Save 25% on Flybe redemptions via

Flybe, the UK regional airline, is offering a 25% discount on the Avios needed for a redemption this Spring.

This looks like a good deal to me in certain scenarios.

Here are the headline rules:

25% discount is valid on all Flybe flights available at

You must book before 17th March

You must fly between 10th March and 6th July

Flights operated by Stobart Air are excluded

Full taxes and charges are payable – Flybe is not in Reward Flight Saver so the number will be higher than the usual £35 in most scenarios

Full details can be found at here.

Flybe Avios 25 per cent discount sale

Understanding Avios and Flybe

Flybe now has a slightly confusing position in the Avios universe.

It used to be that you could only book Flybe redemptions via  In 2014, Flybe ditched its own reward scheme and began to award Avios points instead.  As part of this, Flybe availability started to appear on as well.

Availability between and does not match so you should check both.  As far as this promotion goes, however, you need to book at to receive the discount.

(If your Avios are in, you can move them across to an account using the ‘Combine My Avios’ function on either website.)

Flybe has a bad reputation for redemptions because of their artificially high taxes.  If you are checking bags, however, you will be getting decent value.

The other upside is that Flybe has a huge route map – there are few parts of the UK they do not cover now.  You can see it here.

The last time I ran a pricing example on Flybe, this is how it worked out.  I picked Birmingham to Stuttgart as a random route.  A cash ticket was £120.  An Avios ticket was 9,000 Avios plus £59.  That is 0.67p per Avios of value which, whilst not great, is not terrible either.

However, an Avios redemption “includes 20kg checked baggage and 10kg hand baggage allowance”.  A cash ticket which included a bag would be £168.  That is 1.2p per Avios of value which is a very good deal.

Note that, to get a free checked bag, you must book via (see their Flybe rules here).  Flybe bookings made with Avios on do not receive free checked baggage. 

Remember that you need to book on to get this 25% Avios discount – and free checked baggage.  A search on will show the full price and will leave you paying up for a suitcase at the airport.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. They appear to have closed Travelmoneynow a day early


    It’s not March yet, mate.

  2. Is there a list of which routes are Stobart Air ones? (I’m guessing it could be a lot of the Scottish ones, grr!)

    • Anything out of Southend is very likely.

    • Reddot says:

      I redeemed a few EDI-LCY flights for £26 and 3375 Avios, compared to 4000/4500 Avios and £17.50 for BA RFS. Being a bit low on Avios as we do 50 Edinburgh flights a year, the Avios savings was worth it for us especially on peak BA dates. BA was also low on reward flights for the May bank holiday.

      Note that LCY-EDI is £52 of taxes though!

      • Agree that’s a good deal Southbound, interesting the taxes are so much higher ex-LCY, they must be following the LHR passenger fees model!

  3. Rob

    FlyBe are horrendous, shockingly poor ‘reward’ value on domestic routes (read – a complete waste of time)

    Plus as you mention, their ‘artificially’ high taxes, how is this permitted? Either they are taxes or they are not. If the figure is artificially high, what transparency is there as to how the ‘taxes’ sum is arrived at?

    Has anyone, anywhere, ever investigated this farce?

    • Have got a domestic Flybe flight for 2 coming up around Easter time. Booked a couple of days ago using the offer. Paid 13,500 Avios plus £82 taxes instead of £400 (regular cash price). Happy days.

    • By ‘artificially high’, I mean that the taxes and charges on a reward are often more than the cost of a cash ticket!

      If you look at the terms and conditions of their credit card ‘free flight’, this is actually stated very clearly as a warning to you.

      Lufthansa does the same, by the way, with Miles & More shorthaul rewards. Tax can be well over £120 on an economy redemption to Germany whilst, of course, cash tickets are often less than that all-in.

  4. Slightly OT but any word on the 9-10 monthly hotel points to avios transfer bonus? I think the last one took place at the beginning of May so we are due one soon me thinks!

  5. OT – I have a question about refunding BA charges on redemption ticket from HKG

    I have booked HKG – LHR in Y for January 2017 earlier in the year and when I try to book it now, the charges are slashed to £10 a pax and I paid £20.60 a pax.

