA Club World versus Qatar et al it makes the BAPP look even worse value.

          • Polly says:

            We are in the same boat. We can earn one every year but using it solely for F to Asia. Using these sales for any other trips. Just canceled our BA F to KUL recently and are now going J on QR directly to HKT. Using the F 241 for SEA, in March 16, but now see this sale. Admittedly it would be in J, so happy to use our 241 for F only. That’s our current strategy.

            James, we have never been able to get good o w flights in BA.

          • 241 sounds a bit rubbish at the mo

          • James67 says:

            Generally agree on these sentiments, however, don’t fkrget theone big plux on avios redemptions remains flexibility go change and cancel. If it were not for that I would very likely defect to some other, or more likely cash tivkets. Anybody needing ow fares on BA should chech out ebookers.

  8. Simon says:

    BA used to show different minimum fares from each London airport under the Low Fare finder but now just show a blanket minimum, even if the destination is served by multiple London airports. Any idea why they changed this? As a frequent City Airport user (and Heathrow as 2nd choice), I do find this infuriating when trying to check fares using this page as the City Airport CE fare is always far more expensive than the Heathrow or Gatwick counterparts (with Zurich seemingly the sole exception to the rule!)

  9. James67 says:

    These BA sales prices must be taken with a bucket of salt. I booked a one way WTP BKK-LHR and the total UUA fare came to £704 outside sale. Same date is now about £1050 in sale without extra cost of UUA. If anybody can explain how BA pricing on one way fares work I would be very grateful. I have been following them for several years and the enormous fluctuations remains a mystery to me.

    • No mystery in screwing the market for what you can get

      • James67 says:

        Well I hope BA get their act together, update their products and reduce their fares before the market bites back. On second thoughts I don’t really care given the increasing and better choices available from the regions.

    • Polly says:

      I agree about your above point in favour of Avios. It’s the flexibility and cancellation policy, which we are able to use without a seconds thought. Good to have your experienced views here too, helps a lot. Keep offering the tips please!

  10. stealthmoose says:

    The low fare finder just reprices every time I click fully through. It’s just offered me a price for a flight that departed 6 hours ago! Given up and resorted to trial and error.

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