Bits: 30% ‘buy Avios’ bonus, 50% off Emirates eco redemptions, Radisson Edwardian deal

News in brief:

30% bonus when you buy Avios points is currently offering a 10% – 30% bonus when you buy Avios points.

This is certainly not unmissable.  You need to buy at least 31,000 Avios to get the full 30%.  Even when purchasing the maximum of 35,000 points, you are paying £575 for 45,500 points.  1.26p per point is NOT a great deal.

The deadline is 28th October.  The ‘buy Avios’ page is here.

EDIT: as per the comments, it seems that is letting you buy up to 100,000 points with a top bonus of 35,000.  That is also not a great deal unless you have a guaranteed use for them which justifies the price.  Iberia was selling points for 1p just a few days ago.

Buy Avios

50% off Emirates Skywards redemptions in Economy

Emirates is currently offering a 50% discount on all economy class redemptions made using Skywards miles!

The deal runs until October 19th.  About 20 destinations are excluded – check the Skywards website for details.

The reason I am not more excited about this is that Emirates taxes and charges are very high – even higher than British Airways.  In general, you will still be getting a very poor return on your miles by redeeming them in this way.  There are, of course, certain routes and certain dates which are expensive for cash tickets and where you may find it works, but it won’t be easy.

The travel window is also tight – 1st to 30th November.

Radisson Edwardian Heathrow

Special Visa deal with Radisson Edwardian

Radisson Edwardian – which operates primarily in the London market – has launched a special offer with Visa which runs until the end of the year.

Book via this link and you will receive free breakfast for two people and a free room upgrade, subject to availability, at check-in.  There does not seem to be any requirement to pay with a Visa, just to have one.

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  1. darrenf says:

    £415 to buy 30k (25k+5k) Avios, worth £500 right now as mentioned yesterday – not a bad deal?

    • Indeed. An interesting arbitrage. If you were to apply the full £500 you would get 39800 Avios.use 30K for £500 off and you are left with free 9800Avios on top of what you would get for the flight

  2. How frequent are such deals? Is the bonus ever more generous?

    This is almost exactly the shortfall I need for a future booking so don’t really want to commit cash to points now…

  3. avidsaver says: appear to be allowing you to buy up to 100,000 avios with a 35% bonus.

    • Yep I think Raffles just forgot this as I mentioned it yesterday £1615 for 135,000 Avios = 1.2p/ Avios so a bit better.

      And makes the arbitrage idea for lucrative.

      • Yes, I saw that but then forgot – this was already written by then.

        In any event, buying 100k at that price is even worse 🙂

        It does work as an arbitrage for someone who has less than 30,000 Avios although, as the points probably take 24 hours to post, you run a little risk on pricing / availability of the flight.

  4. Currently another AA buy miles promo Raffles, 10% off and up to 35k bonus miles. A cheap way of flying Etihad/Qatar F.

  5. OT: has anyone had breakfast at the Manchester Airport Hilton and the virgin lounge at the Airport.
    Which is better. Have a choice, tomorrow, and would like to choose the best option, early breakfast at the Hilton or later( bit not that late) breakfast in the clubhouse? 😉

    • The Hilton breakfast is bog standard Hilton fare, the same as you get in any other UK hilton generally.

      No idea about the lounge.

    • Virgin share the aspire lounge at Manchester – can be best described as average. It is not a clubhouse. Would probably stick with the Hilton. Unless you mean the Virgin V room ( for Virgin holiday bookings) which I have no experience

  6. Globetrotter7 says:

    I think with the Radisson/Visa offer, it’s worth checking what the hotel itself is offering first. The Heathrow hotel for example is currently offering full English breakfast on all advance purchase bookings. I booked a room there In Dec for a mere £70. You can even reduce this to £46 + 10,000 gold points ( no breakfast though). But the cheapest visa rate I can see on the same night I’ve booked is £90! That’s a little dearer.

  7. OT: Can I ask a question about IHG points from a cash qualifying stay. I paid £132.96 for a room last week and on the receipt it said I would get 2040 points for this stay. The points posted this week as 3368 of which 1684 are elite qualifying – I am Spire Elite. As this is only our 2nd paid stay I am not sure how it works. Should it not be 2040 + 2040 which is 100% bonus points?

    • The IHG website bases the calculation on your headline room price. In the UK, because it is a legal requirement to include VAT in headline prices, this calculation is wrong as you don’t get points on the VAT element.

      • OK thanks Rob – that works out then! It makes a big difference to the points earned in the UK. I booked it through the Accelerate promotion but it is still showing 0 of 7 tasks completed. Does this mean it hasn’t registered the stay through the promotion – I did click “Book Now” on the promotion page – or is it likely to still post at a later date?

        • Thunderbirds says:

          Stays can take a while to post for the promotion, mine took 11 days from the stay until the points posted on my account for the relevant task completed. It may depend on how often they run the updates. In past promotions it could take 6-8 weeks before they posted.

        • I am still waiting for 10K bonus points to post from 2 weeks ago. Sent CS a missing points claim & they replied saying it will take upto 3 weeks for the Accelarate points to post & to get back in touch if they havent posted by then.

  8. When buying avios on the ba website, do you earn 3x spend when using the BA amex? So if you spent £575 you earn 1,725 bonus miles?


  9. OT but important?

    I sent an email to asking whether Tesco are still stocking their cards and have received the following reply:

    ‘As of the 14th of October, the 3V prepaid GiftCards are no longer available for purchase.
    However, we will still be providing the 3V Vouchers are participating Paypoint outlets across the country.’

    A major blow!

