Final BA Gatwick flash sale launched – lots of places for £60 return!

British Airways has launched the last of the three Gatwick flash sales that have been running throughout October.

This final offer has return tickets to many destinations in EuroTraveller for just £60 return.  You have until midnight on Thursday to book.

Full details can be found on BA’s Gatwick webpage here.

British Airways Gatwick North

Here is a summary of the offer:

There are 75,000 discounted one-way economy tickets on offer at £29.99 per flight

These are all ‘hand baggage only’ fares.  Suitcases and seat selection, even for elite members, are chargeable.

The routes included are Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Rome, Friedrichshafen, Glasgow, Genoa, Geneva, Innsbruck, Jersey, Naples, Nice, Porto, Pisa, Salzburg, Turin, Venice, Vienna, Valencia and Verona

You must travel between 3rd November 2015 and 30th June 2016.  Christmas, February half-term, Easter and the week of the 2nd May Bank Holiday are excluded.  Some routes have additional exclusions – the full list is in the T&C’s on this page.

There is clearly no angle here in terms of earning cheap tier points or cheap Avios.  However, miles and points aside, there are some excellent deals here if all you want is a cheap weekend break.  Use a few hotel points for your accommodation and you could get a trip for peanuts.

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Some photos of the refurbished Aspire lounge at Luton
Bits: new BA routes, Osaka in Business for £1050, 1000 Avios with
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  1. Katy storie says:

    Just to let you know there is availability for week starting 2nd may as I just booked 2 people return to Rome from 2-5th may for £29.99 each way!
    Also other destinations over that weekend are very reasonable as I bought 1-4th May return to Marrakech for 2 for a total of £237 and remember you can also part lay with avios so it can be a real bargain!

  2. Erico1875 says:

    LGW to ALC for your £58.16 RTN you get 460 Avios back. 1500 Avios gets you another tenner off.

    • Erico1875 says:

      What is interesting, same route, 11 nights in JULY. £60 EW. total cost £118.16. I earn 920 Avios. however for 11500 Avios I get £75 off.
      So NET cost 10580 Avios + £43 RTN.

      • So a pretty poor return on your Avios.

        • My immediate thought as well 🙂

          But then I thought about it & obviously you are applying your paradigm to somebody else’s situation, so your valuation could easily be wrong for them.

          I have rarely taken as low as 0.65p/ Avios but usually aim to get a fair bit more than 1p. On my last Avios + money tickets, I spent 10,000 Avios and got £165 of cost reduction. This did strike me as amazingly good at the time (1.6p/ Avios).

          I bought these tickets at T-355 days and at 1am in the morning, I wonder if this has any relevance to the value I got? (I was going to buy with 100% Avios but the deal I got was miles better.)

          Anyway, perhaps Erico comes by Avios easily (eg big company expense a/c), which would make a massive difference to our view of the Avios value.

        • Erico1875 says:

          Not really when RFS is 15K Avios and £35

        • Erico – are you possibly missing the point? You had at least 3 choices:

          1. Cash, £118.16, earn 920 Avios (@ 1p/ Avios) net cost = £108.96.
          2. 10580 Avios + £43, compared to (1) you saved £65.96, you got 0.623p/ Avios.
          3. RFS =15K Avios and £35, compared to (1) you would save £73.96, you would get 0.493p/ Avios.

          Hope I got that right. I think many of us would have rather paid cash in this instance. I personally prefer to save the Avios for 1p+/ point opps, whereas you were happy to take 0.623p, which is clearly your prerogative 🙂

        • Agree. Everybody has a different valuation, but I would always pay cash at such prices and save my Avios for bookings where the cash price is too expensive.

        • It’s perfectly understandable & don’t worry about criticism, you did well by getting the Avios so cheaply & people here (incl myself) will congratulate you for that.

          Good example of why how some of us get the Avios for such low average cost.

          I think we have 72,000 nearly free Avios x 2 a/cs coming up from Tesco this week.
          = 144,000, must be good for a trip or two 🙂

    • Booked LGW-ALC for May next year.

      Paid £119 RT (with founderscard discount) – Same flights were £195 yesterday 🙂

  3. We booked to Dubrovnik, will hopefully get to see Sarajevo as well 🙂 you’re right that the 500 miles and 5 TPs is nothing to get excited about though!

    • planeflyer says:

      Sarajevo is nice, but Mostar is much nicer

      • Thanks. We’re going Sat-Sat so should be able to see both; I was struggling for a third centre as both Zagreb and Belgrade/Novi Sad were a little too far. Anything in particular about Mostar to look out for?

        • Peter Taysum says:

          The “infamous” rebuilt bridge. It’s scary the bullet holes in the buildings….

