It’s back! £1,200 Club World to Hawaii, £995 to JFK and other BA sale bargains

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EDIT: British Airways added some date restrictions to these Dublin fares a few days after this article was published.

To get the fares quoted in this article – which can be bought until 22nd September – you must take your OUTBOUND transatlantic flight between the following dates: 23 November to 30 November, 18 December to 4 January, 28 March to 12 April. This means your window is very tight, unfortunately.


British Airways is launching a new sale todaythe home page is here.

I will take a look at some of the prices from London over the next few days.

However, in the short term, the most important thing to note is that the crazy prices for Club World flights to North America are back – as long as you start your trip outside the UK.

Hawaii is incredibly cheap even though British Airways does not fly there itself! You will need to change to American Airlines in Los Angeles – or, to maximise tier points, in New York and Los Angeles.

The best deals appear to be from Dublin and, of course, that is also a very convenient starting spot for UK residents.  It is worth checking Copenhagen, Brussels and Oslo – there are some amazing £1,700 Australia fares out of Oslo, for example, which I will look at in a day or so.

Here is an example fare from Dublin to Hawaii – €1,690 (£1,198) return in Club World in February:

BA Hawaii sale

or New York for €1,402 (£994):

BA NYC sale

or Los Angeles for €1,684 (£1,194):

BA LA sale

The fare rules are straightforward:

Book by September 22nd 2015

Book 28 days before travel

A Saturday night stay is required

Complete travel by June 19th 2016

Tickets are non-refundable

NO STOPOVERS are allowed – this includes in London.  A gap between flights of more than 24 hours is treated as a stopover.

Tickets can be changed for €300 but you also have to pay any fare difference – which could be substantial after September 22nd when the prices go back up

Booking these flights is can be simple and it can be complex. For an easy life, you can simply book whatever comes up on If you are planning to try to upgrade British Airways legs to First with Avios, you MUST book at

However, it is also worth looking at as that may bring up different routings for the same price.  Note that, if your route includes a two-class US domestic flight (Economy and First), you want to ensure that you book that particular flight under an AA flight number, which may involve booking the entire trip on 

(This is because, when a 2-class US domestic flight has an AA flight number, the premium cabin gets you First Class tier points with BAEC.  If you book the flight under a BA flight number – which usually does – it posts as a Business Class flight with business class tier points.)

The exact ticket rules can be found via the ITA Matrix tool I outlined here if you pull up a fare. This allows more advanced users to construct very complex itineraries. Some tickets, if they have a generous mileage allowance, may allow you to start in, say, Brussels and go to Helsinki (on Finnair) then to London and then to the US, just to squeeze out a few more tier points. You would need to book such an itinerary by telephone with British Airways.

Remember that you do NOT receive 210 tier points for the London City to New York JFK flights any longer – they earn the standard 140 points each way, the same as Heathrow to New York.

For clarity, if you book a ticket starting in Dublin then you MUST start in Dublin. You cannot turn up at Heathrow and just board the long-haul leg.  Given recent stories about British Airways causing difficulties with people who drop the last leg, you should plan to take the final flight to Dublin.

The British Airways promotional page for the Summer Sale is here although it only focusses on flights starting in the UK.

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  1. This is great news! I have 2 trips to book for this year so will be taking advantage of these rates.

    Just a quick question though Raffles, where are you getting the exchange rates from? When I check the €1,402 price from Dublin to New York above, it’s roughly £1,002 not £994. Very little in it and it’s still a great rate but I guess psychology speaking, just under £1,000 looks better than just over.

  2. Does pre-clearance work if I fly from Dublin to Honolulu via London and Los Angeles, or must the first stop after Dublin be in the Continental U.S.?

    • You must be heading over the atlantic from Dublin or Shannon to pre-clear. In your example you’ll have to brave the often very long lines at LAX, I’m afraid.

