Bits: excellent Virgin East Coast sale, Heathrow Airport Parking sale, 3000 Avios with RocketMiles

News in brief:

Virgin East Coast and its very impressive sale

A number of HFP readers have been in touch this week to highlight some of the good deals they had picked up in the Virgin Trains sale on the East Coast line.

The Superfly sale runs until 9pm tomorrow via this special website.  You can book for travel until 23rd March.

Prices are lower, apparently, than the last sale held under State ownership of the line.  London to Leeds starts at £5 each way, London to Newcastle is from £10 and London to Edinburgh from £15.

Virgin East Coast

Heathrow Airport Parking launches a January sale

You can’t move for sale deals at the moment.  Even Heathrow Airport Parking has got in on the act.

If you book before 7th February, you can currently book the long stay car parks from £4.49 per day based on a 6+ day booking.  Meet & Greet is available from £8.49 per day based on a 7+ day booking.

More information can be found here.  The last day to park is 23rd March.

(Don’t forget my ‘secret tips’ for easier or cheaper Heathrow parking – using JustPark or booking a ‘sleep and park’ deal at the Thistle and using the driverless pods to reach Terminal 5.)

Rocketmiles 3000 bonus miles

3,000 miles with your first Rocketmiles hotel booking – ends today, 7th January

I mentioned hotel booking site Rocketmiles recently when I touched on their Thanksgiving promotion.  All of this week until today (and apologies for not running this deal earlier) you will earn 3,000 bonus airline miles if you are a new customer.

This includes British Airways Executive Club for Avios as well as various other airline schemes.

The 3,000 bonus miles is on top of the standard earnings from your booking.  Whilst you need to book today, the stay can be for a future date.

As with and Pointshound, you need to be careful when you book as prices tend to jump around quite a bit.  If you can find a hotel which is priced very similar to what you would pay elsewhere, the bonus miles make it a bargain.

Remember that you will not receive points in any hotel loyalty scheme for your stay as these bookings are treated as non-qualifying.  You will also not receive a VAT receipt which may be an issue for small businesses booking a hotel inside the EU.

The booking page for the deal – which is only available to new customers – is here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

£92 flat-bed business class deal on LAN's Madrid to Frankfurt service (and earn tier points)!
4,000 Clubcard points (9,600 Avios or 10,000 Virgin miles) with Tesco Pet Insurance
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  1. Johnnycl says:

    The Rocketmiles 3,000 bonus for new customers is also available through the Avios site until 31st January. Oddly the link they send you to is different to the one in the T&Cs and when you type that in manually the T&Cs at Rocketmiles say book by 31st October 2016!

  2. Just been pricing up parking for Easter. NCP Flightpath beats all-comers today by a whopping 50% – only serves T2 & T3 with minibus but I guess you could transfer to 5 easily enough if the saving were worth it. You can get it on Holiday Extras for nearly the same price as well (Amex 15% off promotion).

    • btw even if you didn’t get the Holiday Extras offer, just go to and I’m sure it will work with your Amex card

    • guesswho2000 says:

      On the Amex HEX subject – I recently booked parking at LGW on airport, for £32 – this price didn’t up on the Amex link, but did on the BA link – the 15% HEX statement credit posted to my BA Gold this morning and, according to the receipt, I should get a small amount of Avios on top, too.

      • I was just about to make a booking on HEX and I didn’t know about the Amex promo or that BA had a link so these comments were most welcome to see!

  3. ironbark says:

    It’s always worth checking the Money Saving Expert website for parking, they have additional discounts ongoing. We paid £53 for 10 days meet and greet next month, while we fly to Melbourne with Qatar, ex Oslo – thanks Raffles.

    • FYI
      ‘It’s not too late to add…
       Plaza Premium Lounge T2 £48.30 for 2 adults
       Swissport – Terminal 3 £20.68 for 2 adults
       No.1 Lounge T3 £41.40 for 2 adults
       SkyTeam Lounge T4 £40.02 for 2 adults’

      So don’t go thinking HEx gets you £10 entry into the good lounges

      • Well waddya know? lol, email awaited me:

        You successfully redeemed at Holiday Extras

        so that’s 2 out of 3 🙂

      • It means I got 17 days of Meet & Greet parking for £64 – £3.80 a day. 🙂

        Now to sort out my wife’s parking…

    • Just tried the NHS code on purple meet and greet for 24 days in June and got it for £101 vs purple members price of £164! Vs HEATHROW meet greet £213. RAC code also good but NHS better this time. Worth the effort. Only prob is it won’t show in my purple parking members area but that’s a small point re saving. Incidentally even though I original went in via normal purple parking site once I put in NHS I got redirected to ? Don’t care really but their website is not great

    • Better to pay for beer at retail in the terminal, I promise you!

  4. James67 says:

    Far from the best EC sale. I recall £25 EDB-KGX first class seats when it was under state control.

  5. OT – does anyone have experience with balance transfers?

    There are a few no fee 0% deals around… if I apply and transfer a balance from an Amex card will the amex close or can I continue to use it as normal?

