£996 London to Bangkok in 787 Business on Royal Jordanian – earns 560 BA tier points

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Royal Jordanian is not an airline I discuss much on Head for Points.  However, it is a member of the oneworld alliance which means you can redeem and earn British Airways Avios points and tier points with it.

RJ has just launched a great fare to Bangkok in Business Class.  It is not quite as good as some of the Qatar Airways fares we have seen recently, but this flight departs from London and does not require a side trip to Europe!

The fare is £996 return from London to Bangkok, changing in Amman.

You will earn 560 British Airways tier points for the trip according to the ba.com tier point calculator.  That is over 90% of the way to a British Airways Executive Club Silver card, although don’t forget that Silver also requires you to have taken four British Airways flights as well as earning 600 points.

Royal Jordanian is flying new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft on both legs of this trip.  Their 787 Business Class is fully flat and looks decent as you can see below:

Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 business class

The airline is not dry on long haul routes, before anyone asks – only on intra-Middle East routes as I understand it.

Here are the fare rules:

Book between 8th October and 31st October

Travel between 15th October and 20th March 2016

No outbound travel between 15th December and 27th December

No inbound travel between 2nd January and 10th January

No stopovers are allowed

Cancellation is allowed for a US$300 fee – something you rarely see on cheap fares like this

The fare is not available every date, but the Royal Jordanian website allows you to search via a calendar grid which clearly shows the days it is there.  You can book via the RJ website here.

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  1. Getting TP to post from RJ can be
    a nightmare I understand. Something to be aware of if you need the soon.

    • And in English?

      • Getting credit is painful

        Took 3 months and multiple emails / scans of BPs to get points credited.

    • Yes, I mentioned this yesterday, my OH still waiting for crediting his recent flight.. Been 4weeks now. So yes, can be slow, this was the first time we had to use RJ as BA y was full! And they have good one way flights, BTW…

      • They seem to have rigged the pricing this time, if i price up a one way flight its costing over £1k. If i price up a return then i get the discounted deals i.e £1k return. was checking dates in Feb 2016.

        I like the idea of flying out with RJ, then using avios to fly back thus avoiding a huge amount of fees etc.

  2. Most ME airlines are dry on the runway, & that’s it. Drink like fish. ME—>LHR the women head off to the loos & come back in boob tubes.

  3. Are these flight deals (LON > Asia retn) ever available in the other direction, ie. originating in Asia?

    Any trick to booking this deal to secure the effective above rate but from Asia?

    • James67 says:

      Although not as competitive as they were in the preoneworld days you can sometimes find returns from major Asian cities to LHR on Sri Lankan for about £1100 with flexibility to change and cancel for just a little more, but usually have to call them for the latter to ensure you get the proper booking class. During Finnair sales I have seen comparable fares from Asia-UK as vice versa, and MAS also has had very competitive fares at times exThai cities they fly although no longer so easy to find. Always worth checking all three, even before booking a redemption withavios.

      • James, OT we had the Indonesian ash descend on us this week in HKT for two days. Very notably cloudy and could actually smell the burning in the air. All just stayed indoors as much as poss.
        You mentioned Sri Lankan a while back too as a good alternative option. They really seem competitive all year round. Curious why RJ. Have chosen BKK as their sale route. Guess they know people will hop down to KUL or other Asia locations easily. And their J looks fabulous.
        Think if Mr T doesn’t produce any more pay. Com cards, we will be just concentrating on sales like these for our long haul Asia travel in the future. Haven’t seen one in weeks our way, but 1000’s of the paid for visas available. Hey obviously make lots on the paid cards and none on the pay.com ones. Will see how it goes when we get back. The QR Dreamliner J seats have been fab both sectors, hope the return is as comfortable.

        • James67 says:

          Was the same in Hat Yai, unbelievable given how far away fires are. Really spoiled our time in KL, we mostly stayed in hotel. We actually felt a little unwell and it cleared up as soonn as we left so im sure it was the smoke. Sri Lankan also good for one ways. However AY salr fares are IMO best deals, great fare, one change and shortest one stops to Asia exUK, beats the hassle of exEU via ME but those work too if you can make s break out of positioning flight or want the TP

        • Erico1875 says:

          If the RJ Dreamliner experience is anything like Qatar , then it will be well worth a Grand

        • It’s not. It’s a 2-2-2 lay-out, for a start…

        • 2-2-2. Is still better than 2-4-2 in BA. J, which is very crowded. Def looking forward to trying out AY at some point to Asia in the future, in a sale though!

