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Bits: 100% bonus on IHG points is back (again!), backpack competition winners

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News in brief:

100% ‘buy points’ bonus back with IHG Rewards Club

Literally just days after finishing their last 100% bonus, IHG Rewards Club has relaunched it!  The offer is available again until 11th December.

Buying IHG points can be an excellent deal if you like staying at luxury five star hotels.  I ran this full analysis last month so I won’t repeat it again.

The bottom line is that for £189 you can buy enough points for a night at the InterContinental Times Square New York (photo below), Park Lane London, Le Grand Paris etc – hotels which very, very rarely sell for as little as £189.

The link to buy is here.

InterContinental Times Square

SLICKS backpack competition winners

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition last week to win a SLICKS backpack, worth £260.  There was a fantastic response.

I’m pleased to announce that the two winners are:

Chris H

David M

… both of whom are UK based.  Well done.  You will receive an email from me this morning.

If you didn’t win, SLICKS is giving away another backpack to anyone who joins their mailing list via their website.  There will be another quick HFP competition coming up before Christmas!

1,000 free Clubcard points (2,400 Avios or 2,500 Virgin miles) for joining TopCashback!
1,000 bonus Avios with Amex Currency Exchange this Christmas
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  1. Graham Walsh says:

    I noticed the IHG bonus points last night. I had booked the HI T5 using 15k points as I was flying out early today from LHR. I tried to cancel the booking as work were going to pay for the hotel. Couldn’t cancel so thought I’d expense some points. £71 via my Supercard for 8k + 8k bonus. Web rate was £79 so a few quid saving. Shame I had to use my wife’s account as I’ve maxed out mine already this year.

  2. @IHG: Possible to combine two points bkgs from two accs (both are travelling and staying in same room)?

  3. We both bought from earlier promotions, seems to be we have bought the max allowed for the year. Any way around this?

    Need them for a hotel over new year in NYC to go with the recent BA Club / Avios sale!

    • You could, very quietly, open another IHG account – this is strictly against the rules, though, so you’d need to ensure all personal info (including the credit card you use) is different to your existing account.

      Or, alternatively, open an account for a real person and book for them with you down as 2nd guest.

      Perhaps a better inbetween option would be to open an account using your middle name and book with that, telling the hotel that you are generally known by that name.

      Or – even easier – do the ‘cash and points and cancel’ trick which I outlined in my original article on the sale at the bottom. You can do this via your account.

      Check reward availability for NYE first …..

    • Just to stress, IHG have a good track record at spotting duplicate accounts and closing them down. Easiest and safest way as Rob suggests is cash and points trick.

      • Yes a friend had his account closed because he used the same CC to book stays on 2 accounts in his name, he had used the middle initial but IHG swooped and closed the second account.

        • I regularly book and pay for stays on either my wife’s or mine IHG account using the same Card number… I would be very annoyed if they accused me of doing anything dishonest! I also wonder whether IHG are breaking the data protection act by not using credit card details for the purposes it was intended?

          • I was thinking the same thing – I use the same IHG credit card to book from both mine and my husbands account and bought points on both accounts too.

  4. Did the winner of the 100,000 avios ever come forward?

  5. OT: Just had my bonus 3000 + 3000 points post to my BAEC from the recent Heathrow rewards articles. Bought some perfume for birthday presents to hit the £100 spend on a new account and got the 100% bonus. Thanks Raffles!

  6. Hi Liz,
    How long before 3000 bonus reached your Heathrow rewards account? I am flyting on 18/12 and planning to spend £100 and than hopefully transfer points to BAEC before 31/12. Thanks Goran

    • I purchased on 2nd Dec got home late on the 4th – checked my account on the 5th and the bonus 3000 were there and dated 2nd Dec. I transferred to my BAEC account yesterday using the 100% bonus link and the points were in my account this morning. I wish all points would post this quick! You will have plenty of time.

      • Many thanks Liz, best regards Goran

      • PlaneSimple says:

        Do you think I would be pushing it travelling out on 29th early AM, making £100 purchases and hoping to do the 3000 100% bonus before 31st deadline?!

        • I’m sure the Rewards points were in my account the next day – I just didn’t look till I got home. They seem to post very quickly so I would give it a go. Just remember to log in the next day.

          • Felix Flyer says:

            OT reply. Wondered if a £100 iTunes gift card in Dixon would net 100 points? Saw them there last week but didn’t have my new card and flying again Thursday. Could make an additional small purchase of something that would get points just to make sure they swipe my card.

          • Felix Flyer says:

            Of interest to those trying to spend £100 on heathrow rewards to get the 3000 points. WHSmith in T5 did have 3rd party giftcards (toyrus and starbucks etc) behind the counter tonight. Not sure if they’ll work but you never know. I bought an itunes giftcard at Dixons and hopeful I will get the bonus as another cashier scanned my card in with an oral value of £100 whilst I was paying at another till.

  7. If you got 40,000 points (£200 worth of hotels if used the most efficient way (taken from a HFP article)) for taking out an IHG Platinum Visa then if you also purchase 120,000 points in the current 100% bonus promo for ~£450 you’d be getting £800 worth of hotel stays for ~£550 (including the £99 credit card fee).

    Not a bad deal really if you usually book into the high end hotels.
    I’ve no idea what cash price 32 nights at one or some of the PointsBreaks hotels has ? But I expect they cost more than £18 per night in cash !!!!
    (160,000 points / 5,000 points = 32 nights…..£550 / 32 = £18.)

  8. PlaneSimple says:

    Rob, have you emailed out yet? I’m a Chris H but wondering if I am not ‘the one’?! 🙂

  9. Andrew H says:

    Just looking at the Intercontinental Park Lane for a couple of nights. Buying 50k (and getting a bonus 50k) would get me two nights. I notice you can only use the points to book the Classic room, which is the smallest room at 18 sqm. That’s pretty small for five stars, and it doesn’t look roomy on a Youtube room review either… what are the main benefits of staying there?

    • Lostantipod says:

      You’re right Andrew, I’ve redeemed there before. Tend to get a smallish room with a window facing an internal “courtyard” (in truth, just a view of another building, possibly another wing of the hotel). Hilton and Novotel that I usually stay at are certainly bigger rooms and have a view. In the case of this particular property, I simply use it as an option should I need a room in London at relatively short notice Eg. if I find I need to be in London In a week’s time and the overall market price for my usual haunts is up, then in this case an IC Park Lane redemption becomes a quality room that beats the market rate at that moment in time. Otherwise , I prefer to redeem these points in other properties overseas.

      • Andrew H says:

        Thanks Lostantipod. I’m looking at the Hotel Indigo Kensington which has bigger rooms for better value. I’ve bought 30k (plus 30k bonus). Should get the points through tomorrow.

        I can’t quite believe that buying 30k of points to book a couple of nights for my Mum (at half the price advertised on Kayak) will take me from the bottom tier to platinum. And presumably the same level at Hilton and Hyatt if I request a status match. Crazy!

  10. Andrew H says:

    Oddly my 30k purchase yesterday didn’t get processed by Paypal despite IHG sending me a purchase receipt. Had to phone Paypal UK tonight and they pushed it through. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but if you don’t get a Paypal receipt straight away, I would check your account.

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