Bits: Heathrow Rewards 100% bonus with Etihad, track your bags with Smart Tags

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News in brief:

100% bonus on Etihad Guest transfers

Etihad Guest has launched a special offer for Heathrow Rewards members (the loyalty scheme which gives points for Heathrow Airport shopping, parking in the official Heathrow car parks and for Heathrow Express trips).

Until September 30th, you will receive a 100% bonus when you convert your Heathrow Rewards points into Etihad Guest miles.

Three people who convert will also win an additional 50,000 Etihad miles.

The offer shows on the Etihad Guest page of the Heathrow Rewards website.   Remember that, if you have the UK Etihad credit cards, you also get a free upgrade to the Heathrow Rewards ‘Premium’ tier which doubles your earning to 2 points per £1 if you register here.

(Premium tier members now get FREE super-fast wi-fi at Heathrow – 500% faster than the speed that everyone else gets!)

Thanks to Sam.

Smart Tags

Track your luggage with Smart Tags

HFP reader Kerry sent me some information about Smart Tags, his new luggage tracking business, and I am happy to give it a mention as it looks interesting.

Smart Tags attach to your luggage like standard luggage tags.  They include a QR code, however, which is personalised to you.  If the bag is lost, anyone who scans the code using a smartphone with QR reading software on it will see your contact information.

Importantly, you can control what information is shown.  You may be happy with your full name and address or you may just want a mobile or email address to come up.  It is up to you.

There are NO on-going costs with Smart Tags.  You pay a one-off fee of £10.95 including postage for two tags and the tracking code will continue to work ad-infinitum.  The Smart Tags site is here.

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  1. James67 says:

    Presumably the link to join HR via Etihad website and get a1k bonus on first spend over £25 is still active also. Would be nice if the bonus got doubled too but I doubt it.

    • Yes, that offer runs until the end of the year. The Lufthansa offer is better though – 2,500 points for 2 x £50 spends (as longs as you would do 2 x £50 spends).

      • James67 says:

        Thanks Rob, I’ll stick with Etihad one as I’m currently aiming dor another 3100 miles with them.

  2. Nick Burch says:

    In other Etihad news, I got an email today saying that if I booked a Business class ticket, they’d give me a free 1 night stopover in a 5* hotel in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, First class and I’d get two nights. Seems to be valid on any booking class.

  3. Nick Burch says:

    Anyone know how sturdy the Smart Tags are? I’ve been finding that the BAEC tags only last a few trips, before airport baggage systems destroy them…

  4. ankomonkey says:

    Regarding the Smart Tags, my wife bought a suitcase in Japan several years ago that had a permanent equivalent to this built into the case, so it can’t come off without destroying the case.

    • Joemcluskey says:

      My TUMI bags have it as well. But you would need to open the case to find and scan the barcode.

    • My CabinZero bag has similar, but on the outside by the handle. If anything they’re a bit too discreet & you’d possibly not know they were there if you didn’t know they existed.

  5. Aren’t smart tags the same as Okoban? You

  6. On the subject of Etihad, has anyone ever managed to redeem on Alitalia?
    The points look enticing at 12,000 return to Italy, but there is no mention of additional costs which make me think they are high. It also appears to require returning from the same place (which we rarely do). Has anyone done it please, as I have 27,000 points from the recent credit card promotion and want to go to Italy next year?

    • James67 says:

      If you do a search here or FT it will not take you long to realise that EY partner redemptions are closest to the biggest joke in the frequent flyer industry.

      • AA is generally OK as I understand it, agree on the others!

      • Thanks, as I suspected.
        I’ll just use some Avios!

        • James67 says:

          If you doubt you will reach a useful Etihad balance you could always cashout your 27k for £100+ of pointspay or useful shopping vouchers. That would free up equivalent cash allowing you to book revenue flights of choice or reduce avios outlay via cash and avios if you are avios-poor at the moment. If you could get your balance up to around 33k then you can get about £150 of value in this way. Obvioysly not as good as redeeming for flight but a decent alternative if earning substantive further miles is unrealistic.

    • Phillip says:

      Oman Air redemptions are also OK!

  7. I don’t really see the point of the Smart Tags. Whatever information you wish to make public to someone reading one, you might as well publish on a free luggage tag. Then someone doesn’t have to have a QR code app to get in touch with you.

    • I totally agree. Smart tags are a complete gimmick. However…thats not to say the business of selling them will not be successful. eBay being the perfect example, people often believe they’re getting a ‘deal’ simply because they’re buying from eBay – when very often prices of equivalent goods from major retailing stores are more competitive. A fool and his money are easily parted!

  8. Martin Gostling says:

    Avery have a website where you can create QR code labels with your personal contact information. They will then print and send you a packet of labels for a fee. I have not tried it myself but here is a link in case anyone is interested.–Print-Online.htm

  9. Andy Smith-Thomas says:

    Re: the tags. The only time I’ve ever lost bags is because the airline have out them on the wrong plane. At which point they already have an airline tag that can lead any airline to my contact details, right?

  10. Tags… I agree, these seem fairly useless as any loss would occur by the airline, and hence tracking would no doubt be done by the airline 2D barcode and I’ve never had these pull off.

    Furthermore, who leaves their bags lying around so that they are likely to get lost and in need of a readable baggage tag – human or otherwise? They’re far more likely to be stolen in which case the thief would be less interested in getting in touch, and would you be wanting to give them your details anyway?

    Finally, since your bags would presumably be in your own possession if not in that of the airline, why would you be trying to hide your details within a QR code that anyone can scan anyway? I certainly wouldn’t waste money on a gimmick such as this!

    But… I can see 1 usefulness of QR coded tags, and it’s unlikely that those for sale would suit the need. I’d want to be able to update my destination information without changing tags.

    So for this and for those who do have other reasons that I fail to see, I’d propose printing your own dynamic QR codes for free. This can be done via accounts with either or As long as you choose a dynamic QR code, you can print it once but update the details on the linked URL before each trip to ensure your destination details are included. Far more useful (if the tags were indeed ever used) than having you bags going home when you aren’t!

    PS Evaunt is an e-business card service, but could easily be used for this purpose.

    • Just to be clear, when creating digital business cards with evaunt, you then need to create a QR code using the created URL with either QR code generator above, or their partner site Either way you have a dynamic QR code and you can create mutiple. With a QR code generator account it says you can only have 1 dynamic code.

  11. I generated my own QR codes for my bags, have contact details online and update a stored itinerary with flights and hotels in case I ever leave a bag in a taxi or hotel in error. I’ve also recently received my Trakdot ( Seems to work flawlessly, sending me a text and an e-mail whenever it detects it’s near an airport and you can also track via the app. Used on a recent DXB-LHR-DUB-JFK-MCO-LGW-DUB-DXB and was confident each time my luggage would be on the carousel as it had accompanied me on the flights.

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