Bits: free points via new Avios Suitcase sticker, IHG member total, Melia’s ‘not free’ Priority Pass

News in brief:

More free Avios via Avios Suitcase

Avios Suitcase is a Facebook app which allows you to earn Avios points – credited to and NOT British Airways Executive Club accounts – for completing various simple tasks and earning ‘badges’.

(If you’ve never tried it, log into Facebook and search for Avios Suitcase.)

A new badge has appeared which offers an easy 50 Avios points.  (If it isn’t brand new, it is fairly new – I hadn’t seen it before.)  The badge is entitled ‘Do More With Avios Quiz’.  You don’t need to share anything to get the Avios and you only need to answer a simple question.  I won’t spoil the fun by telling you the answer!

If you have never looked at Avios Suitcase before, you should be able to earn a few hundred free Avios points by completing all of the tasks currently available.  They are transferred over to once a month.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Avios Suitcase

IHG Rewards Club has how many members?!

Here is a slightly crazy statistic from a seminar with IHG (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, InterContinental etc) which I attended on Friday.  IHG Rewards Club now has over 90 million members.

However you look at it, that is a huge number.  It is thirteen times larger than the various Avios schemes combined (there are 7m Avios members) and nearly five times as big as Nectar (19m members).  It is as big as the whole of the UK population plus a small EU country on top!

The scale is mind-blowing.  And, to give them credit, availability is still pretty good!

Priority Pass

Melia’s ‘not free’ Priority Pass

I wrote in June about Melia Rewards adding a Priority Pass for airport lounge access to its list of benefits for top tier Platinum members.  I thought this was very impressive.

Whilst it was a HFP reader who originally pointed this out, I later received a full press release from Melia about it.  At no point did it say that the lounge visits associated with the card are not free!

It turns out, as another HFP reader recently found, that you are charged – in points – after your first two Priority Pass visits.  8,000 points are deducted from your Melia Rewards account.

As this reader found, if you don’t have enough points (and she didn’t, as she thought the card was totally free), Melia sends you a bill for the equivalent cost of buying the points which works out at €32 per visit.

The person who wrote to me was especially annoyed because she has another Priority Pass – a totally free one – via Amex Platinum and only pulled out the Melia one at a lounge because she assumed the package was the same.  She was wrong ….

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  1. Is Suitcase still in operation? I tried to open a new account via Facebook for a family member and found the application gave page unavailable. On my own Suitcase account the balance is given as all the points accumulated to date rather than the monthly total.

    • My existing Suitcase a/c still working – though like yours, now shows my ‘lifetime’ accumulation not just month’s. But the 50 Avios for this (& other recent) sticker(s) went through immediately (17/11/15 & previous) rather than just transferring at month-end.

  2. Did anyone get their bonus BA Avios offer via Clubcard which was supposed to be credited to accounts today?

  3. Did IHG spill the beans about what new amenity us ‘loyal’ Spire guests are going to get in the New Year???

  4. Don’t get too excited folks – that ‘new’ Avios Suitcase stickers has been there for weeks…

    • I was guessing most HFP readers have better things to do than check it daily and just wait for me to tell them!

      • LOL! Sorry 😉 Had just been on recently as it had been a while since there’d been anything… So was looking forward to some easy Avios … got to feed the habit!

  5. Sussex Bantam says:

    OT – new offers on my Amex feed today including Argos , Eurostar and World Duty Free.

    • Yes, and a new Hilton one valid until 31 Jan – the old one was until 31 Dec.

    • Would the World of Duty one include World of Whisky shop? Travelling through Heathrow on Wed this week – my hobby is collecting miles, husband’s hobby is collecting whisky!

      • Yes, they run them as a ‘shop within a shop’, Liz, so there won’t be a problem. When I made a purchase there (a year or so ago) they hadn’t set any tills up in it so you had to pay at the main World Duty Free tills anyway 🙂

      • Your husband should keep tabs on the Amazon daily deals. Some great deals for whisky on it. I seem to be stocking up on the stuff for years to come.

  6. I don’t see the new stickers on Avios Suitcase. Do you guys do?

    • Me neither!

    • Me neither
      And I can’t see how to link my suitcase in 🙁

      • You do it the other way around – in the Suitcase Facebook app you click on Menu, then can add your Avios account number under My Account.

        • Thanks Tim, Still don’t see it… under My Account I have a suitcase balance a link that takes me to and that’s about it! Think I give up!

  7. OT: I had a look for the elusive HP Envy printer in store at Tesco today with no success but there was a Canon MG2950 All-in-One printer for £49 on the shelf with 1500 clubcard points – offer valid till 2/12. Showing in stock on the direct site. I didn’t buy it as I went on a gift card spending spree instead!

    • Not such a good deal as the other one and it is cheaper elsewhere but thought I would put it up for anyone who is interested.

  8. Last chance to convert to BA Avios from Tesco & get the bonus

    • Did you ever get the email Harry’s? My daughter was the only one in our family to get one. I’m not converting any more.
      Would Tesco take back any points from the gift card promotion. I have collected dozens of books and been buying up loads of cards and want to stock up on M&S vouchers for next year. Would they claw points back if you are seen to be buying a lot ? How has it worked in the past?

      • Nobody knows the answer to them being able to remove points, they have a clause in the clubcard scheme stating something like points can be removed or accounts closed if they feel you have not acted in the spirit of the scheme.
        The worst I have heard about is a block on accounts but believe the points were reinstated when threats of court action were put forward and someone having their vouchers constricted to only use in Tesco only.
        Don’t worry, just try not to bring any attention to your account with the Tesco CS department if you can.

      • Yep – don’t worry about it if you are just buying a lot of giftcards. That’s what they want.

  9. As for the number of IHG Rewards Club members, I’d imagine the number of active accounts to be much, much lower. Bear in mind that hotels guests are required to join the programme to get free WIFI and most of them will never use it again. Similarly, receptionists actually get rewarded for signing up more guests. It would be interesting to see how many accounts get accessed at least once per month or so, but obviously we’ll never find out.

  10. The £10 off @ Argos wys £100 is well worth saving to your card just in case

  11. Someone just emailed me about this. However, I know some had issues cashing in the last Royal Mint coin so people should be certain they have a willing bank.