      • Thank you James, appreciate the tips!

  4. I fly with RJ a lot and a) the airline isn’t dry anywhere (not even to Saudi) but I mirror others comments that getting TPs and Avios to credit can be a bit of a pain. As long as you put the FF number in when booking I have had a 100% success of automatic credit – it tends to be when handing over the card at the airport where the problem lies.

  5. I had the chance to sample RJ’s 787 in J class between KUL and BKK last december and it was the best J-seat I had, definitely a lot better than the Finnair J-seat that I had an my way to HEL 3 days later.
    It was by no means a dry airline. Also, avios and tier points were on my BAEC account within a week (although the lady at the check-in in KUL appeared to have some difficulties processing my FF number). I booked Qatar airways AMS-BKK recently for 1500+ euros so had this RJ deal been around I would definitely have booked it.

  6. The only bit I would be slightly worried with RJ is how close Amman is to an effective war zone in Syria…

    • Last time I checked, IS was a little low on surface to air missiles. What few people realise is that these guys are fighting with nothing – the IRA was probably better armed.

      • LondonFoodie says:

        Totally OT : Google ISIS surface to air missiles. Quite a bit comes up… they are actually really well equipped, with heavy artillery and other heavy weapons. If the IRA had that sort of arsenal UK would have been in quite a bit of trouble.

        Back to top – this shouldn’t be a worry anyone travelling to/from Amman. It is far enough and I don’t really see them wasting precious missiles on commercial airliners.

        • I wouldn’t be as concerned about IS, but rather about Russians who are shooting at Iran by mistake 😉

          I thought it is worth bringing as Amman is less than 100km from Syrian border, and not everyone maybe aware of that, I personally would go for flying QR and getting 560 TP as well + if you are flying ex Europe add two BA flights and you are just 2 flights away from silver 😉

        • I come to Jordan a lot and it is safe despite the proximity to the neighbours I recommend everyone to visit this wonderful country and enjoy the real arabian hospitality.

  7. The BKK flights continue to KUL and HKG on alternate days, but I don’t think you’d get an extra 40TP for doing so, right?

  8. James67 says:

    Did you get fast track arrival and departure in BKK? I know they didn’t privide it in the past but was wondering if this had changed. That said, fast track on my most recent arrival was slower than regular immigration.

    • Depending on the gate, fast track can be a much longer walk than regular immigration. We had no fast track from KUL as J-passengers, perhaps RJ didn’t give any because of the late arrival and small number of passengers disembarking at BKK which made fast track unnecessary.

      • For KLIA fast track is automatic for all business and first passengers, no special passes are issued any longer, you just show your boarding pass (arriving and departing).

        • James67 says:

          Was talking about BKK fast track. Just returned from my first KUL flight with BA last week. No complaints, declined dinner and slept for over 9 hours so very happy What I noticed though was that the CW seat I flew had substantially better upholstery and was much more comfortable than any I have flown before. Is this likely to be an upgrade to old seating or a new aircraft? There was no safety card(!) so couldn’t tell if it was an 772 or a new 773ER.

        • I was just replying to Bobs comments, because Fast Track at KLIA is off to the left its quite easy to miss.

          At the moment it’s a 777-200 on the KUL route, mines wasn’t refitted (I think the clue is the lack of a UK plug). Changing in a few months to a new 787-9. Likewise on my flights to KUL i found the seat to be comfortable, and I really liked the separate footrest (even if a bit old and clunky), also I got a full sleep there and back – something I have never been able to do on a long haul flight. Chatting to the crew they hated the 777 due to the air quality and noise and were looking forward to working on the 787s.

        • James67 says:

          I’m back in KL next month so will look out for the fast track there. Nos that you mention it. Not sure if I’m imGining this but I sort of subconciously recsl seeing a socket and thinking it was a UK one but it was down by the floor. Whatever else, the seat was definitely most confortable CE seat I ever sat on. I detest 777s and try to avoid them but if has become increasingly difficult to do so.

