Bits: 2400 Avios with Tesco Wine, £1k Qatar business tickets back!, 16 Avios per £1 at Selfridges

News in brief:

New Tesco Wine bonus code, open to all

Tesco Wine is currently offering 1,000 bonus Clubcard points (2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin Flying Club miles) with any order of £60 or more.

This code is open to everyone until 5,000 people have used it.  ALL stock is included, even sale items, so you could get a genuine bargain.  As the code has already been floating around for 48 hours I would order sooner rather than later.

The code you need is XXHTYA.  The Tesco Wine home page is here.

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Tesco Wine 350

Qatar selling £1,000 business class tickets again!

Qatar Airways has been selling some exceptionally cheap business class tickets to Asia over the past year.  As Qatar is a member of oneworld, these tickets also earn British Airways tier points – normally 560 per return trip (140 x 4, given the connection in Doha).  That is almost Silver status.

For bookings before August 2nd, there are again some excellent fares out of Amsterdam.  These are for travel between September 1st and June 10th 2016.

(You cannot fly out between 10-31 December or 16-28 March.  You cannot return between 31 December – 15 January or 27 March – 10 April.)

Sample business class return fares from Amsterdam include:

  • Bangkok €1,385 (£967)
  • Abu Dhabi €1,320
  • Durban €1,765
  • Goa €1,695
  • Jo’burg €1,765
  • Phuket €1,565
  • Singapore €1,420

and many more.  The best thing to do is to head over to and have a play around.

In terms of aircraft, the best seats are on the A380, A350 and B787 aircraft.  The B777 fleet has an older seat but is still fully flat.  Avoid the A330 and A340 aircraft if possible (although, at this price, you can’t complain!) as they usually have sloping business class seats.  My review of the 787 seat is here.  My review of the 777 seat is here.

Mr Selfridge

Gate 365 deal at Selfridges

Gate 365, the online shopping portal run by British Airways, is running an interesting deal with Selfridges at the moment.

You receive 16 Avios for every £1 you spend.  This is a good offer and, if you planning any major purchases, it is worth checking to see if the Selfridges site has them.

The Gate 365 home page can be found here.   Thanks to the two readers who sent this over.  There are also a few promotions running with other retailers at the moment.

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  1. James says:

    Turkish have some tremendous deals ex MAN at the moment (haven’t looked elsewhere). Some example prices: Beirut (what I was looking for) £680, Dubai £945, Bangkok £1130, Singapore £1300. For a UK departure those are amazing prices. TK’s business class isn’t the best though.

    • James says:

      Also Beijing for an astounding £1063 by the way.

      I had a brief look, seem to be similar prices from BHX etc.

      • Polly says:

        James, is that just to Beijing that BHX is just as good, or are other routes as cheap from BHX too? That would be worth dashing up the motorway for, to save flying ex EU.

        • James says:

          All the routes are broadly similar 🙂

          I have to say that despite the inferior product (certainly compared to QR) we are considering jumping on it too.. It makes a difference being able to fly from your local airport.

          On the plus side the TK lounge in Istanbul is superb 🙂

    • James67 says:

      Bangkok fare is beating tge China Airways fares via AMS which are typically best available J fares from UK. TK will have better service and product too, and much more useful options for miles earned.

  2. Imbruce says:

    It’s a shame about the December & January blackout period as it is the only time I can fly to Sydney.

  3. Has anyone else had their clubcard balances put back to zero and not got the vouchers listed. I logged in on Monday morning and saw my vouchers for the Aug statement so I printed them. Also printed all my other family members ones from their accounts. I logged back in to check something else later that day and the balance of vouchers was back to the May total and the vouchers had disappeared from my list. Same thing with all the other family members too. And I wasn’t anywhere near the £300 limit. I’ve left if for a few days but it’s still the same. Anyone else got that before I ring Clubcard.

    • Think Square says:

      Yes, mine were zero about a week ago, then then came back, now they have gone again. At least there’s a message saying they are being converted to vouchers now. Give it time.

