Hilton launches seven day ‘flash sale’ for weekend stays until 3rd July

Hilton has launched a seven day ‘flash sale’ which runs until midnight on Sunday.

It is offering special deals at 300 hotels across Europe (including the UK), Middle East and Africa, but only at weekends.  Many rooms are discounted by 30%, except for Hampton by Hilton hotels where the maximum discount is 15%.

The rates are valid for weekend stays until 3rd July.  You will also find that some hotels have loaded these rates for weekday stays.

Hilton Venice

As usual with Hilton sales, you need to take the ‘30% discount’ with a pinch of salt.  This is based on the discount from ‘Best Available Rate’ for the same day.  However, these sale rates require pre-payment and are non-refundable.  A ‘Best Available Rate’ room is cancellable without charge.

There are some deals out there.  I picked a couple at random, all prices quoted include the extra discount for being an Hilton HHonors member:

Hilton Venice, 27-29 May (photo above)

€258 Flash Sale vs €332 Best Available Rate (no Advanced Purchase option shown)

The Trafalgar, London, 27-29 May

£213 Flash Sale vs £256 Best Available Rate (no Advanced Purchase option shown)

Waldorf-Astoria Dubai, 26-28 May

Dh 715 Flash Sale vs Dh 990 Advanced Purchase vs Dh 1,100 Best Available – you save Dh 275 per night + 20% tax via this sale

If you have any weekends away planned between now and 3rd July, you should take a look at these offers to see if there is anything of interest.  The ‘flash sale’ website is here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. JoshBosh says:

    Just booked a hotel for work over the Easter weekend. Friday to Monday, 29% off. The lack of flexibility does not really bother me as the work must go ahead.

    Hopefully they let this new Diamond member push his luck and check out 16-17:00 on Easter Monday.

    • Chris says:

      If you’re workplace uses a Reward Gateway its 14% there and 9% for any non-sale uk rates.

    • I got 4pm as a Diamond last week in the Middle East. Didn’t need much pushing.

      • Same. I asked what late checkout options were available in Barcelona and got 4pm yesterday

  2. Allan says:

    And there is an Amex spent £250 get £50 off available just now

    • Yes but this is available only on participating hotels (mainly UK based and a handful in Europe) and not globally.

    • This seems surprisingly rare – no sign in this house.

      • I have it as well 😉

      • The Urbanite says:

        I don’t have it either – in fact, I have nothing on BAPP or Gold Charge – but my brand new Gold Credit has 10 offers on at present, including a £30 off £250 spend at AccorHotels.

      • Nick M says:

        I have £25 off £150… but only on 1/5 cards

    • BlueThroughCrimp says:

      Yes, I mentioned it on Friday in the “Bits” post.
      £50 save when spending £250 for me.

      Hilton’s pricing for it’s Nottingham hotel has been all over the place for the weekend I’m needing, I’ve rebooked it twice now…

  3. I tend to take screenshots and challenge them down the line.

    Glad they’ve been consistent, I predicted yesterday they’d have an enhanced rate available once the sale had officially launched 😀

  4. Mark1980 says:

    OT slightly but I have a 5 day stay booked using HHonors points but may need to cut it short due to unforseen circumstances. If I do checkout after say, day 3, what would happen to the points for the rest of the stay would they be refunded?

    • Danny says:

      I don’t think you will get any points back if you don’t cancel at least 24 hours before the stay. I think the best bet is to cancel and rebook. A friend had a similar situation last year and he cancelled and rebooked.

  5. OT, but is anyone experiencing problems with accor happy Mondays link today?
    Can’t seem to book a room for this forthcoming Saturday. The checkin calendar form doesnt display any dates
    Thanks in advance

  6. JoshBosh says:

    Its one of those that might track at a lower rate, but will be revised upwards after. A screen shot of the current percentage will be useful if the rate is not increased at a later date though.

    I have never had an issue with this before, and have always had it automatically revised without having to submit a claim.

  7. mark2 says:

    we are staying at that hotel in Venice in September.
    I am new to this; is it normal for a Hilton to have wildly different points for a standard room at different times of the year? The Stucky Molino varies from 30,000 to at least 70,000 (guess which pay. Also cash price for our room is EUR 150 more than we booked in January.
    Hope to have a super stay and a good upgrade as a Diamond geezer, but who knows?

    • Yes, they are pricing between high seasons and low seasons in each category, so you will see the points difference between different time of the year. Some city like HK I believe is price on high season all year!

      I just returned from Hilton Venice, Not everything is perfect, but HHD recognition was very good, got upgraded to a suite the day before arrival, so was happy with the stay.

      • mark2 says:

        thanks for the report; here’s hoping!

      • Can I ask how you travelled there? I see it’s on a different island. Thanks

        • mark2 says:

          I have not been there yet, but they have their own boat which shuttles to the main island and many buses stop outside (water buses obviously). And there are taxis.

        • Thanks though was actually a question to the poster who’d just returned!