        • I meant Fast Track at BKK when arriving from KUL with RJ, there wasn’t any which wasn’t a problem as there were very few passengers at immigration. I can imagine that there is Fast Track available when arriving from Amman.

  9. JoshBosh says:

    I don’t know if RJ have changed since i last flew on their A330’s, but the meal services was a silver service affair. Trolley with everything on, they dish it up at your seat. Let you mix and match etc.

    Just remember that onboard, RJ is one of the safest airlines around. EVERY flight has armed sky marshals, you can tell who these are, as they board first, and usually sit in row 1. Don’t run to the fore toilet….

  10. Matthew says:

    OT – Have you heard that Etihad have brought forward the start date of the NYC-AUH A380 route by a week or so which means yet another A380 taken off the LHR-AUH route.

    First it was my outbound to AUH switched from A380 to A340 and now my return leg has switched from A380 to B777. Very disappointing.

    For those who have booked Etihad First Apartment on the A380, I would advise checking your booking to see if it has been switched.

    • Mine has moved, saw this yesterday. Moving trip forward 24 hours and onto 2pm flight from 9am where 1 reward seat remains.

      • Matthew says:

        Well done for changing it quick Rob. I have managed to do the same just now…5hrs earlier flight so can live with that.

        Thank goodness for the My Flights App which notified me of the change.

  11. Couldn’t find any availability for this for a family of four- sadly I don’t think I could leave anyone behind! cheapest is 1890pp. Annoyingly for three there is availability at 997 most days but they seem to have limited it to three per flight.

    Suppose I could book for three and do a separate booking for one at 1890 but that does take the cost per head up to 1220. Would I be able to do a separate booking for one of the children-1890 becomes 1510. But can’t book unaccompanied minor online although they wouldn’t really be unaccompanied, just on a separate ticket. Anyone done this?

    • How old are your kids? On the return, you will be spending about 23 hours travelling, which may not be wise even in business.

      • Erico1875 says:

        Years ago, we took the Siesta bus to Spain with the kids. 36 hours. Onboard food was Pot Noodles and bacon rolls. they survived. so 23 hrs in business class is a breeze

    • Jen, at that sale fare, one of us parents would take the next day flight, and one of us travel with the kids. Not worth all that extra money unless you were actually going to spend that much anyway. Starts to add up. It would appear as an unaccompanied minor either way, if it’s a single booking. Just have the OH travel the next day!

      My question is, if you have a 23 hr layover as mentioned, are you put up in a hotel like QR do for layovers over 8hrs? Anyone know the answer.?

    • I actually neec to try to get Emirates to do this today – wife and daughter on one ticket but work is now paying for my wife so need to cancel her redemption seat leaving daughter ‘alone’ albeit with both parents still there on different tickets.

      • Wow, wish you luck on that one. Hopefully they will be able to add her to your booking, how are their call centre at dealing with this type of problem?
        We had a good experience with QR two days ago. Had to change one of their special J sale fares, one we are on now, to,return home early for a funeral Tuesday. Fab cs, but they did charge us fee £189 pp to change, reasonable, but we are the only ones in the J cabin coming back To CPH from HKT, plus a hotel layover. Leaving Sunday pm, So def a long haul trip back. But will give us a chance to test out the overnight hotel option, which we didn’t chose when booking. Strange how these things turn out then…they used to be awful, but are so much better now.

      • They should be able to link the tickets, that’s what BA does in a similar situation

        • You would think so, but this is EK!

          That said, they are so sloppy that last year they let me ring up and cancel a booking even though I was neither the passenger (who was female) or the owner of the account it was booked from (another female)!

        • EK have amened a cheap no amendments ticket for free before, change of date and departure!

    • James67 says:

      Maybe worth calling them, tell them you would book now if you can get four seats at the price and see what they do. At the least I think they would iffer you the three seats on offer abd sime reduction on the fourth to get your business.

  12. Shaun L says:

    Hi Raffles. Do you know what fare class these book into and do you definitely get tier points. Seen a few posts on flyer talk around their cheapest business flights not giving tier points.

