Bits: Virgin / Clubcard comp, 2000 free Virgin miles, Shangri-La to Krisflyer, Amba deal

More news in brief:

Competition for converting Clubcard points to Virgin Flying Club

Tesco Clubcard is NOT offering a conversion bonus to Virgin Flying Club this quarter, unfortunately.

Instead, there is a competition.  If you make a conversion to Virgin before September 15th you will be entered into a draw to win 12,000 Flying Club miles.  There will be 10 winners.

More details can be found on the Tesco / Virgin website here.

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Clubcard vouchers

2,000 free Virgin miles

You can also earn 2,000 Virgin Flying Club miles by setting your account to auto-convert future points earned in Clubcard.  The easiest way to do this is to use a dormant Clubcard account and set that, in the profile, to auto-convert to your Virgin account.

Based on my past experience, you will receive the bonus even though there are no points converting.  The deadline for setting this up is also September 15th and more details can be found here.

25% bonus for Shangri-La to Krisflyer conversions

Shangri-La Hotels is offering a 25% bonus when you convert your Golden Circle points to the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer scheme.

This is interesting because the minimum transfer has been reduced to 1,000 points.  If you still have 1,000 Shangri-La points unused from their 2013 promotion, this is a last chance of using them before they expire.  (The minimum transfer to all other airlines remains at 2,500 points.)

If you do not already have a Krisflyer account, you get 500 miles for signing up if you use code KFGC.  The code and the transfer bonus expire on August 31st.  Thanks to Matthew.

Amba Hotels

Amba Hotels promotion with Amex

Amba Hotels is a new brand which is being carved out of Thistle. The first property, which used to be the Charing Cross Thistle, is now open. The Thistle at Marble Arch will be converted by November.

If you book via this special American Express link by September 7th, you will receive a 20% discount, a guaranteed upgrade AND free access to the club lounge. This is valid for stays until February 1st.

New! Redeem your Virgin Flying Club miles for hotel rooms
10,000 Mile & More miles with their UK credit card
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  1. Does anyone know if the shangri LA golden circle points can still be converted to food Nd drink at the shard?

    • cheekychappie says:

      Still got 2 x 1000 to use up ourselves 🙂

    • Yes they can, until the end of the year. You may even have a few months into 2016 to use the f&b voucher as I think you just need to redeem the points before 31 Dec 15.

      I converted and used mine earlier this month. Nice and easy. Still £61 for $100 conversion rate.

      • Do you still pick up the f&b vouchers at reception, is booking still required an finally do all members requiring a voucher need to be present at pick up point.

        Many thanks.

        • Yes you still collect at hotel reception (not ground floor buliding reception) on same level as Ting.

          I don’t think booking is essential, especially for lunch but it is certainly advisable.

          ie booking a table isn’t required to use the f&b vouchers, but may be required to get a table in the first place.

          The receptionist asked for proof of identity for me but didn’t adk my wife for hers. However they may question in more detail if 2 people tried to redeem 4 people’s vouchers for example. I wpuld recommend at least one redeeming member is present.

        • Thanks, Tim.

          One last question are the vouchers valid for the day of collection only.


        • The hotel-specific voucher you collect at reception is valid for that day only but the generic f&b voucher you get when you redeem your points is valid for any day in the following 6 months. You don’t need to specify a date to use the 2nd voucher when you redeem the points online for the first one, or indeed at any time up to the date you present it at reception for ultimate use.

          So if you redeem the points on 31 Dec 2015, you could potentially use the $200/£122 spend voucher for any day up to 6 month later.

        • What’s weird?

          Some hotels have the instant dining offer and some (inc Shard) don’t. For those that don’t, you have to convert online and redeem by voucher.

        • @ TimS Sorry I read it as being ‘weird’ that it wasn’t possible to redeem at the Shard when other people have… thanks for correcting 😀

        • I redeemed 4 people vouchers for a meal in the Shard about this time last year. I think when you redeem it does mention gifting it to family , and I checked out with customer service the maximum number of vouchers that could be redeemed at once and they said there wasn’t any. So I happily redeemed 4 vouchers ( the wife’s, the inlaws and my own voucher) for a total of £218…nice lunch it was!!

  2. I am sure that I am not the only one to receive an invitation from Virgin Flying Club to enter a competition to ‘ Win the ultimate trip’.
    This turns out to be two ECONOMY tickets to Dubai and three nights room only in a hotel.
    But it does include ‘complimentary unlimited access to Wild Wadi Waterpark™ and many other leisure facilities’ which must be the deciding factor!

