Hilton launches (yet another) brand – are you in the ‘youthful mindset demographic’?!

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Hilton announced a brand new hotel brand a couple of weeks ago – Tru.

You won’t be seeing one of these anywhere in Europe for a while, but it interesting to see where it will be positioned.

Tru 1

Fundamentally, hotel chains have usually equated ‘budget’ with ‘dull’.  Your average ibis or Holiday Inn Express hotel does not exactly set the pulse racing.  Interesting, modern design does not necessarily cost more than tediously boring design and there has been a move to develop brands which operate at low price points but are attractive to ‘youthful mindset demographic’ travellers.

Tru 3

Starwood’s Aloft brand is an example of a brand which is targetting this market, although the pricing of these hotels is more Holiday Inn than Holiday Inn Express.  I reviewed the Aloft at Excel in London here, and was impressed.  They are also in Liverpool.

Tru 2

Core features of Tru will include:

  • a large lobby (‘The Hive’) of around 3,000 square feet with spaces for ‘lounging, working, eating and playing’
  • ‘The Play Zone’, a public space with table games and TV’s
  • a reception desk which also doubles as a convenience store
  • free breakfast
  • bedrooms with all-white beds, no desks (a chair will have a small table attached to the arm), large bathrooms, 55 inch TV, lots of plugs, no wardrobes
  • fitness centre
  • free wi-fi
  • 150 TV channels

Tru 4

There are apparently over 100 development agreements signed for Tru although all are in North America so far.  I have generally been impressed with stays at Aloft and similar hotels and I think this may work out OK for Hilton.

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  1. Enigma368 says:

    I am probably a bit old now at 32 but I never use the wardrobe and more plugs is always a good thing. I do use the desks in pretty much every hotel room though, I would be reluctant to book one without a desk..

    • I am often surprised at the dearth of plug sockets in some supposedly top end hotels. I usually have 3 devices which need charging and my wife has at least 2, generally the limiting factor is the number of adaptors we have but sometimes it isn’t.

      I suppose they will say they offer a wakeup call service but I prefer to use my phone alarm. Yet often enough to be annoying, there won’t be a socket where I can plug in my phone within reach of the bed (and I don’t want to unplug the lamp, if there is one)

      • Hingeless says:

        I have solved this problem by getting a charger with multiple USB sockets, you can charge 4 devices from 1 socket, and it takes up less space than multiple chargers

        • agreed; I have one with interchangeable mains sockets – UK, rest of Europe, N America for about £12 from Amazon.

      • Lack of adapters is solved by taking a gang socket and one adapter, that way one adapter can serve 4 plugs!

      • I agree about the lack of sockets near the bed. I was at a Hilton at the weekend. 2 sockets by the desk, so I could plug in my multi-charger for phone and tablet and laptop. But when I wanted to use the laptop on the bed, I had to unplug a lamp. Then I discovered that this socket was switched via the main room light switch, so had to leave the room lights on to keep using the laptop.

      • I regularly find the power socket near the desk is so low that I am unable to plug my Macbook charger!

  2. Sounds a lot like Accor’s (terrific) Mama Shelters.

  3. BAM!

    Yeah, no.

  4. Mark1980 says:

    Off topic slightly but looking at booking the Hilton Dubai the walk. Never had access to an exec lounge before but acquired diamond status through the recent match offer. I’ve looked on the relevant flyertalk forum and can see the following is offered:

    The lounge is open from 6AM to 9PM and serves:
    – Breakfast from 6AM to 11AM
    – Afternoon Tea from 3PM to 5PM
    – Happy Hour from 6PM to 8PM

    However I was just wondering what is offered outside of those times? Nothing? Just drinks? Alcoholic or soft?

    Also what’s the usual policy for children in exec lounges? We have a 10 month old.

    • If it’s like most executive lounges you’ll be able to get a beer, glass of wine or soft drink. Some nibbles. Children should be fine.

      • Guesswho2000 says:

        I’ve never been in a Hilton exec lounge which offers alcohol outside the afternoon tea/evening canapés times, it’s usually just soft drinks or tea/coffee and some nibbles (nuts, crisps, cakes, depending on where you go).