  13. Some of the stopovers are 6 hours+ so what is the lounge like at Amman (and LHR for that matter)?

  14. Redkitty says:

    Hi HFP, do you know if I was to book a separate MH flight from BKK to KUL for the same day, how the check in luggage would work? Would I have to collect my luggage at BKK and re-check in again? The price for biz on 787 is very attractive and would shave off quite a bit for me but I do check in luggage and wanted to check of RJ has some interline agreement to check to final destination even with two PNRs. Thanks.

    • Raffles has mentioned this in replies a few times. Some airlines may do it, ex USA, but dealing with any ME flight is tricky enough. It’s always worth asking,..,but general opinion on this site is usually a NO. So give it a go, but make sure you have enough time to collect bags and re check in. Can be especially chaotic in BKK too.

      • Redkitty says:

        Thanks, Would 4 hours be enough to collect bags and re check in for BKK airport? Or will I need more time?

        • 4 hours would be plenty of time, annoyingly IIRC RJ and MAS fly out from the same gate area. You would have a lot of walking to do.

          There is also an Ethiopian flight that does BKK to KUL, only reason i know this was when in a rush i read the gates wrong and went for this instead of the MAS flight.

    • James67 says:

      I might be missing something Redkitty but why not book the same RJ flight from BKK to KUL instead of MAS? Be warned, MAS have reportedly been cancelling flights to BKK at will. Unless you are in a hurry to get to KL, I cannot think of much better places to spend a night than Bangkok

    • RJ & MAS are both on Oneworld Alliance, you should be able to get both of your boarding passes at LHR and have your checked bag check through to the final destination without any issue.
      However, some agent may not be aware of this, you may have to remind them they are both on the same alliance and you also need to provide them your MAS booking number.

    • I asked exactly the same question just today re change of flights at BKK. Routing was LHR-HEL-BKK on Finnair (AY) then BKK- HKG a few hours later on CX – (don’t ask – there is a logical reason for this!). These flights on 2 separate bookings/PNRs.

      I asked the AY London office if I could check hold luggage from LHR to HKG. The answer was providing oneworld flights (which they are) and less than 24 hrs in BKK (which it will be) then should be OK! Like you I want to avoid exiting In BKK (visa required?) just to recheck in straight away on CX with my luggage!

      • Within OneWorld it should be no problem. I even did it with OneWorld and Star Alliance bookings in the opposite direction. Three years ago I checked my bags all the way from Phuket to Amsterdam. From HKT-HKG on TG in J-class, then 3 hours later continuing from HKG to AMS via LHR on BA in Y-class, no problem to check the bags all the way from HKT to AMS. We only had to collect boarding passes for the OneWorld portion at the transfer desk in HKG but I’m sure this will be the same when connecting in BKK.
        And guess what, our bags came out first off our BA-flight in AMS, still carrying the Star Alliance priority tags despite the biggest part of the trip on BA in Y where I had no status at that time.

  15. I’ll be booking this for Feb! Thanks raffles.
    Shame the jump from silver to gold is so steep! Would be nice to reach gold once in my life at least

  16. I can’t get this to price in Feb. In fact it just comes up with an error and doesn’t give any results. Anyone else?

  17. firemin says:

    Looking at this fare as a back to back style tp run with hand baggage only, arriving 15:25 in bkk and departing 00:55 the following day – could I conceivably just got to flight connections rather than exit through customs/immigration and then go back through security etc (I know it’d be a long time in the airport!)?

    • Why not. Make a holiday of it?

      • Firemin says:

        Unfortunately family and work commitments mean I don’t have the spare time. I have been looking for an opportunity to earn some TPs without having to spend a weekend away from home and this fare doesn’t seem to have a minimum stay / Saturday night requirement that most of the decent fares have.

  18. Chris Pye says:

    Thanks to Rimas & Raffles for this. Booked 2 returns in mid March for £997 yesterday. Only appears to be an A330 on the LHR-AMM legs but as AMM-BKK is at night both ways we get the flat beds when we most need them. RJ seem to have mixed reviews for Economy but generally fine in Business. Only 4 BA sectors and another Silver year sorted!

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