    • Sounds like an “ultimate” nightmare me. Whilst I am not too proud to sit in Economy, Dubai and a water park sounds like hell.

      But each to their own!

      • Same here, but I entered the competition anyway. The chances of me winning are minimal, but better if I actually enter!

    • Raffles says:

      Wild Wadi is a) fantastic and b) £50 a head unless you stay at a Jumeirah hotel when it is free. I love it!

      • Sorry Rob, I’m with Max on this one 🙂 .

        • cheekychappie says:

          Having worked out there, I would say anybody contemplating a holiday in Dubai/ UAE/ Qatar etc needs their head examined. (Oman might be OK.)

          Just don’t do it. Europe is just 1 million times better in every respect.

          The whole place is the armpit of the world.

          You might get 5* hotels & the international food is OK – but you also get universally arrogant indigenous people who generally think you are a piece of dog poop, a rubbish climate that makes you feel ill, no history or culture, repeat: no history or culture (it doesn’t exist beyond about 50 years), it’s a prison cell masquerading as a destination.

        • I’m with Rob, sorry Max 🙂
          Although we go to Aquaventure. The weather in April and October is flawless!

        • I have to agree. The only way I would go there is for work with an enormous tax-free salary and I would just work.

        • but if everyone liked the same place it would be very crowded!

        • Get some kids, you’ll change your tune!

          However, even though I am there 20 nights a year for holiday there is NO WAY that I would live there – and that is despite having my wifes sister and her kids already living there.

  3. Just wondering, if there’s multiple CC accounts in one household, can you set the Virgin autoconvert on with only one Flying Club account?

  4. avidsaver says:

    Looking at the T & C’s of the Virgin competition am I right to deduce that you can only enter if you choose to auto convert or are already set up to do so? So does this mean that you can’t set a dormant account to auto convert and enter the competition?

    • Raffles says:

      I reckon it may work, and nothing to lose of course.

      • If you do set auto convert up, how quickly do the miles post so you can switch it off again?

        • Mine posted within a week. Then turned it off and set it up to auto convert to my husband’s account and got the bonus miles for him too.

  5. Redeemed my 1000 points at the Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong last week.
    The lunch buffet at the Cafe Too was excellent (including the dim sum). Recommended.

  6. Steve Blower says:

    I had lunch at Amba Charing Cross recently. Although it still looks just like Thistle, the ambience and service have been totally transformed. Highly recommended.

  7. Iain2015 says:

    I didn’t receive 1000 bonus miles in early august on auto convert. Do I need to change this to avios and then amend back to benefit from the miles and competition?

  8. The Amba Charing Cross hasn’t been a Thistle for a few years. It was formerly one of GLH’s Guoman brand and became an Amba last year.

  9. cheekychappie says:


    could you pls index a new section called ‘Bits’

  10. cheekychappie says:
  11. cheekychappie says:
  12. Hadid It says:

    If I set my Tesco Clubcard to auto convert to Flying Club, does it move the *points* & *vouchers* or just the points?

    The website mentions auto converting *points* a few times but then there is one mention of converting the vouchers on the opt-in page.

    Only want the points converted, not the vouchers.

  13. Yong Grams says:

    Virgin does release more reward seats depending on how well the flight is selling, but there s a risk you might not get what you want.

  14. For the ‘2000 free Virgin Miles’ offer, my CC account is currently set up to autoconvert to BAEC. Can I change it to Virgin, and then when the 2000 Virgin miles are uploaded, switch back to BAEC again without any issue?

    • Yes – but make sure that you do remember to switch it back, and also to switch it back 2-3 weeks before the next lot of vouchers are issued. Do NOT switch it on the last day of the collecting quarter, Tesco seems to require advance notice!

      • Thank you! I switched from BAEC to Flying Club this afternoon so I will keep an eye out for the 2000 points in my Virgin account, and switch back as soon as they’re in. I don’t use Virgin Atlantic much but 2000 points is not to be sniffed at!

        Thanks for these daily updates – they’re an absolute godsend. You’re efforts are appreciated at this end!

      • I have switched two accounts but no miles yet.
        How long does it normally take please?

        • Tesco Clubcard just told me this on Twitter:

          “You’d receive your Virgin Atlantic Flying Club points within 28 days of placing your request.”

        • I’ve just had it confirmed to me by Tesco that if you were previously autoconverting from Avios, and then switched to Flying Club, you aren’t elible for the 2000 miles. You’re only eligible if you’ve never autoconverted before.

          So you would have to start a new account, perhaps from another household member.

        • cheekychappie says:

          Did you get their name? Sounds like BS to me so they need re-educating