Hampton by Hilton Corby no longer 5,000 points per night – a loophole closed!

Last week, Hilton HHonors published a list of hotel reward category changes on its website.  The list is here.  A few of these impact the UK so they are worth mentioning.

The most annoying one is that Hampton by Hilton Corby, photo below, has moved from Category 1 (5,000 points per night) to Category 2 (10,000 points per night).

Of course, even at 10,000 points per night this hotel is very good value for a redemption.  The reason it was a great deal as a Category 1 is that Hilton reward nights count towards status.

Welcome to Hampton by Hilton™ Corby/Kettering

If you lived near Corby and registered for the recent ‘Gold after three stays’ promotion run with airberlin, you could have completed the task with three bookings costing just 15,000 points.

For people trying to earn Hilton HHonors Diamond status, it was also a good way to complete a ‘Diamond Challenge’.  If you send Hilton details of your top tier status with another chain, they may offer you a challenge such as ’21 nights within 90 days’ to achieve top tier Diamond status.  You could then book 21 nights in Corby for 105,000 Hilton HHonors points, turn up on the first day to check in and then not show your face for the next three weeks.

Here is a story of how a Head for Points reader did just that.

At 10,000 points per night, it doesn’t make as much sense.

There is still one 5,000 point per night hotel left in the UK – Hampton by Hilton Newport East.  The full list of 5,000 point per night hotels globally is here.

Other category changes in the UK

Here are the other UK changes on the list.

Hampton by Hilton Birmingham North – drops from Category 4 to Category 3

Doubletree by Hilton London Chelsea – drops from Category 7 to Category 6 (this hotel uses a very loose definition of the world Chelsea, even Mo Farah would not fancy the jog down to Sloane Square tube station from here!)

Hilton London Islington (the old Jurys Inn Stakis) – increases from Category 6 to Category 7

Of newly opened hotels, Doubletree Woking opened as a Category 5 and the refurbished and rebranded Doubletree London Docklands Riverside is a Category 6.

Details of changes in other countries can be found here.

These changes do not take effect until October 14th so you can still book for 2016 at the old rates for the next few days.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  To see our complete list of promotions from the major chains, click here to visit our ‘Hotel Promos’ page or use the link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. The Hilton Islington is the full Hilton by the design centre. The old Jury’s is the Doubletree in Islington. Both very nice hotels.

  2. OT…I can’t find the t&c’s for the Etihad gold card deal. I recently booked 2 rooms under different references numbers for the same hotel on the same night will that count 2 stays or one? Thanks jas

    • Hilton rules:

      * If you book multiple rooms in your name you must, to get points for both, have them consolidated onto ONE bill at check-out
      * This gets you points for both rooms
      * However, you still only get stay credit for one room

  3. Anyone tried the new Hilton in Southampton ‘Hilton bowl?’

    • This is what a legal eagle friend of mine recently posted elsewhere on the internet:

      “The Hilton Ageas Bowl Is very new and much better than the tired old Hilton Southampton. The rooms are very nice. The bar /restaurant areas look underwhelming, The Spa has a very small pool and a £15 charge for hotel guests, so don’t bother. The gym is free and OK. There is a small “Executive” Lounge serving random and disgusting food items (sweetcorn fritters and cheese and biscuits), very cheap and undrinkable Australian wine (Hardys) and some bottled beer. There was no mention of HHonors at check in, so I have no idea whether I was upgraded, but I was told I wasn’t entitled to breakfast as a Gold “because the laminated card said so”. There was breakfast in the lounge so not a problem, but like other UK Hiltons this one appeared to have hired the cheapest staff possible and given them no training whatsoever. Great views of the pitch from inside rooms, free parking.”

  4. Richard says:

    Is there a way to see your progress for the 3 eligible stays to get gold, and importantly how long you have left to do it? Thanks

    • Was wondering the same thing! – Rookie mistake from myself not jotting down the down the date I applied.

