Bits: Gate 365 / Avios e-store shopping deal, Virgin / Moneycorp promotion

Today is a big ‘news in brief’ day as quite a bit piled up last week!

Gate 365 / Avios e-store shopping bonuses

If you are starting your Christmas shopping, the British Airways Executive Club ‘Gate 365’ shopping portal has some special deals if you click through its links before purchasing.  These offers are scheduled to launch today.

Examples include:

  • John Lewis (started last week) – 3 Avios per £1 (this was incorrectly listed as 12 earlier, sorry!)
  • House of Fraser – 8 Avios per £1
  • Currys – 4 Avios per £1
  • Selfridges – 16 Avios per £1

These deals run until 6th December.

Gate 365

Bonus Virgin Flying Club miles with Moneycorp

If you are travelling out of Gatwick soon, Moneycorp is offering triple miles (3 Flying Club miles per £1) if you buy foreign currency from them.

I would strongly recommend against this if you have not pre-ordered as you will receive a terrible rate if you just walk up to the desk.  However, this deal is available on ‘Reserve and Collect’ as long as you exchange £500 or more.

You should compare rates with other companies, of course, but Moneycorp online rates are generally competitive and the 3 miles per £1 could swing it in their direction.

If you are willing to pre-order currency for home delivery, you can also get this same deal.  You do not need to be flying with Virgin Atlantic in order to take advantage.

Full details of the offer can be found here.  It runs until 10th January.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club, and click here for the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

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  1. John Lewis is showing at 3 avios / £ at the moment for me

  2. The White company is offering 24 avios per £1

    • Valid until 06th December. They also ran this offer through November. My wife seems attracted by it, so it looks like Santa will be flying F to Dubai again!

  3. Scott Smart says:

    +3, JL 3pts/£

  4. So when is the 12 per £1 starting with John Lewis?

  5. David Barron says:

    That should be is (not us) and bonus (not bones)!!!!!! The perils of typing on an iPhone

  6. I got very over excited when you reported 12 per point at JL as I have to order a new cooker and microwave this week! Disconsolate about the 3 points now – although I was quite content with the same situation last week. You never miss something till its gone…:-(

  7. Slightly other, does anyone know how long it’s taking at the moment to receive avios points into accounts via clubcard conversions?

  8. John Lewis would have been good timing as they price match black Friday deals in competitors.

  9. Yes, big fat typo which will teach me to write articles at midnight. Apologies. The other numbers are correct.

  10. Sorry OT question – I have just received my Amex Platinum (UK) card and was about to enroll for the hotel benefits (SPG Gold, Club Carlson Gold, Accor Plat) for myself, but the form is asking if I want to enroll my supplementary cardholder too.

    Does anyone know it if is possible to enroll them at a later date if I don’t do it now? Or can this form only be submitted once?

    • Don’t worry you can do them later 🙂 You can also enrol yourself online if that’s any easier.

      • Thanks Alan, so if I do it online I don’t need to enroll in all the schemes now? The website has tick boxes for all the schemes you want to enroll in on one page, so wasn’t sure if I do SPG now for example, whether I can come back and do Accor later on?

        • You’re welcome to do them all at once or individually whenever you want, although as they seem to vary a bit as to how quickly they process things I’d be more inclined to just apply for them all at once.

        • Great, thanks a lot for your help Alan.

    • Yes, you can do it later

  11. O/T bit from the postie
    500 points on Tesco wines by the case XX444P looks generic but that needs testing
    Minimum 6 bottles

    This is excellent value for somebody with free Tesco deliveries, ie buy (say) 6 bottles for £25, get 1200 Avios (=£12)

  12. The £500 minimum for the currency deal… it looks as though, when you click through, it says that £500 is the minimum for free home delivery and £50 is the minimum for airport collection?

  13. Is there any way to get miles from moneycorp for bank to bank exchanges?

  14. OT – I’ve accumulated 80k flying miles, and currently trying to figure out whether its better to collect another 80k for 2 return upper class flights to NYC or boost my avios collection to allow for 2 x one way redemptions in upper / club (possibly using a BA 241 amex voucher)
    (ignoring potential for a virgin devaluation) anyone got any advice for me please. how do taxes for 2 x one way redemption compare to return miles bookings?

  15. Rob,
    Saw this and thought of you!
    I’m not sure with that amount you would be too fussed about getting good value, Amazon vouchers might be a good idea!

  16. OT is anyone else having trouble getting the Tesco Living Magazine with the gift card vouchers – don’t think they have arrived in Scotland yet – tried all over Dundee and Perth and Ayr in the last few days.

  17. My wife’s new iPhone may come with a few miles from Selfridges…..

    • Silly me I got my hopes up and it isnlimites to certain items on the Selfridges website sigh!

  18. HI Can anyone confirm if we get the 16 avios per £ from Selfridges on Apple iphone and Imac.. i need both but suspect it can’t be that easy to land 40K Avios?

  19. OOPS .. just answered my own question….

    Selfridges Special Terms
    Customers will not receive rewards if they’ve clicked through a Selfridges promotional email. Purchases of gift cards, Apple products and products from The Wonder Room are ineligible for customer rewards.

  20. Damn. Got an iPhone from the Apple Store on the 4th @ 6 per £ and it’s just gone up to 8 per £ as of today, the 7th 🙁