Earning Avios and BA tier points when flying Emirates – proof it works

Back in February, I wrote about one of those ‘things you didn’t know you didn’t know’ – that it is possible to earn British Airways Avios points and tier points when flying with Emirates!

If you live in the UK regions, Emirates is a decent choice for long-haul travel, especially in premium cabins on the A380 routes.

One downside is Emirates Skywards.  It is a pretty feeble loyalty scheme with low earning rates and high redemption rates.  You can redeem for Arsenal VIP football tickets and for easyJet flights but that is about it.

One alternative is crediting Emirates flights to Alaska Airlines as the two are partners.  Alaska is also a British Airways partner so you could redeem the miles for BA flights.  If you didn’t have enough, you could credit a few BA, Air France or KLM flights to Alaska to top up your account.

There is an alternative, though.

Emirates business child

Qantas signed a major tie-up with Emirates two years ago.  A large number of Emirates flights now carry Qantas flight codes.  Qantas is also a member of the oneworld alliance alongside British Airways.

As long as your Emirates flight is booked under a Qantas (QF) flight number and not an Emirates (EK) flight number, you will receive Avios points when you fly.

I got my wife to try this out recently.  She had to fly to Singapore for a conference with the start date being immediately after our recent Dubai holiday.  As the rest of us were already booked on Emirates, it made sense to book her onto a London – Dubai (stopover) – Singapore – Dubai – London routing.

This is what posted on ba.com:



As you can see, full long-haul tier points – 560 tier points for the return trip – and Avios were received.  Whilst it states that all four flights were ‘operated by Qantas’, this is not the case.  Three were on Emirates with only QF1 being on a Qantas aircraft.

To book an Emirates flight under the Qantas flight numbers, you should use the Qantas website to book.  Flights may be cheaper, the same or more expensive than booking via the Emirates site – it varies by service – so be careful.  Expedia and other third party sites may also show Emirates flights with Qantas flight numbers but you need to check this carefully before hitting the ‘buy’ button.

For corporate bookings, you need to carefully explain to your travel booking company what you want to do.  It is not just routes to Australia that have a Qantas codeshare attached as these Singapore flights show.

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  1. Alan Gregg says:

    Yup I had a business trip to Melbourne in May. Qantas to Dubai and Dubai to Melbourne with Emirates. TPs and Avios. And a much nice flying experience IMO.

  2. Very occasionally I really wish I didn’t read HfP – last week was forced to buy Emirates Y to AKL because of corporate policy. All EK code. Dagnabit!

  3. Phillip says:

    Also, if you look here:


    QF codeshares on EK are some of the very few exceptions to BAEC rules, whereby a OW codeshare operated by a non-partner will not earn any Avios or Tier points. So you’ve got it in writing for retrospective claims if needed.

    *Flights booked under the Qantas code (QF) operated by a non-oneworld airline will earn Avios and Tier Points unless operated by Jetstar in a class other than L class.

  4. Hi. It does work. Last year my wife and I flew to Christchurch new Zealand. Lhr to dubai to sydney to Christchurch return in business. We had A380 on the major legs great product.

    . Not only did I get enough tier points to take me to silver we both earned air miles adding to the household account. We happened to have a 10 hour layover in dubai, but the tickets came with dubai connect (free hotel and transfer) which meant a proper bed for a bit of sleep and food before the next leg. Emirates lounge at dubai is pretty good as well. The other thing to remember and makes the difference to me was the free chauffeur services which we used at both ends (restricted mileage before a charge I think is 75 miles from lhr) so hassle free from the moment the front door is locked.

    I will be booking this way again in the future.

  5. OT query : If you have booked transatlantic flights with Ba codeshare but on Aa metal do they count for the 4 ba flights for silver? What if it is AA codeshare on ba metal? In both cases flights credited to ba. Thanks a lot.

  6. Ironbark says:

    I, too, am BA Silver courtesy of an Emirates flight to Melbourne (+4 , of course). Doing the same this year with Qatar.

  7. I also earned Avios on a Fiji Airways codeshare with a Qantas flight number, it was a welcome surprise.

    OT but I have also found that changing a partner domestic reward flight last minute at the airport to an earlier departure, also earns you full revenue tier points and avios. This has happened to me on both Qantas and US Airways/AA.

    • As a Sydney based BAEC member, I’m interested in this. Do you mean an Avios partner booking or a QF Classic award? Thanks

    • Sounds like a good trick if you get the chance. I’ve had tier points & Avios on RFS flights, but not these last 2-3 years.

