HFP EXCLUSIVE: 5,000 bonus Avios with £350 of hotel bookings via Kaligo.com

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Head for Points and hotel booking site Kaligo.com, which awards Avios points with every hotel you book, are running an EXCLUSIVE promotion this week.  

It is a simple, straightforward and potentially lucrative one.

If you spend over £350 on hotels before midnight on Sunday 31st January, across one or numerous bookings, you will receive 5,000 bonus Avios points.

These points are in addition to the base Avios points you will receive for your booking.

The stays can be booked at any point until January 2017 – a full year!

You MUST register before you book at this promotional website in order to receive the bonus.


As usual with such promotions, you need to check your pricing before you book.  Kaligo.com is not always the cheapest place to book – it depends on the property.  However, when you factor in the value of the 5,000 bonus Avios points – plus the base Avios you earn from the stay – they should be looking pretty good.

Remember that you will usually not earn points for your room spend in any hotel loyalty programme linked to the property you book if you use Kaligo.com (or indeed any third-party hotel booking site).  Depending on the hotel, you may receive status benefits or points for your food and drink spend.

This offer only runs until midnight on Sunday.   I would start to think about your hotel plans for the next few months and see if you can find £350-worth which you can divert to Kaligo.com!

Remember that you MUST register in advance via this page on the Kaligo.com website.

It is fair to say that Kaligo.com’s customer service is excellent – their representatives even pop up on social media to answer queries – so you should have no concerns at all about your bonus posting properly.  The company is also very punctual at posting your Avios posts once you have checked out.

Thanks to the team at Kaligo.com for making this exclusive deal available to Head for Points readers.

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  1. Andrew H says:

    To all those criticising Kaligo: I paid £51 for a London hotel room and got 4000 Avios on signup. That’s good value to me!

  2. richard says:

    I paid £48 for a night at an airport hotel in Dublin and got 5200 avios.

  3. 5000 avios on GBP 350 spend – at Raffles’ valuation of 0.6p per Avios, the bonus is worth GBP 30. Going through hotels.com and getting 20% off gives you GBP 70 off on the same spend.

  4. This is what I find annoying – they seem to imply they’re rates are competitive, when most of the time they’re far off:


    How do I know that I’m getting a good rate?

    Rest assured with Kaligo’s price comparison engine!

    • But why do so many people here (not all, I hasten to add) seem to want to be spoon-fed the perfect great value saving / points deal without doing any personal research alongside the lead? Then act all disappointed and hood-winked when the value of the deal is not quite as great as they ingenuously ‘believed’?

      It takes a few minutes to google comparative prices.

      Take a bit of personal responsibility, people?

      Stop blaming the messenger? Perhaps blame yourself for not engaging brain for a few minutes?

      • well said, sir!

      • I don’t think anyone is blaming the messenger, are they?

        And it’s because people are doing their own personal research that they’re calling Kaligo out for being a false economy.

        • So don’t book with Kaligo. End of story! There are enough people posting on here who have found rates on Kaligo that they are perfectly happy to pay, partly or wholly because of the ‘bonus’ Avios. You haven’t, so you should avoid them. There is no need to make it your personal mission to repeat the same point ad nauseum – the HfP readership is generally smart enough to know when they are being ripped off and will do the necessary checks.

          • Perhaps you should have stopped at the end of the story if you don’t like reading the comments.

  5. My main problem with Kaligo is that you can’t seem to filter the hotels by distance. So if you search Berlin, for instance, you need to trawl through hundreds of hotels in places you don’t want to stay in, rather than being able to filter according to distance, either from the centre or from particular landmarks.

    Maybe the Kaligo team are reading this and can incorporate it – it would make the hotel-finding experience much more user-friendly (for me, at least) and I might even bother to compare them to other sites. At the moment, I don’t usually bother, not because I think they are automatically more expensive, but because I find other sites easier to use.

    • Grzegorz says:

      Hi Brian,

      Grzegorz from Kaligo here. Yes, we’re reading the comments 🙂

      While for now you can’t filter by distance from certain point, there are 2 things that you can do:
      – switch to map view, type the name of landmark you’re looking for (in the field in top-right corner of the map) and check the hotels around
      – on main page, instead of just city name, you can put the name of landmark. For example, if you search for “Brandenburg Gate” instead of just “Berlin”, next to each hotel name you will find the distance from the Gate, also we’ll show you only hotels within a few km from the landmark

      I hope that helps!

      • Thanks Grzegorz. Good tips – I’ll try those next time.

      • Whilst you are here from Kaligo- can you do something about the categories of room you display? They invariably make no sense. What is the difference between twin/double guest room and a “guest room” which costs £100 more for example?

        • Grzegorz says:

          Hi Leo,

          we’re aware of this problem. For various reasons it’s a quite a challenging task (e.g. we receive only the room name, with no description at all, so what you see is exactly what we know), but we’re working on improving that and we hope to see some effects in the next few weeks.

  6. ineverturnright says:

    I got the metropolitan by como (#1 ranked on tripadvisor) in miami for a 2 night stay on a weekend last November via kaligo and it was about 20% cheaper than the lowest available rate elsewhere, plus I got a load of avios that credited painlessly after the stay. I’d def use it again if it was at or near the lowest price for a property I wanted to stay at. Just posting this to counter the posts that say it’s always at a premium to other sites.

  7. Timothy Arnold says:

    Not quite the same but got 3k signup bonus today plus 2.1k for one night at a Doubletree in London for £120. Not bad for a work paid overnight trip!

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