Hilton changes the rules of its ‘three stays for Gold’ promo

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In late July I wrote about an ‘open to all’ promotion that Hilton HHonors was running with airberlin.

My original article is here – I won’t repeat all of the details again.

You receive Hilton HHonors Gold status if you complete just three stays at any Hilton Group hotel.  Even reward stays count.   The Gold status will last until March 2017.

Hilton HHonors Gold status has the best mid-tier benefits of any hotel loyalty scheme.   The full list is here but the key ones are an upgrade (which you usually get) and free breakfast, except at Waldorf-Astoria properties.

Hilton has now changed the promotion rules.

Hilton Gold 350

How has Hilton changed the rules?

The promotion says that you must complete your three stays within 90 days of registration via this website.

Originally, the final day for registration was December 31st.  This meant that it was possible to complete your 3rd stay in 2016 – and this would have meant your Gold status would run until March 2018.  The rule is that you get status for the remainder of the year you earn it, all of the following year and until March of the year after that.

Hilton has changed the closing date for registration to September 30th.

This means that it is now impossible to finish this promotion in 2016 and thus get status until March 2018.  Whenever you sign up, your Gold status will ‘only’ last until March 2017.

This is still an excellent promotion, and one which is worth moving three stays to Hilton Group hotels this Autumn, but it is a little less exciting than it was.

You can register for the promotion here.  The 90 days starts ticking from the date you register.  Thanks to Mick for this.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. Do I need to book direct with Hilton in order for a stay to qualify as one of the three?

  2. If I’m already gold til March next year can I use this to extend my gold status?


    • I’ve found that usually that is the case. I’m Gold until March 2016, I’ve got three Hilton stays next week and have registered for this – so will find out soon!

      • Most other gold promotions does not extend the time – only works if you are less than Gold

  3. I just completed this. And now I’m gold for next year too. It’s just a shame that I need 18 stays for diamond and not 10.

    • ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

      May I ask, where do you find out the expiry date of your gold card (without receiving the actual card or assuming it lasts until Matc 2017?)

    • Daftboy says:

      @Dean – just to check, did your stays include any that you had booked before registering? And were any of them reward stays or cash+points?

      Useful to get the datapoints from someone who has completed the challenge!

  4. I’ve registered for this but unlike other accelerated night promotions this one doesn’t seem to change the ‘counter’ to show how many / few nights I need to reach gold

    • Probably because the promotion is based upon nights rather than stays.

      • OK. Quite right I should have said stays instead of nights. But this promotion still doesn’t show an accelerated counter

  5. j peters says:

    It seems a shame to me when BigCo backtracks. At least Gold remains available via other channels very cheaply, not forgetting to mention the current fast track to Diamond


    if I join via the airberlin site that counts as one stay. I then have a night booked in August so that is number 2. I am thinking then that number 3 then has to be sometime in September/October/November – can I book via the Hilton website and use Tesco deals?
    (slightly confused about the difference between what is a stay and what is a night)

    • How does joining via the airberlin site count as one stay?

      A Tesco deals stay WOULD count as a stay. For certainty, book it via the Hilton website using code PR20TC instead of calling.

    • Sorry have I missed something? Where does it say joining through Air Berlin counts as one stay?

  7. I’ve had so many problems with Hilton during my diamond challenge that I can’t even be bothered to finish it. Stays not posting, hhonors points not posting, charged two or three times for reward stays(!) and just canned responses and no resolution. So frustrated.

  8. General T&C say that Reward stays don’t count as a “stay” … (http://hhonors3.hilton.com/en/terms/index.html#accrual_of_points – Accrual of Points/3 – link from signup page)

    Is this correct?

    • Read the whole T&C’s, it explains that reward stays trigger stay credit.

      • Apologies, yes can see that now… slightly confusing though!

        Does anybody know if a reward stay would trigger the 2500 bonus for having the credit card? Or should I compare the cash price to reward cost+2500?


        • It often does, but I didn’t get mine from the Hotel Reichshof stay in Hamburg. This may have been because it was a brand new hotel and not set up properly on the Barclays system.