    • Might depend on the agent, I’ve not had that happen to me on two recent QF internal flights that I changed in the lounge.

  8. It’s not just Emirates. Any QF codeshare will earn TPs and Avios

  9. Slightly OT: booking QR J ARN-HKG for £788; can anyone confirm whether QR5800/5801 (the CX codeshares) will credit to BA without any issues?

    It appears that people crediting to Asia Miles and Qmiles often get rejected, even when submitting boarding passes.

    (I am aware that the CX codeshares end on 15 Feb, although ITA Matrix doesn’t seem to be)

    • JQ. Log into the QR website with your ref, in the lounge, just make sure your BAEC number is in the personal details. You will be emailed the change confirming the change. Double triple check in the lounge or at the boarding gate. We have done this each time, and they post to our BAEC.

    • Are the a330 on CX fitted with full flat seats?

  10. OT, but don’t forget that the IHG sale begins today.

  11. Oh noooo, I wish I knew that, I have like 10k emirates skywards seating there and I will probably never use them as I rarely fly Eastbound 🙁

  12. Next year I have a flight out of KUL in BA CW, so will be using the oneworld lounge. Friends will be on the EK flight in economy, if they book through Qantas can I guest them into the oneworld lounge? (I also have OW status). The mind boggles.

    • Hingeless says:

      I got into the qantas lounge in Auckland with a guest when flying with Emirates in economy with a Cathay Pacific card gold card. Guest got avios. The flight was booked through qantas

  13. CV3V: Let me know if your friends are able to book EK using Qantas code via Qantas website from KUL. I am unable to select KUL as departure for many places, just limited to SEA. Thanks. P/S: I live in KUL but BAEC member.

    • You may need a travel agent. I couldn’t get the Qantas site to price the route my wife flew.

      • I looked at doing this ages ago tbh – begining part of the year. I didn’t fancy the QF J seat but thought I might try the Blinged out Emirates version. It prices up fine on Expedia as far as I can remember. Went with QR in the end “just in case”.

    • On the subject of Emirates, they are offering status match at the moment (which is quite rare), although it is targeted at residents of France. Status match to Gold or Platinum status, no match to Silver being offered.

      • CV, am puzzled, that’s a good idea, in case of great sales they do.. When you say no match to silver, is that from silver in OW or to their silver. Has anyone tried this who is NOT loving in France? Have you given it a go? Handy to have though. We got the Al Italia one, again useful as my OH sometimes has to use them for work.

  14. Kinkell says:

    Drat! Just returned from Mauritius/Seychelles EK in J. Lots of Skywards miles added to the CC deal of several months ago, and a further 40K EACH for dodgy IFE systems on 2 legs and faulty seat on another. Whilst I can use the miles on easyjet, I would have preferred the Quantas link to bump up our status and likely made silver this year. We’ve gone from Silver to Bronze and all our trips are redemptions planned pre devaluation, so no points and avios, although we get to experience First to JNB on 747 and a380 as well as our trip to SAmerica and a few other smaller trips . Currently trying to build up miles again. Drat, Drat !!

  15. I booked a QF flight to Dubai but it is on EK metal so should get the points and avios but apparently this does stop Qantas lounge access at Heathrow.

  16. I was aware of this “opportunity” when I booked from LHR to SYD in business flying EK but on a QF flight number and ticket. I was Emirates platinum at the time but wanted to earn Avios so put my BA number into the profile.

    At Dubai, I was stupid/greedy, and tried to gain access to the EK first lounge with my platinum card. I was told I could only do that if I put my EK number into the booking which I declined. Unknown to me my EK number somehow at this point did go onto the booking.

    When I got back to the UK I was disappointed to see the entire trip credited to my EK account rather than Avios. I did email EK customer service to see if it could be reversed but they declined but suggested I contact BA. I filled out the BA form for missing Avios/Tier points and they were credited within a week or two – and my EK credit remained!

    I’d not recommend this as a strategy for getting credit from both airlines but the lack of any partnership between BA and EK helps in this situation.

    • Neil. Similar situation but I was in First and they put my EK booking in although I had specifically asked them not to!
      Likewise filled out the online form and hey presto – currently sitting with credit to both…not recommended as a strategy either, but hey ho!
      Fully expect to lose one at a later point I guess because their systems (as much as BA’s is a joke) must talk at some point.
      We will see