    • Me too, was a bit confused as to what’s going on. Not got any vouchers to print either…

  4. By September all of Qatar’s A340’s will have been reconfigured as 2-class with fully flat business seats.

    The A330-300’s are being converted as well (first one is already done), it’s the A330-200’s where you have to be careful as there are some that are remaining with the old slopey seats until they’re retired

  5. I’ve been looking at pressing the button on a QR flight ex BRU to DXB. We actually want to go to Abu Dhabi via Doha again, but that was more expensive, worse still was BRU – DOH direct. BRU – DXB came in at £862 each/adult. 2 adults and 1 infant under 2 comes in at £1862. Better still its the 787 route, ive done the A350 in J and its superb back in April FRA – DOH. The short haul DOH – DXB is showing on QR and other sites as an A350 in F wierdly???? outbound (it wont be it will be the J class seat we had from FRA – DOH but still what a plane that is, return on an A320 in F, again did this in april DOH – AUH. Its not F its a J seat, though quite nice, a big seat but how they served, nuts, champagne, take your order, deliver a 3 course meal with laudree deserts then take time to thank us flying with them etc in 1 hour was amazing!!!!

    For anyone’s information ive been shopping around all week from all european starting points specifically on QR as im looking for a weeks break in October in J so this article is good timing. I tried all types, either 787, A350, A330, even A320 routes. The best price barring the short haul A320 routes of Zagreb etc was BRU in I class tickets, followed by CPH. Believe me ive searched them all the past few weeks driving myself mad whether its the best deal out there!!

    • Polly says:

      I agree with you. We finally decided on ex CPH due to the short stopover, it was a £100 cheaper ext AMS but much much longer layovers. You have to watch out for the type of aircraft, and the layover times, plus cost of course. Think I spent a few days like you looking at options. But worth it for the comfort. Plus you have a baby, comfort first! We have Dreamliner all 4 legs to HKT though, amazing, with just 1.5 hr stopovers all the way. As always, we feel we are in the equivalent of BA F when we do QR J. It’s so much more spacious and the service is very good. But saying that we still do our BA F 241 every year too. Plus a QR two leg long haul gets you almost to BA Silver, which is amazing.

      So worth doing a QR J two leg along haul, every second year to get sliver with a couple of short haul BA flights to get to your 600 TPs, and bobs your uncle for the next two years.

      • Couldnt agree more the J product on the A350 hands down beats anything else ive tried…granted not tried SQ, EK or CX F!!!!

        We only have a weeks window end of October, plus infant is dreaded 2 in November which somewhat increases the price!!!! Crazy considering he will still be on our laps at age 2 but hey ho.

        £1800 for us all isnt even the price of one adult ex LHR…..granted need positioning flights and costs….not sure if anyone else has found better but im happy with ex BRU. Layover times arent great but then again Baby C needs to run wild in the kids area after sat on a plane.

        I just love the service that they offer….what drink would you like after take off…what drink would you like with your main meal….will you stick with that drink or try another during the meal…..notes taken, seat number checked order taken and table laid nicely and with a smile.

        Just a lovely all around experience in J….be interested to know what its like in Y…still up for that!

    • QR sells their shorthaul products as First and Economy, whereas long haul it would be Business and Economy. It is not a mistake and you would receive F avios/TP’s for those segments.

      Just as the U.S. carriers market the two class aircraft as First/Economy domestically.

  6. Im not finding any cheap ex AMS flights to AUH, DXB or DOH as above, looking at dates in October on QR in J.

  7. Nice. Also off topic but still ‘news’ – check your Amex offers – there is a new £20 cash back when you spend £100 on Eurostar.

  8. Fishy says:

    Tesco code only for certain customers. My wife has it on her grocery account. I tried on mine and it was rejected. Phoned Tesco but wouldn’t accept the code

  9. I’m looking at booking AMS to BKK in Feb for 3 adults, 1 child and an infant and the price looks good at 5570 Euros (mixture of the dreamliner and the A380)! I’d love to know what you guys think on whether it’s a good price, ideally we’d love to fly from Manchester but there’s a huge price difference. The only downside is a 19 hour transit time in Doha on the way back 🙁

    • Er…YES. Assuming only freebie is the infant?

    • Polly says:

      Rash…That’s a really good price and a great service. You still need positioning flights with avios or LCC flights…just book a large family hotel room for the layover, and QR may even provide one. You could also be cheeky on arrival and ask if there was any chance of being put on an earlier flight. Plus you have the lounges to enjoy…what’s not to like…

  10. Brendan says:

    2 cases of the wine I want comes to £59.88. Are there any cheap items to take it over the £60 mark?

