Bits: 480 Avios with £15 Now TV box, double Avios at Chestertons, Virgin’s Manchester lounge shuts

News in brief:

480 Avios and £10 off with a £15 NOW TV box

This was covered in more detail over at Shopper Points yesterday but it is worth a wider airing as it is a very generous overall package.

Sky’s NOWTV box turns your TV into a smart TV.  It lets you watch Sky channels without a contract and also streams catch up TV straight to your TV.  The only downside is that it won’t let you watch Netflix (get a Google Chromecast) or Amazon Prime (get an Amazon Fire Stick).

Tesco Direct is currently offering three special packs at £10 off.  More importantly, you will receive 100 Clubcard points with your order.  Even better, at present the Tesco website is ‘glitchy’ and is adding 200 Clubcard points (480 Avios) per box!

There are three packs to choose from depending on whether you prefer sports, entertainment or movies. These passes offer excellent value for money even if you ignore the value of the NOW TV box – £15 is not a bad price to pay to get access to Sky Movies for two months, for example.

Click the link below to be taken to the appropriate Tesco Direct page:

2 day passes for Sky Sports

3 month pass for Sky Entertainment

2 month pass for Sky Movies

The NOW TV offer runs until 17th January – although I would expect the ‘extra’ 100 points to disappear before then.

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Now TV HD 100 extra Tesco Clubcard points

Double Avios at Chestertons estate agents in January

Last year, as I wrote here, estate agent Chestertons became a new Avios earning partner.

During January, Chestertons is offering double Avios for new instructions.  That would earn you 2 points for every £1 of your fee.

I certainly wouldn’t pick an estate agent purely on the back of earning a few points – it is too big a decision for that – but if all other things are equal then the deal is worth a look.  You can find our more on their website.  The deal is valid for landlords as well as anyone selling a property.

Escape lounge Manchester Terminal 2

Virgin’s lounge in Manchester closes – with no alternative

Bad news for anyone flying in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class from Manchester in the next few months.

On 10th January, the ‘Escape’ lounge (pictured above) is closing for a refurbishment.  It will remain closed for 15 weeks which means it will be shut over Easter.

Virgin is NOT making a replacement lounge available.  If you are eligible to use a lounge and are flying with Virgin, you will receive a restaurant voucher to use in the terminal.

This will also impact Priority Pass customers using Terminal 2 who will have to use the Swissport lounge instead.

(Want to earn more Virgin Flying Club miles?  Click here to see our recent articles on Virgin Atlantic and Flying Club and click here for our home page with the latest news on earning and spending other airline and hotel points.)

LAST DAY to apply for the Starwood Amex with 20,000 points (if you were targetted)
New Avios earning partner - Direct Ferries
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  1. Tim Millea says:

    Major things are underway at Manchester Terminal 2. According to their official website, in the future Terminal 2 will take over from Terminal 1 as the “main” terminal. It appears the owners are finally making use of all that nascent capacity designed into it but thus far sealed off.

  2. I do wonder if they’ll be building a real lounge for virgin customers. A few Orlando, Barbados and Vegas flights were usually not enough to justify one, but the larger flights to Atlanta might well make them consider it.

  3. I think Virgin have made the right decision here if their customers cannot access the Escape lounge. You would never want to go in the alternative one. It is vile! If there is only now one lounge it will only be worse. Just read the tripadvisor reviews.

    However, not sure why they do not just allow them to use the V Room instead – I know this is Virgin Holidays but sure a deal could have been done.

  4. The Escape lounge in T2 was as dire as the Swissport one IMO, so it’s really no great loss IMO. Hopefully they’re planning to install a Clubhouse at MAN.

    It is bizarre that they haven’t arranged access to the V Room though, I agree.

  5. Will QR passengers have any lounge during this period?

  6. Alan Hunt says:

    Thanks for this, 200 Clubcard points still working at 8.30am (plus a 30 extra via the Avios online store!) – 230 Clubcard points = 736 Avios for those of us with the legacy 800 Avios/250 clubcard points!

  7. I agree that with Virgin’s expanded presence at MAN and the Delta JFK flight going 767 this year they really should build a proper lounge for them both.

  8. I agree with Kev, surely they could use the V room instead?

  9. I wasn’t impressed with the lounge at Man, when flying to Orlando last October.
    The whole virgin experience, from arriving at the airport to disembarking the plane( albeit they did let UC and PE passengers off first) has put me off flying with them, although perhaps from London they treat UC passengers better.

    • gumshoe says:

      I can assure you they do. The Clubhouse at LHR is one of the best business class lounges going, plus there’s Drive-through check-in, a private security channel and an arrivals lounge.

      MAN, sadly, is very much the poor relation and we can only hope that changes once T2 has been redeveloped.

  10. OT sorry but the groupon avios thread appears closed. Still only had 36k of my 60k avios post despite all being in one purchase. Have revalidated the remaining two vouchers as it allowed me to despite previous emails saying they were validated the first time. Anyone have sim issues,?

    • It does sound as if 2x 12000 were not validated the first time, despite appearances.

      Many of us got a message along the lines ‘this voucher has already been validated’ even though we knew we hadn’t validated them yet. So we re-validated them there & then.

      This might explain why quite a few people have not got the full amount yet.

      You should all have got 100% by now – I really don’t think that this many days later they are in the system. Particularly if other Groupon vouchers claimed on the same day have aleady been credited.

      And wasn’t there a deadline on crediting the points to IB?

      • Yep it’s on 9/1/16 so time is running out. Was hoping someone had made contact with May just have to write it off as a lesson learned!

        • No! Just go back to your Groupon vouchers & re-validate them & send to IB (would be my first action).

          Only after that the emails

  11. Hope Virgin are building a dedicated lounge at MAN, for me lack of one is reason to leave and go via LGW/LHR and use BA with free connecting regional flights.

  12. So how do these Now TV boxes work?

    Where does it get the feed from? My aerial?

  13. 4000 Tesco CC points for new customer Pet Insurance

  14. I am flying back to Doha from Manchester on QA at the end of January. Will there still be a lounge for QA business class passengers to use?

    • I’m also flying MAN-DOH next week. QR there tell me that they have secured a section of the Escape lounge for their Business Class customers for the time being but only those ticketed in Business will be allowed in. Those seeking entry on status or other lounge club memberships will be turned away.