      Try pricing DUB-LAX-HNL or DUB-JFK-Lax-HNL instead, or DUB/Philly/Charlotte/Boston/Atlanta etc -LA-HNL on AA (or multicity which is easier to use than Matrix) if you want to preclear and avoid LHR.

  3. Richard says:

    LAX-HNL is only in J which gives 140 TP rather than the std F which awards 210?

    • If you book on a BA flight number, yes you are correct. On AA it is considered F so will earn 210tps.

  4. Sunszajn says:

    I’m looking to go to Hawaii in August next year. Is the ex-Dub fare standard or just part of the sale? If i can’t get this fare what is the second best option from your experience? thanks

    • This is part of the sale but, recently, it hasn’t been more than another £200 or more usually. BA may, at any point, decide to stop discounting heavily out of Ireland though especially as it has now bought Aer Lingus.

      • Brendan says:

        Was it ever really competing with EI out of Dub though? EI business fares always seemed substantially higher to me although they were direct. Prices were often more competitive on KLM/Lufthansa/AF via AMS/FRA/CDG which you would expect to continue…

  5. Just booked 3 of us DUB-LHR-SFO/LAX-LHR-DUB, F out BA-A380, J back AA-77W, with overnight stopover in LON on return leg 😉 BA quoted £2,350 but managed to get the identical itinerary with AA for £1,955 (inc taxes btw). Always check the AA website before you book with BA. The 24 hour stopover on return I did with the call centre after using the 24 hold option. And the fact that the person who answered the phone in Manila (or wherever) really has no clue what a “throw away” is makes it much easier. I know this is riskier these days but I’m willing to take my chances.

  6. Thanks to the information here on HFP, I have managed to get DUB-LHR-MIA-BOG-MIA-LHR all in J/I for €2k pp! Just LHR-MIA rtn alone would have been £2.5k+ pp direct from London

    Outbound to MIA on BA A380 and inbound on the 77W on AA. All booked on and no final leg back to DUB. 🙂 400 TPs

    How long will BA/AA allow this loophole to be exploited on these ex-EU fares?

    • Hopefully for a long time yet – I’d say it’s not really a ‘loophole’, more just them trying to remain competitive with their rivals who fly direct from these ex-EU destinations.

      • Except, of course, the ‘rival’ based in Dublin is now ‘part of the family’!

        • Indeed, although perhaps some of the ME airlines might start to open up routes via DUB if they sense an opportunity to compete? (AA/US are OpenSkies so not real competition)

  7. Giorgio says:

    Hi there,
    I’ve seen these £1000 p/p fares the other day For DUB-MIA return in Feb/March but they seem to have increased on most dates since then by £300-400.
    Interestingly I found out you can book DUB-LHR-MIA return for £1065 on Expedia or Ebookers mixing BA Club to LHR and VA Upper Class to MIA.
    Isn’t this a better option for skipping the return leg of LHR-DUB?
    Do they check-in bags to DUB even between BA and VA?
    Seems like the best deal for me.

    • Yes sadly the original fare has been removed and replaced with one that’s at least £400 more 🙁 Hopefully a good sale will come around again soon.

    • Further update courtesy of FT – it appears rather than pulling the fare altogether they’ve just severely restricted the dates:

  8. The prices move so quickly & I couldn’t jump for it immediately on the 20th when it priced at 2k, but I went for the upped price yesterday evening in May as its for my Husband’s birthday and still an excellent deal i think… 2.3k for us both. Been looking this morning New York around New Years Eve is still a bargain via Dub (1400 euros both ways Bus)…

  9. Looking to book a ticket probably from Dublin to west coast USA (not fussed where we land as we will do a long drive trip, so anything including Phoenix, Las Vegas, SFO etc.)

    Can anyone help with the best route to a) get the best tier points or b) to get the best aircraft / seating. Or are all the flights from Dublin on older planes?

    using the matrix tool, to find the cheapest seats.

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