          Remember to drive with lights on in Bosnia DAY AND NIGHT it’s illegal not to, and they seem to like stopping tourists who get this wrong.

  4. Enjoy the great deals everyone! Still waiting for the day when ‘Flash sale from Aberdeen’ is announced… 😉

    • Kinkell says:

      Likely be a long wait then!

    • I’m waiting for the Aberdeen but I think we will Wait long enough !! Last flights to Europe I’ve booked have been with air France and klm. And for the USA I’m looking at the new icelandair flights …

  5. Hi – I am 85 tier points OR 5 eligible flights away from retaining my status – these flights would count towards my ‘eligible flights’ right? So am I right in thinking, when you are close to retaining or going up a level, it’s not always TP’s that you should be looking at and chasing, but also keeping an eye on the ‘eligible flights’ number as you can focus on cheaper flights in this way.

  6. Weekend in Dubrovnik it is! £58.36 return. I love BA … sometimes 🙂

  7. Re tier points – I was surprised to see yesterday that a return to Jersey gives you 15TPs!! Obviously not exciting news for everyone but I am exactly 30TPs short of requalifying for Silver… Jersey in January could be interesting… =P

  8. Hi,

    I am 2 eligible flights away from Silver status, I have over 600 TP and my TP collecting year ends early December. Do any of these offers for £29 one-way allow you to do a day trip as I don’t want additional expense of hotel etc, I just want to get BA Silver. I can only find these prices for breaks of several days, usually 7 days.


    • I thought 600TP was the threshold for being awarded silver status? Unless that’s your overall tier points total and not only for this year? If not you can check for doing a back to back by searching for outbound and inbound on the same day.

      • Maybe Rod hasn’t done the four BA flights you need for Silver….

        • I’ve done 2 eligible flights this collection year, so need another 2. Trying to find a day trip somewhere on BA, i.e. go in morning, return in afternoon/evening.

        • Should be plenty of options for you in this sale I would have thought. Just look at the flights as 1-way tickets, they still price at £30 each way.

        • Richard says:

          No they don’t (still price at £30 each way). Rather oddly, one-way flights FROM Gatwick do get the sale fare, but one-way flights TO Gatwick don’t. Nor do returns TO Gatwick, which I have to say feels a bit of a slap in the face for us Scots.
          Doesn’t matter in Rod’s case anyway though, since a return flight will count as 2 eligible flights however it’s booked.

    • Rod,

      Example same-day turnarounds. Not quite £60rtn but not much over.

      21 Nov – Jersey – £90
      28 Nov – Glasgow – £77
      28 Nov – Amsterdam – £79

  9. I think BA have launched a similar sale on other country sites.

    So Portugal has a 40€ sale to London. However, it includes flights from destinations not available in the UK sale, eg Lisbon.

    I’m not sure if this can be worked both directions, but booking separately, you’d atleast get a discount back to London from some additional destinations (and not just to Gatwick).

  10. Highly OT but Willie Walsh is currently in Dublin and the first 3 new Aer Lingus transatlantic routes are LAX from May and Newark and Hartford(?) from September.

    Presumably the LAX redemptions will be available through BAEC imminently.

    • Apparently Hartford currently has a big financial services industry centred on insurance with strong links to London, Dublin and Zurich, but no existing direct transatlantic services.

      Should be plenty of leisure seats for redemptions though and presumably easy-ish to get to NY, Boston etc.

      WW is strutting his stuff on

      • Hartford is in a really neat area, lots of pretty fab small towns around, plus great university buildings to look at, plus fast bus and train to BOS and NYC. My daughter flew in and out of there three years ago on AA. Yes very handy for that whole area.

  11. Steve R says:

    Unfortunately London Airways no longer flies from Manchester to LGW.

  12. Off topic… but BA have just announced LGW-JFK daily, starting 1May next year !! There timings are 1640-1930 LGW-JFK, rtn 2200-1000 JFK-LGW ! 🙂

    • Nobody else is going to get excited but my route in Europe goes up from 3 daily to 4 starting next summer 🙂

      Wasn’t there when I booked my 3 Sept 2016 flights.

      Might keep fares down a bit I suppose.

  13. Just booked trip to Rome for May – 3 people – 200 quid. Thanks HFP

    • Get an apartment in Trastevere if you want to have an amazing experience and save money on accommodation, too. Don’t go for a hotel – you have to pay quite a lot to get anything decent.

  14. Peter Taysum says:

    Slightly frustrating that the BA Callander prices up for the 30 pounds, then you click and it goes up to 400 pounds for two return. I do find BA IT someone wanting…