        • It pays to buy something, anything on the Hilton credit card.

        • at the hotel, obviously!

        • Richmond says:

          I didn’t buy anything in the hotel and I didn’t use Barclaycard to pay for stays. Got bonuses after 1 paid stay and 3 reward stays.

        • Richmond says:

          Yes, reward stay triggers bonus from Barcylacard. Got bonuses for 3 reward stays.

  9. Felix Flyer says:

    Slightly OT too but is anyone else missing their 1000 points for changing their Holton password after the promo from a few months ago?

  10. Peter K says:

    I registered for this promo and had a message saying it had worked but where on the Hilton website does it say I’ve done so? My first stay is tomorrow so wanted to make sure I’ve done it correctly. Thank you. 🙂

    • It doesn’t. All you can do is complete the three stays and hope it ticks over (which is does – there is no record of people registering and the status not turning up).

      • Jambuie says:

        I emailed Honors customer service to check that my registration for the air Berlin offer had gone through. They’re replied that it had, then a couple of days later the counter on the status progress has been updated showing 3 stays until Gold.

        I’ll be getting gold with 3 stays at the Hampton Inn in Newport, which is only 5000 points a night. Drove over there last night, checked in, went home, drove back this morning for breakfast and checked out!!

  11. Peter K says:

    That comment is a bit like New York….

    It’s a comment so good it had to be said twice 😉

  12. I just qualified for gold based on the Accenture 4 stays promo posted here a while back. The confirmation email said my status would last until March 2017 so I’m not sure this article is correct!

    • That is correct – all of rest of the year you got it (2015), the next full year (22016) and then a run-off period until March the next year (2017).

  13. I would never book via hotels.com or any other such site as I would not get my hhonors benefits.

  14. I am planning on booking 3 stays at Hilton Manchester Piccadilly but not sure if it still count as 3 stays as they are quite close to each other. I am planning on booking Thursday check in, Friday check out and Sunday check in, Monday check out. Thursday check in again and Friday check out. These are 1 night stays as I’m trying to get Gold the cheapest way possible and this is the cheapest for me.
    Does anyone know if I will experience any problems because the stays are so close together?
    Any help would be much appreciated.


  15. The Cardinal says:

    Hi – I have just tried to register for this but I got a message saying my account had already registered. It hasn’t. Has anybody else come across this?

    I have e-mailed Honours Support – but my first stay is tomorrow night and wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

    Thanks for any comments…

    • The Cardinal says:

      Ignore this – I tried again on a different browser and for some reason it worked fine.

      • Same for me – said already registered (using Chrome), but accepted the registration when I used IE 11 – so thanks for the heads up, your Eminence!

  16. I’ve signed up for this, as were planning on staying in a hilton next year for our easter holiday in dubai. however I’m now wondering if its worth it, given the pretty good IHG accelerate offer I have (not sure I can do both)
    As a family of 4 if we booked a 2 bedroom apartment (potentially with breakfast) in either the DT Jumeirah, or Hilton The walk, what benefits could we expect if I was Gold by the time we checked in? Also any views on either of those hotels for a beach holiday with 2 young kids?

  17. BlueThroughCrimp says:

    Challenge completed in a week. Status showing online.

    Stays at Hampton Gatwick – fresh hotel, decent breakfast, Doubletree Dundee (local Hilton, so no food required) – recently refurbished rooms, and Doubletree Dunblane Hydro on DB&B – tired room, very good food.

    Thanks for the heads up on this offer.

  18. Does this count as Double Dip with points/miles going to both HHonors and Air Berlin?

  19. I registered for this and had 11 rooms booked at a Hilton DoubleTree for a Stag Do and 1 room booked at The Garden Inn in the same city. Should I have received gold status for that? I booked and paid for all the rooms. I’ve received all the points for the stays, but no Gold status.

    • I looked this up myself because I booked 2 rooms in my name at Niagara last month. I think the Hilton rules say that you only get stay credit for 1 room, even though you can get points for multiple rooms.

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