HFP had 1 million page views in January …. which is a bit spooky, actually!

If someone had told me three and a half years ago when I started HFP that I would eventually reach the giddy heights of 1 million page views per month, I’m not sure I would have believed them.

However, last month, we did it.

1,022,000 page views to be precise, of which 80% came from UK readers.

This represents 199,000 unique visitors – although a single person accessing the site from multiple devices counts as multiple unique visitors, so the actual number is lower than that.

Alexa now ranks HFP as the 1,500th biggest website in the UK.


This is a very abstract number, of course.  When I write, it is just me and a laptop.

There are now almost 3,800 articles on the site, of which I have written 99.5%!  My plan for 2016 is bring my contribution down to 97% (nothing like setting a big goal for yourself …..), primarily through letting Anika spread out from Shopper Points to pick up some of the hotel and lounge reviews and general travel pieces.  Don’t worry, she knows what she’s talking about!

There may be a few other organisational changes as well, although I am not yet fully clear how it will go.  The current situation is probably not sustainable – I get 700 emails per week, for example, which continues 24/7 whatever I am doing and wherever I am.  I even got 29 HFP emails on Christmas Day last year.

I also need to spend more time out and about meeting the airline and hotel marketing and programme heads.  That would drive bigger competitions, exclusive news stories and higher value advertising, but it is not possible with the current workload.  Let’s see how it goes.

Thank you to everyone who reads Head for Points for your support – even if you read it via the daily emails and so didn’t contribute to the 1 million page views 🙂

Of course, as January is always busy due to the post-Christmas booking frenzy, February is only 29 days, March contains Easter which is always quiet and April is only 30 days, I may not be hitting 1 million page views again for some time!

Bits: last chance for the BA Winter sale, US and Canada ESTA changes
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  1. Hi Rob, congratulations on hitting the 1m mark.
    I’ve only with HFP since last year but it’s been a revelation. You provide great advice and are such a nice guy, which for me makes a difference, thank you, Adrian

  2. Congratulations Rob! Always great to be successful in what one really enjoys! In one of your first ever posts you mentioned how it is a ‘paying hobby’ instead of one that costs money 🙂
    Thanks for all the tips (many of the offers I would have missed otherwise!)

  3. StevieM says:

    From an old die-hard fan (and I’m not talking about the films, although I could see Rob as PC John McClane standing up for and defending the rights of Points Collectors worldwide), a massive thank you from me (and my family of course) for all your time, effort and support over the years. I genuinely don’t know where I would be in the miles & points collecting game without your passion, commitment and dedication and, even with these amazing figures, it still feels like a little club where only those that ‘get it’ subscribe. Those who don’t (and I’ve seen some posts), you can find something else to do while we continue to garner and benefit from what works us.
    Thank you Raffles!

  4. Congrats on reaching this milestone. I’ve been reading the site since the days of the old yellow design – when I was searching for some help on how to use a pile of Avios I’d collected from Lloyds credit cards. I appreciate your cold, hard analysis – as opposed to the hyperbolic style of many other (US based) points blogs which seem to be entirely about pushing credit card sign ups.

  5. Just to add my thanks Rob. I stumbled upon your site roughly a year ago and had no real clue about the possibilities of the points game.

    Thanks to your advice, in a couple of weeks, my wife, baby and I are flying Club World to San Francisco on BA A380 (using Amex companion voucher), spending a few days in Yosemite, before heading down the Pacific Coast Highway to LA where we fly back, again CW on the A380. Ticket cost when I booked last year would have been £7k plus.

    We’ll also be taking advantage of my newly minted Hilton HHonors Diamond status in our stays on the way, again thanks to the information on this site (status match from Accor Platinum). Thank you very much!

  6. Hi Rob
    Thanks for such a great site, you always answer emails no matter how trivial, and your site has helped enormously. Last summer I did not even know what Avios was – now I have a BA 2-4-1 which will take us on a much needed trip to see family in Australia ( we hope).
    Thanks again

  7. Waribai says:

    In 2010, I would check the BA forum of FT everyday and a certain ‘Evangelist’ called Raffles seemed to know it all! Little did I know then that a year later I would be looking at his blog everyday too. Roll forward 2016 and I must confess I probably only look at FT once a week. Congratulations!

  8. Rob, huge congratulations and it echos what a great website and community you have created! Many thanks for all your articles with invaluable hints, tips, and tricks of the trade! Lets add another 0 to that access log 🙂

    Many thanks and all the best

  9. -Thank you from Hawaii that cost £1000 biz return and got lots of Avios
    -Thank you from Copenhagen where you helped me discover the delights of Qatar’s biz Dreamliner to Asia for not more than the cost of economy out of LHR
    -Thank you from Orlando (here now) where I can get here and back via Dublin in Business for £700
    All the above helps me look better with the Mrs as she LOVES turning left on the plane!
    -So thank you for that too!

  10. Congtratulations, Rob. And yet another thank you for your replies, email responses and CC referrals.

    • Congratulations on such impressive figures Rob!

      I can only echo what others have said above, and again greatly appreciate the responses to comments during the day and quick responses to emails!
      Many thanks

  11. Rob, HfP is one in a million, congrats!!

    Glad to be part of the exclusive 0.5% other authors club!

  12. Steve Blower says:

    I remember the days gone by, where we would meet up at FT events, and even then, you had this idea…..
    Look where it is now!
    We certainly would not be flying as much, up the front generally, for as little as we pay, and for as many avios, united miles, AA miles, and racking up Hilton IHG Starwood elite status, and Avianca, and Alitalia….
    You are singularly responsible for my champagne consumption, and I thank you most sincerely.

  13. Gin and Tonic Please says:

    Massive congrats, Rob! I only got into the miles/points game 18 or so on this ago through reading your blog and getting my (first) Amex Plat referral. I’ve never looked back since. THANK YOU!!

  14. Hi Rob, like everyone else I love the blog.

    A lot has happened since I started collecting points 7 months ago… for me the real difference has been the ability to keep a long distance relationship alive via the avios / points I’ve earnt since starting to collect without bankrupting myself.

  15. A belated congratulations on hitting such a milestone.

    Like many, the conversion of a required spend into something of value via any scheme is a huge incentive to me. I remember back to when Amex first gave us Centurion and a free BA Amex and we just put it in a drawer, never once figuring that it had value. Today, everything which can goes on BA Amex. If only availability was there to actually use the gazillions of points we have now accumulated !

  16. Belated congrats from me too, Rob – was flying back (QF F using Avios, naturally!) from Oz just before you posted this so been working my way through my email backlog!

    It’s a great site, very readable articles and a good repository of reference stuff too. The comments section is great too – as one of the original readership (way back at article 1!) I receive all comments via email and the volume has certainly rocketed up over the past year.

    Good luck going forward!