    What are the chances of getting the difference refunded?

    • the ticket confirmation states:
      Fare Details GBP 0.00 + Tax/Fee/Charge GBP 41.20 = GBP 41.20

      This is for 2 passengers

    • That’s because HK abolished fuel surcharges for tickets issued from Feb 2016. You won’t get the charges refunded.

  6. Completely O/T, but having just updated my OCD spreadsheet with the points/miles which I have redeemed I am now well over the 1 million mark! Including hotels, I am at 1.3 million points redeemed with an estimated cash value of £31K and after various fees etc, a cash ‘saving’ of £29,500. NB all my cash estimates are based on the cost of booking the equivalent fare at the time of booking and certainly don’t hold up to any scrutiny whatsoever.

    The time period for this was since I started collecting/tracking points at the beginning of 2014. At the time I estimated I might collect about 80,000 points per year, enough for one CW redemption to NYC (pre devaluation). So thanks to Raffles and a number of the regular commenters for their valuable tips and advice.

  7. OT – Just to let anyone know whos thinking about booking a hotel, Rocketmiles have a 3000 bonus on first bookings until 3rd of March. Something to do with some weird frog…I dont see how its relevant but Im not complaining if there is bonuses to be had!

  8. I booked a Flybe ticket using my BA account before this offer, but was under the impression that BA avios redemptions on Flybe also include 20kg luggage allowance according to this page:—your-checked-baggage-allowance

    • Tilly71 says:

      I was always under the impression that only Flybe redemptions via Avios got the baggage allowance included. Does it states baggage allowance included on your redemption Flybe ticket receipt?
      If not, I would call Flybe up to double check as will cost you dearly at the airport if you have checked baggage.

    • harry says:

      Same here

      •All redemption bookings made on flights operated by Flybe using or via a British Airways call centre include one 20kg bag as your baggage allowance. Due to a difference in the systems that are used by British Airways and Flybe this will not be reflected in your booking documentation or displayed in the Manage booking section on
      •Redemptions are not available on parallel Flybe routes operated from London City or Flybe codeshare flights on Air France, KLM, Ethiad and Flybe Nordic.

      • Definitely handy having that confirmed – useful to get a bag included

  9. 6,750 avios + £28 to Newquay from Gatwick.

    Cheapest cash fare is £76 so I think this is a good deal?

    • harry says:

      Not a lot in it – even the whingers say 0.65p is fair – so (6750 x 0.65) + 28 = £71.88

      I reckon I get more than 0.65p, so personally unless you’re an Avios millionaire – which I just remembered I am 🙂 – I’d pay cash & keep the Avios for another redemption

      especially if you get the bag

      • harry says:

        Just remembered you’ll get some Avios points for the cash ticket, so nothing much in it at all

        Why are you doing flying down to Newquay?

  10. Simon Schus says:

    This works out ideally as I’m flying my parents from EXT-DUB-BOS for my wedding.

    On the inbound leg, the flight from DUB-EXT is £10 and 3,375 Avios each! (= very good value!)
    On the outbound leg, the flight from EXT-DUB was £34 and 3,375 Avios.

    Taken together, the Avios redemption works out as okay value considering the flights include checked luggage. The final cost per person for the return trip is 6750 Avios + £44, compared to a £151.49 cashfare. Not exceptional value but could be significantly worse.

    Coupled with two EI seats from DUB to BOS return in Y using Avios and a pittance of taxes, this works out well. My parents are also able to fly from an airport 25 minutes away from my parents (plus I think they’re happy that they feel like they’re supporting their local area by using the airport rather than trekking to London or Bristol).

    I just have to find out if EI and FlyBe will interline baggage on the BOS-DUB-EXT leg. I sent them an email and will find out.

  11. Just booked CDG – CWL June 19th for family of four. Flybe 13000 miles and £97 ! Cash price would have been £330. Originally no Avios seats available last week, checked several times a day on the website then today 4 seats became available.. Awesome!!