Earn FREE Etihad Guest and Lufthansa Miles & More miles writing reviews for HolidayCheck

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Etihad and Lufthansa have both partnered with HolidayCheck to offer FREE Etihad Guest and Miles & More airline miles in return for reviewing hotels on their website.

It seems that, in an attempt to compete with TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck needs to offer generous incentives to get you to review.

You will earn 150 Etihad Guest miles or 100 Miles & More miles for every hotel review you post on HolidayCheck.  You can find full details of the Etihad version on the Etihad website here.


As Etihad allows you to cash out your miles for ‘virtual’ Visa cards via PointsPay at 0.4p per mile, you could effectively earn 60p per review by doing this even if you had no interest in the Etihad miles!  PointsPay does charges 99 cents per withdrawal transaction though and this is unlikely to be worth the trouble.

Details of the Lufthansa version can be found on the Miles & More website here.

Other airlines also let you earn miles via HolidayCheck.  These are:

airberlin topbonus (200 miles per review)

airBaltic / pins (150 points per review)

There is a cap of 10 reviews per month and you are allowed to backdate reviews for stays up to 24 months ago.

Note that American Airlines appears to have been dropped as a partner at some point over the last few months.

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  1. Also worth noting that they require you to verify that you actually stayed at the hotels you reviewed.

    • Yes they do randomly ask for proof of stay such as booking confirmation or invoices – I have reviewed over 30 hotels in the past 2 years (all actual stays) and have been asked for verification on 5 occasions.

  2. Picked up a few thousand EG miles this way. They sometines up the rate to 200 miles per review. I believe it is hotel reviews only that attract the miles. I found them a little erratic at posting miles sometimes and numerous contacts with customer service didn’t help.Good if you just need a few more miles otherwise not worth the hassle as 150 miles is nothing since devaluation. I beluece they take a month to post

  3. Can any of the airline partner miles be transferred to other points?

    • Wrong post I think Tilly but answer is no. Check their site as what’s possible sometimes changes. Nevef ever seen a single good deal.

      • There was a decent Air Canada to US Airways rate last year, almost 1:1, but I agree – it is only really useful in clearing out odds and ends.

  4. Andrew H says:

    I signed up for this last month to collect some Etihad points. Four weeks on and five reviews later, I’m still waiting for the points to show up in Etihad, so I’ve had to contact Holidaycheck who are looking into it.

    I suspect the delay is on the Etihad side, so if you want quick miles, I wouldn’t choose Etihad Guest miles.

    I read last week that someone got their Air Berlin Topbonus miles within a week. Sounds like they are far more efficient.

    • IME they normally take 4+ weeks to post. Don’t expect much from either EG or HC, I’m still missing 900 miles from last summer despite contacting both cs twice.

    • My Airberlin points normally post within 2 weeks of the reviews being on the website.

  5. TripAdvisor have recently started giving points (backdated I believe) and I am the proud? owner of 39,115. I did ask how to convert them to something useful, but apparently it is just the honour (or probably honor).

    • Or the feeling of ‘giving something back to the travel community’ after using the site? I leave TA reviews and I guess that’s my key reason.

  6. Sussex Bantam says:

    I’ve just tried to upload a review 3 times and had it crash out on me ! Anyone else got problems ?

    • Yes! I just had the same thing happened after spending about 20 minutes taking the “detailed” review option. I verified my account and all.

      If the site is that crashy that’s not a great start to competing with TripAdvisor :-/

    • Customer service support emails are also in German. I’m starting to think this promo might not be worth the trouble, even if Miles & More points are not easy to come by (though I’m going for Etihad). No options to autosave reviews in progress either, which is unfortunate.

      This site will need A LOT of improvements if it even hopes to compete.

      • My experience with HolidayCheck has generally been very good, with Airberlin Topbonus miles posted without any problems and on the rare occasions I need to contact them, all correspondence has been in English.

    • same thing
      tried to review twice
      it crashed
      waste of time …

  7. The tripadvisor points are valueless. Hopefully they will reconsider if everyone switches to review sites that do pay!

  8. Anyone got tips for stopping American Airlines miles expiring? My mother has a load that will expire at some point soon. It looks from their UK version of the site that the aadvantageshopping.com is aimed at US residents so not sure it work work in the UK if she made a purchase?

    Any tips?

    • Yes, the shopping site works, but it depends what company you purchase things from. It may not work if you redirect from a US store to a UK store.
      If the miles are expiring soon, I would suggest just purchase the smallest amount of AA miles to top up.

      • Use the aadvantageshopping.com portal to book any IHG hotel worldwide. Not many miles but it resets the clock.

        • Agreed – I did that a few times and it always tracked fine. A bit slow to pay out and not amazing earning levels but did the trick nicely! For United miles I tend to reset them by 500pt transfers from eRewards (costs 2,000 of their points)

  9. Andrew H says:

    Finally got my Etihad miles this morning, plus the 500 sign up up bonus. From 0 to 1250 miles straight away 🙂

    Oddly, I did some of the reviews quite recently so wasn’t expecting those points for a while, but they were all added at once. Weird.

  10. Just had an email the uk site is closing, will only run in Germany and Poland now, I never got points for reviews I did anyway and couldn’t be bothered chasing so not too upset.

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