        • there is a hotel water shuttle that works really well – good frequency and drop off/pick up locations …. its on a quiet ‘residential’ island but this works well I feel as you can get away from the crowds at the end of a long day exploring the sites/ main islands … the hotel is relatively peaceful, although it is a ‘big hotel’ it works well.
          I recommend it my family (x4) stayed there last Easter, I forget what we paid exactly but I remember feeling it was good value for Venice. We also got upgraded to a one bedroom suite with exec floor access on the basis of HHons Gold …

        • Thanks ND. Am diamond through the recent status match so doubly tempted now!

        • HI Rhys
          If you have heavy luggages you may want to take the water boat directly from the airport (Alilaguna public boat BLU line). This line has its own stop at the hotel named “Giudecca Hilton”. I think it takes about 90 minute.

          Alternative you can take the ACTV “Aerobus” No.5 or ATVO “Venezia Express” bus to ‘Piazzale Roma’ and from there take public water bus ACTV line either 2 or 4.1 to the “Palanca” stop, which is about 10 minute walk from the hotel. However, there are 2 bridges to cross. This route will be quicker, but you will need to carry your own lugagges on and off the bus and boat + to the hotel.
          Hope this help.

        • I used the taxi boat from the airport last week. 15 euros per person and takes 90 minutes. You see plenty of Venice during the trip. Email Molino Stucky and they’ll send you the transfer information. They’re very helpful.

    • Welcome to the wonders of Hilton rewards seasonal pricing! One of the biggest downsides of their major devaluation.

      http://hhonorspointssearchtool.com/ is your friend if you want to easily check the month-by-month rates for any property (or a whole host of properties in a city/country – it’s pretty useful even just for gleaning that sort of info).

  8. Nick M says:

    OT (but still Hilton related)

    Roughly how long does it take to transfer from MR to Hilton if the account hasn’t been linked before?

    I need to make a booking for next Weds and frustratingly 1500 points short… also have a stay on Sunday evening that should give +2500 points but doubt that will post with sufficient time. Also will have more than sufficient coming from creditcard but that won’t post until later in the month!

    Alternatively may end up with a points + cash booking but seems a little annoying when points are in the pipeline!

  9. No Bath?? 🙁

    • AndyGWP says:

      All rooms will have at least a shower 😉 😀

      • I knew that was going to happen

      • AndyGWP says:

        Sorry 🙂 – as you may have guessed, I couldn’t answer your question…

        It it helps, I have family in Bath and they have previously warned us not to waste our money staying at the Bath Hilton (TripAdvisor will probably provide more detailed information on ‘why’) – apologies if you were aware and have good reason to stay there (… we ended up renting via. ownersdirect in the end) 🙂

    • Gota say the come backs had quality comedy timing, happy Monday!

      Keep an eye out for deals at Accors M Gallery, much better on a deal than the Stalag Hilton if you ask me.

  10. MikeB says:

    Anyone else struggling to see the flash sale rates for HH members? I checked this morning and there were some great rates at W.Astoria in Dubai (shown as ‘flash offer for members’) but can’t access them this afternoon even when I check all other dates….

  11. Nick M says:

    I had a points stay, took a bottle of water at checkout and received the 2500 points… the bottle of water cost me £3 though!

    • Nick M says:

      (not sure what the official rules are though)

    • Having your HHonors VISA card on your profile on Hilton.com and then having a stay is often enough to trigger it – yet paying for a stay and not having it on your profile sometimes stops the bonus points from crediting! (although they’ll be applied retrospectively if you complain) – the combination of Hilton and Barclaycard IT was never going to be smooth sailing!

  12. mark2 says:

    I received the 2500 for four points stays but made sure I bought something on card each time (on advice from this site). UK stays posted immediately but I had to claim for Canadian stay (which may not be typical).

  13. Peter K says:

    I stayed on the free reward voucher from getting the HH visa, did not buy any incidentals and still got the 2500 points. May have been lucky but paid nothing for the stay and had free brekkie as a gold.

  14. Simon Schus says:

    Hi all,

    Does anybody know what Hilton gift cards charge as when booked on the website? I know it doesn’t trigger the £50 off £250 offer, but had just wondered if anybody knew anyway who the merchant would be.


  15. FlyingChris says:

    Thanks for all the help! Will hope for the best and just book now. Besides, the £30-40/night saving >>> 2,500 points at the end of the day.

    • Alastair says:

      What about a Hilton booking made on a third party booking site (hotels.com), with Hhonors number on invoice – obviously won’t earn points for stay, but if incidentals paid for on Hhonors Visa, should you get the 2500 for first 4 stays (I didn’t – might be worth an email to CS)

  16. If my husband books a reward night and travels with me as Diamond status, will we get Diamond perks – he will only be silver, courtesy of Hilton Visa. Should he mention my status when calling to redeem the voucher?


    • You can try, but only one HH number can be put in a booking.

      Normally you get the status of the HH account used regardless of whose name the booking is in (but the only way to get a booking in a different name is to call the US call centre).

      It is possible for hotels to change the HH number without changing the name if you ask nicely, and if the front desk person is highly educated in the ways of Hilton. Otherwise s/he is likely to just get confused.

  17. Just pay your bar bill or something at check out and it should trigger the points

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