  11. It took them 10 days to email me that the item I’ve ordered went out of stock!

    • Shocker! Is their e-commerce in melt down? Subsequently seen a load of review sites slamming them.

  12. Pug106 says:

    You could try XXLKHH and XXNGNN for 500 points with no minimum spend but must be 6 bottles or more, if it helps. Both expire 9 August. These came from Tesco Wine mailing.

  13. Daniel says:

    Thanks Raffles!

    AMS-DOH-BKK booked for 27th of Feb for 2 weeks for me and my wife for 2800 euros 🙂

    Boeing 787 and Airbus A380 both ways – THIS WILL BE GREAT TRIP! 😉

    on the way back I am doing 19 hours stopover in Doha (arriving 11am flying out at 8am next day) to do a quick sightseeing of the Qatar capital, although I am not quite sure about itinerary 😉

  14. Colin JE says:

    Thanks Raffles – two cases of wine on offer for just over sixty quid and 1060 points. Great stuff.

  15. Looking at JNB ex AMS. I would like to know people’s views on kenya airways, turkish, AF/KLM and egyptair compared to the likes of qatar/LH/etihad? flying business class. How would people rank them?

    thanks in advance.

    • Polly says:

      According to the other article, TK have lovely big squishy J seating, that converts to a nice flat bed! So might be worth your while getting to BHX as apparently their J prices are currently as low as QR from the EU. Might be worth a look.

  16. 6 Ogio Pinot Grigio and 6 cava just over £60 – perfect

  17. Nick Baker says:

    Cheers pal

  18. Thanks, booked BRU – DOH – KUL return for £1190. Apparently the 340-600 used on that KUL pair has been upgraded to flat bed and it’s a 787 from BRU.
    Plan is then a D7 lie flat to and from Australia (under £500) for a grand total of £1800 including positioning flights and insta-silver!

  19. Mr(s) Entitled says:

    Wine code still working as of 6pm on the 31st

  20. Peter Taysum says:

    From HNL AA Lounge *coughs* 18:48 local time on 31-Jul-2015, wine code just worked for six (discounted from 130 to 84 pounds) Chateauneuf du Pape for my parents, my Dad’s favourite. 3200 Avios as mine convert at 800 not 600 (plus the 84).

    AAngels lady said, there’s a few of you coming from Dublin to visit us… We chatted about Airmiles and bonuses (I’ve just got Silver – thanks Rob 🙂 Gold when I get back to LHR via LAX, JFK, ZUR, LCY, DUB)

    BA3 was amazing… (But doesn’t clear customs in Shannon, only BA1 does due to them closing at 16:00. The crew expedited some of us through the long wait- wow – amazing and thanks.

    Problem: I want to come back to Hawaii in December (need a sale) and my first Club World on BA3 I don’t want to go back to… “economy” EVER 🙂

    Madeira in April/May was a steal, with Tier Points to help get me to Gold 🙂 Took a good friend who loved it, and found amazing hotel booked through Amoma, cheapest by far AND cash back…

    I wasn’t bad at this hobby before I found Head for Pounts, but this is now another world for me. Yup, I’ll status match with Alitalia and my expiry date is Oct 2016! 🙂

    Thank you Rob, and the many people who post helpful bits and updates (and humour)

    PS In USA they reissued all of my tix, but I kept my transatlantic pass in Business for lounge access. Flying back they WANTED to drop my bag at LCY *rolls eyes* based on max links of four?!?! For me I need it to get me to Gold, and have got Avios reward flights to LHR (club) and domestic anyway.

    PPS Am going to check out above flight offers!!! 🙂

    • Wow, great report. How was HNL then. We go there next year, on AA miles from SEA . Using our swopped BA 241 F. Worth it? Well done on the TP. You will find a sale, they had one last DEC. but flexibility is the key if you can swing it. Re the current QR ex EU sale, how would it get you to HNL though? Keeps us busy all this planning…

      • Peter Taysum says:

        Honolulu is amazing. I also went to Kona (The Big Island). Although Waikiki is built up, you can walk along the front, with beautiful park and Banyan (sp?) trees. Really beautiful. I’m not keen on the car, but glad I did, to go hiking, and get around a bit more…

        I’m about to get AA2 LAX to JFK in proper First (my First time). I have died and gone to heaven… 🙂

        Yup, I love the planning. I’ve got more insight into how to improve next time. I want AA1 and AA2 and BA1 2 3 or 4 🙂