  10. That’s a major blow – I only started doing this in July. How does it work at Paypoint outlets? Feeling depressed now!

  11. This is what is on the site:

    3V Vouchers have an Activation Code printed on them. Once you enter the Activation Code on this site, you will be able to view your Visa Number and security details (expiry date and CVV2 number). Make sure you activate it as soon as possible, as the Voucher expires after 2 months from the date of purchase.

    The security details for your Visa Number will also be sent to your email address.

    You can use the Visa Number for 2 calendar months from the date of activation (plus the remainder of the month in which it was activated), and can transfer any remaining funds to another Visa Number or your bank account at any time.

    3V Vouchers are issued from PayPoint terminals in thousands of stores across the UK.

    The retailer will find the voucher under ‘Cash Vouchers & e-Money’ on the terminal.

    Find your nearest PayPoint Store here

    My Account

    Once you have activated and accessed your Visa Number you are ready to shop. You will also have a personal account where you will be able to view your Visa Number(s) and security details, keep track of your online purchases, check your balances, transfer funds from one Visa Number to another or to your bank account, and manage your personal information and preferences.

    How much does it cost?

    3V Vouchers carry a small surcharge based on the value you purchase. The surcharges are set out below. There are no transaction fees on purchases made in Pounds Sterling.

    3V Voucher Value

    £20-£90 Surcharge £2
    £100-£150 Surcharge £3.50
    Transaction Fees None

    For other fees and charges that may apply and for usage restrictions, please see the Help section.
    Terms and Conditions

    • Is there really a market for those? It’s not even a physical gift card…

      • There’s definitely no market for them for HFP readership.

        Given it’s a new owner, I guess they must be expecting to catch out people with the T&Cs, which look very dodgy.

        Definitely a clear AVOID & nothing in it for us as you can use Amex @ Paypoint in any case, eg to buy your council tax. No need to involve

  12. The sole purpose of buying 3V/pay vouchers is to get the Tesco ClubCard points or other retailer incentives e.g. Morrison’s fuel discount. The Visa and American Express cards can still be used for this but they have a cost whereas 3V was free of charges.

    • Will they still stock Morrisons? That’s become more lucrative still:
      £1000 = £60 in free fuel (100p off per litre x 60 litres)
      +2000 Avios = £20
      +£5 Match & More points on the cards from 2/11/15 – 5 points per £1 = 5000 points = £5
      +60 litres of fuel = 600 M&M points = 60p
      + the more you use Morrisons, the more frequently the till throws out vouchers, last one this week was £10 off £50
      Total return for my £1000 spend on giftcards = £95.60 & meet Amex spend targets


      Do Tesco stock the £50 Amazon giftcards? Could be a way through’s departure.

      • Erico1875 says:

        Is there a limit on the fuel? My son puts about £100 a week in his Transit.van. It would be handy if he could get £1 off per litre

        • 100 litres, as much money off per litre as you have vouchers for (no more than the actual cost)

    • So are 3v gift cards removed altogether from Tesco, Morrisons etc?

      • Saw 1 pay. com card in a Tesco yesterday and quite a few in Boots.

        Have the T&Cs changed on the pay .com cards

        You must not attempt to Activate 3V Visa Numbers with a cumulative value greater than £1,625 in any 12-month period and You must not seek to redeem a cumulative balance greater than £650 in any 12 month period without first completing full and extended verification requirements as required by Us. Please note that we may change these limits from time to time in accordance with Clause 8.

        I don’t remember seeing the £650 limit. If it was there it certainly was not enforced

  13. Mark’s message said they are stopping the purchase of the gift cards so I assume that is everywhere and switching to the voucher system which is now on their website as shown above. The only way this new system would help me is to buy some vouchers to help towards a bonus target spend and to pay some bills via credit card spend rather than direct debit to get the Amex /Avios points but now there is a charge to that route. We will all miss the Tesco clubcard points.

    • I see it now, means Pay.coms are out. What about Amazon giftcards? Depends how much you can spend there, I suppose.

      We personally have little use for the other store giftcards – but could probably channel a bit more through Amazon.

      Might have to do a multiple Morrisons raid to mop up a few lingering Pay.coms down in this neck of the woods.

    • 3V vouchers have been around as long as the giftcards, they are not new.

      • Correct they have always been around but they do not require a plastic card to be distributed.

        CONFIRMED giftcards would not activate seems like they have shutdown the server. Even if you find them they are just a piece of plastic now. I was stupid enough not to buy them last week. This is a major issue but i am lucky enough to have jumped on the train a couple of years ago. I have collected them all and now they will be used for a wall installation, a very coloured one!! Maybe one day i will post the picture. As always there will be other opportunities to go to. And luckily there is plenty of visa fee cards around still accepted for council tax and other visa merchants. RIP 3v, we will miss you! You sre welcome to come back!

  14. O/T bit
    £15 Discount for New Customers Online at UBER

  15. O/T maybe not the forum but it IS Friday!

    Anybody know Plymouth? Moving thataway because of work, 2 of my kids have been offered places in the grammar schools so that’s good as well. Main train line + 10 mins would be my first preference, some nice bits in Saltash but what about Plymouth proper? Any inside tips welcome – thanks.

    • Depends partly how much you want to pay. Mannamead is supposed to be the ‘upmarket’ part of town and bits of Stoke are nice, too. The Royal William Yard is lovely, though I’m not sure if that’s not only apartments, which might be a bit small for your needs. Plymouth does have some dodgy areas, so make sure you take a careful look at a potential area before committing!

    • You are right. It is totally off topic. Suggest you go on trip advisor.