    • I emailed customer service and they were very helpful – quick reply detailing how many stays and the deadline!

      • Wasn’t sure how quickly it’d come through, but mine confirmed the day after my 3rd stay. Back to gold. Hoorah!

    • Three months from your first stay

  5. Waribai says:

    I’ve just been offered a Diamond challenge for 21 nights in 90 days. If I complete it in the first week of January 2016, would my Diamond status be till March 2017 or March 2018?

    • Just asked Hilton, as I’m doing the same.

      ‘Please be advised that once your account has been upgraded to Diamond tier status in mid January 2016, your Diamond status is valid until March 2017.’

      1 question from me, if i have booked 7 nights in the corby (what i need to make 21)
      will check in on a day, stay few nights.

      If i end up booking 2 more nights elsewhere, will i be able to reduce down at 5 nights at 4,000, or would it be at 8,000 (new rate)

      • There is a risk that the whole booking reprices if you try to change it after the 14th. You may be safer booking 5 nights and a separate 2 nights, and then merging the two bookings at check-in if you are certain at that point you will stay all 7.

        • Can they do that as wouldn’t be there on the changeover date?

        • If your bookings were merged at check-in, it should be OK. ‘Should’, of course, being the operative word – there is some risk.

        • If I’m already gold, would they apply a challenge to Diamond?

          I have 16 nights in December booked already.

        • I believe so although I am not an expert on this – I know in the past they have given a challenge to Golds although it may rely on you never having been Diamond in the past

      • Waribai says:

        ‘Please be advised that once your account has been upgraded to Diamond tier status in mid January 2016, your Diamond status is valid until March 2017′

        Yes, they said that to me but it sounds incorrect?

        • Think if they give 2018, its not a problem,.

        • Waribai says:

          Yes, definitely not a problem from my end but the question is whether they give it!

        • It sounds incorrect because you should get all of the current year, all of the next year and until the following March. Of course, a challenge may be treated differently.

        • Waribai says:

          Thanks. Yes, I guess they are just assuming that I complete my challenge before the end of this year. I’ll take a risk!

        • Im starting mine in mid october, so lets see what happens.

  6. Saw this a few days ago and was quite sad about it as the Hampton Corby is only a little over an hour from my office so this was a blow for future promotions.

    I recently got Hilton Gold through the 3 stays promotion, one of them was Corby and the other was Newport East! My third stay was only about £60 at a Hilton and all three were legitimate stays rather than mattress runs, it was quite nice to check the website and see I had Gold for 10k points and £60, me and my wife will be benefiting from it this weekend.

    • I did 3 reward stays at the Newport East Hampton, so go back to Gold for 15,000 points. Didn’t actually stay there, went home to Barry but went back for breakfast the next day.

      Staying at the Hilton in Malta next week, which is an excellent hotel. Hopefully the Gold status will come in handy.

  7. Somewhat on topic – anyone know of any cheap Hiltons in the UK – need another night for my 3rd stay to gold…..

    • Sebastian says:

      Hilton Croydon can be reasonable if you need a greater London Hilton

      • The rate for Hilton Croydon has increased quite a lot this year, from about £52 in last year’s sale to £76 in the current flash sale. Some Heathrow hotels are under £50 in the sale.

    • BlueThroughCrimp says:

      When I was looking for options for the mattress run, Hilton Aberdeen Treetops was showing under £50 a night.
      But it was in Aberdoom…

    • Thanks all for your help – will have a look tomorrow and make a booking.

  8. barnaby100 says:

    i booked it yesterday for 5000 points. I am a frequent visitor there at the moment. Spoons- £2.50 average a pint for beers on the doorstep. might have to get in my 2016 bookings now. Still a bargain at 10,000 as rates last week were £106.

  9. Now completed 49 nights in Hiltons this year – all in the UK – guess I will not need a diamond challenge LOL

    A few more still to come……