    If the latter (& the transfer offers allows) can I then transfer next month’s balance from the same amex card?

    • Continues as usual. All that happens is that the other card company pays your Amex bill for you. Amex may not even know what you are doing.

    • The few times I’ve tried it I’ve struggled to transfer a balance from an Amex card. Many systems won’t accept a 15 digit card number even when it’s handled by a person over the phone.

      I’d be very wary of running up any spending on an Amex with the intention of being able to balance transfer it away.

      • Thanks… spending has already been done and will only seek to maximise it once I know they can accept it as a transfer – would prefer to have the cash in my account rather than theirs if they want to give me an interest free loan! If not, no problem.

        Couldn’t transfer as part of the application but gave them a call and they said no problem to do it manually once I have the card/pin…

  6. I travelled on East Coast on Sunday from Kings Cross to Edinburgh due to the current problems on the west coast line and have to say that, even in First, it wasn’t the nicest of experiences. The carriage was too hot, the smell constantly swapped between a burning motor smell to a toilet smell and they are very old and noisy trains and not close to the west coast trains. I say this after having used the Deutsche Bahn ICE train over the Christmas break, travelling at up to 300km/hr in perfect, efficient, comfort!

    • Aeronaut says:

      Sounds like you were probably travelling in an “HST”, aka Intercity 125, a diesel train. The burning smell would be the disc breaks. The majority of intercity services on the east coast are operated with newer 90’s era Intercity 225 electric trains (225 being their top-speed in km/h, though they’ve actually never run faster than 125mph).

      New Hitachi Super Express trains will start entering service on the east coast route in a couple of year’s time.

      • Yes, and i had just travelled through europe with Austria’s Railjet, DB ICE 3, Thalys & Eurostar. The Virgin HST wasn’t much of a welcome home despite the constant supply of soft drinks, then on arriving in Edinburgh to catch a Scotrail train to get back to Glasgow the trains were all delayed by 20 mins due to a breakdown!

      • The trains are being built at the moment nr Durham…

  7. Would a kaligo booking at an IHG hotel count towards the accelerate promotion?

  8. Aeronaut says:

    Great Western Railway (the rebranded First Great Western) are also running a January fares offer for travel 20 Jan to 22 March, but you must purchase by midnight on 12 Jan:

  9. I tend to try and use the T5 short stay or business parking at a push as I normally stay in the Sofitel. I keep track of the price quite a lot so my mind boggles when they say they have a deal on.
    It is absolute rubbish especially for the above mentioned carparks. It is just vastly inflated “was” prices. I want 10 days at the end of Jan and the “was” price is showing £577.00!!!! really! Its “was” price a couple of days ago was, 245.00….. I think I will use the Sofitel BMW parking with the Top Secret deal you mentioned the other day Rob.

    I find it absolutle dishonesty that most retailers think we are stupid enough to believe they have (continuous) “sales” at this moment, when in fact they are selling goods at the RRP because they vastly inflated the price of the item for a day a month back.

  10. any good train sales for us that live in the rainy western country?

  11. O/T – looking at trying to swap some direct debits for credit card payments to generate points.

    Anyone got any ideas if PCP (car leasing) payments can be made (or alternatively a lump sum paid to reduce future monthly payments) with credit cards, specifically Amex. Will call VW tomorrow but wondered if anyone else did likewise?

  12. I’ve done the double 3x now, first you go to the HEx Amex link above, find your airport car park deal & click buy. Then open up the MSE HEx airport link in the same browser and your clicked deal should open up exactly as you left it, but cheaper – my meet & greet was 31% cheaper. Buy it with Amex and you should get the success email, ie you’ll get the statement credit for another 15%. I think the maths work out:
    start point £100, -31% = £69
    then get 15% (of £69) statement credit £10.35
    total discount 41.35%

    • Don’t forget you would get the extra 15% off any product HEx do, that you can get more cheaply elsewhere. Using the same technique.

  13. Totally OT but what are the best uses of AirBerlin TopBonus miles now ?
    Most luxurious air travel ? (Something on Etihad I’m guessing)
    Most points-efficient (cost-efficient) air travel options / destinations ?
    Most points-efficient (cost-efficient) non-airline uses ?
    Other notable uses ?

  14. It’s to bad !!!

    Rocket miles can’t process credit card from Belgium !!
    There is a glitch when the system send the card information in a Belgium bank! the CVC number is doesn’t go trough.

  15. Why’s the 6th Feb not included? Naturally happens to be the day I have to travel (although have picked up a reasonable fare already).
    Was going to stay in the Dublin area that night except more hotels seem to be double what I paid back in April.

    My return just happens to also be in the “11-17th” period that’s not included.

    • Aeronaut says:

      Sat 6 Feb is the date of Scotland v England in the Six Nations at Murrayfield (Edinburgh).

      The February exclusion is actually 13-21 Feb (not 11-17), and this is half term week.