      • In my experience:
        Alcohol during the evening, (only once during afternoon tea also).
        Bangkok, Phuket – drinks during the day available at a cost.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      During the day, I would expect tea/coffee/soft drinks and some light snacks (nuts, crackers, biscuits, perhaps some cakes). After 8pm, they might also leave out the pudding items from the cocktail hour.

      • Ashamed to say I never went to a hotel Lounge. They weren’t very common when I was FTSE 100, going back a few years now.

        If you fancied a bevvy or 6, is 6 OK?

        Are there self-pour hotel Lounges?

        • In my experience the Hiltons have been self-pour. In fact in my experience there is often no staff in attendance.

    • Martin N says:

      We went to the Hilton Dubai Walk at Christmas last year. Yes, children are allowed in the lounge. The lounge was open outside of the main hours, we could always pick up a soft drink etc. It’s a great hotel, rooms are very large (apartment style).

  5. andrius says:

    Looks a lot like Comfort hotels in Scandinavia and Baltics, or at least the ones opened in the last 5 or so years

  6. Aloft confuses me. The ones in the UK are priced at a level that puts them slightly above HIX but below Hilton etc.

    In the US they seem to be very pricey. I have just booked a stay as I was curious. I could have stayed at a Westin for $10 less and for $60 less I had the pick of a Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott and Doubletree.

  7. Don’t know where else to post this but for anyone interested 2000 clubcard points on ipads


  8. CitizernM copy?

  9. I think we are staying in virtually every brand with hilton on a road trip in April / May.

    I doubt that any will be open by then.

    But would try if the price is right.

  10. Maybe at 43 i am ancient but the concept looks like something an intern on cider drew up.

    Has no class whatsoever and even as a Hilton Diamond I think I would actively avoid it.

    Want to chill out in a hotel not feel pressured to be “down with the kids”. Which by the way I totally am. Bam.

    • I am older than you but I do think the Aloft concept is very good. I agree that this is possibly going a step too far with, for example, the bathroom slogans.

  11. Lady London says:

    + 1.
    Trying too hard.
    Will look totally out of date very soon.
    The patronising trying-to-be-funny slogan on the wall of the shower picture was enough to put me off.

  12. The dearth of plug sockets in even the most modern hotels has always frustrated me. I can also never understand why hotel rooms never have adequate lighting. A plethora of bedside lamps, wall lights and table lamps is NO substitute for a simple 60W bulb in the middle of ceiling. Sort it out!!!

  13. czechoslovakia says:

    No Wardrobe?!? No Desk?!? – I`m out.
    Yes, we could loose some drawers – (the Mecure I stayed in last week did indeed have 35 drawers!), but where will the “safe” go if its not part of the desk on in the wardrobe?

  14. Interesting concept…

    I have a 5 gang extension lead that stays in my suitcase for my travels. I’m im California at the moment and every socket is spoken for with our devices plus ‘er indoors’s hair straighteners and he uber powerful hairdryer (must be a woman thing).

  15. Waribai says:

    Slightly OT, juat got off a delayed flight from Innsbruck and aside from having Rebecca Adlington and her entourage in CE with us the down side was we were 2 hours and 51 minutes late. Considering we bought the ticket in the sale, what kind of compensation can we expect from BA? Clearly 9 minutes short of EU compensation but any general policy BA has?

    • People have got decent Avios compensation for polite complaint letters in this sort of situation

    • I guess nil but never hurts to ask

      • Waribai says:

        Thanks. I’ll try my luck. Wind in the wrong direction was the issue. I was watching the clock and looking forward to our compensation when suddenly it was doors shut and we were off!

        • EU court ruling last year: it’s time when doors open for disembarking that counts, not gate

  16. Johnnycl says:

    Wow, they’ve done a good job of making it look tacky.

    And why such ill feeling towards desks….I class it as an essential, even on leisure stays. Stayed at a new HIX in London the other week and they’d gone for a podium-style table with an easy chair making it totally impractical for working at.

  17. BlueThroughCrimp says:

    Sigh. Another brand using a misspelled word as its name.

  18. Swanhunter says:

    I’m 41 and a bit and while some of the design is a bit [email protected] (Bam, really?) the basic concept, style and appearance works fine for me. Am also a fan of Citizen M and Motel One.

  19. Kinkell says:

    I have a very youthful mindset….for a retiree . Ooh, Wow, Bam. And singing as well.
    I’m out!

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