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Proof that the Conrad / Waldorf-Astoria bonuses are still paying out

Back in January, I wrote that three special Hilton HHonors bonus promotions for its luxury Conrad and Waldorf-Astoria brands still appeared to be working.

As I found out when I was in Ras Al Khaimah at the Waldorf-Astoria last week (photo below), this is definitely still correct.

Take a look at the screenshot below.  You will see bonus point entries for 3,000 points (in the separate box at the top), 4,000 points and 5,000 points.


As I found out in New York in 2014, you will receive these bonus points even on reward stays.

The first offer is for 2,000 bonus Hilton HHonors points for every NIGHT at a Conrad or Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

The registration page is here.

That accounts for the 4,000 points entry on my statement.

waldorf astoria ras-al-khaimah

The second offer is for bonus points on your next three stays at Conrad or Waldorf-Astoria hotels.

Your first stay will trigger 2,000 bonus points, your second 3,000 and your third 5,000.

The registration page for this offer is here.

This accounts for the 3,000 point entry on my statement.

The third offer is for 5,000 points on your next stay of two nights or more at a Conrad or Waldorf-Astoria hotel.

The link to register is here.

This accounts for the 5,000 point entry on my statement.

In the last few days, Hilton has updated the pages above for the first and last offers to confirm that they will continue to be available until 30th April 2016.  Make sure you register for all three if there is a chance for you to stay at a Conrad or Waldorf-Astoria in the next 6-7 weeks.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. The second offer states it was valid until 31/12/15 but still let me register, hope they extend the date of the first offer as have an existing award booking in early May.

  2. Pretty sure I’m registered, for all the offers, but will double check as it could be an extra 44k points, on a 10 night reward stay, and 2 credit card voucher nights, at Rangali at the beginning of April 🙂

  3. This is only for paid stays I assume?

    • Peter K says:

      In the review it says it also works for reward stays and has a link to a past article about it.

      • Thanx!
        Any idea if this would work on reservations that have been booked already? The travel dates aren’t for another 3 weeks so technically I can cancel and rebook though I don’t like taking chanced with award availability not going back into inventory.

        • Worked for me. I signed up to the promotion after I had booked the WA Amsterdam. Got the points. (I made sure to charge something to the room, just to be sure.)

        • Thanx for that.
          Though I’m not sure why charging to the room would make a difference. It doesn’t seem that this promotion has anything to do with a HH cc. And room charges don’t appear on your HH account, if I’m correct.

        • Just charge a drink or something to the room and it’ll work. I’ve done it.

        • Charging to the room triggers a small number of HH points on a reward night and that often ‘encourages’ bonuses to post alongside.

        • Yes, no problem.

  4. OT: Just discovered that my Hilton Honours Visa seems to give me free access to my Experian Credit Score.

    Is this a Barclaycard thing?

    Quite pleased because Experian is the most painful one to monitor without charge.

    • Talking of the Hilton Visa, does anyone know how/ when the 2500 bonus points for your first 4 bookings credit? I had 2 stays in February. No sign of the points on the credit card statement for that month or the following.

      • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

        I’ve always found the 2.5k points to be quite hit and miss. They credit as separate lines in your HHonors statement.

        • I did 4 stays in 2 weeks when I got my HH card. Three lots of 2500 points posted relatively quickly (at the same time as the ordinary points),but the 4th didn’t. So I emailed them and they credited the points. Some months later, I stayed again and the 4th lot of 2500 points posted.

    • Andrew (@andrewseftel) says:

      It’s a Barclaycard thing.

    • Yes, but you just get the number with no explanation.

    • Any reason for monitoring Experian, especially in addition to ClearScore and Noddle?

  5. Hmm.

    Why the Doubletree Tag? Have I missed something?


  6. Bigglesgirl says:

    Thanks Raffles. Got a 3 night reward stay in the Waldorf in Amsterdam coming up so this will be handy. Somebody mentioned validity in one of the posts above – when I registered it said the offer was valid out to end April 2016.

  7. OT – I cancelled my gold card in January, I’ve got the BA premium card already, what is the best card I should get next for another sign up bonus, I can’t sign up for gold again for another 3 months!

  8. Maria Jauregui says:

    The links don’t seem to work for me 🙁

  9. When does the Barclay’s free night certificate come through? I have a line on my HHonors online account saying “Barclay’s free night certificate” but no email with information about how to book. Been a few weeks now.

    • That’s strange. I’d call HH and ask them if they can see the Free Night Cert on your HH account. That way they maybe able to give you the ID number for the Certificate. Then just ask them to put you through to the reservations department.

    • I had the same – as soon as it showed on my Hilton account I was able to use it 🙂

      • Thanks both, I’ll give it a go in the morning.

        • Update: the lady in the call centre was able to see the voucher in my account and had no problem booking. No idea why I didn’t get an email, but all sorted in the end.

    • Matt, where are you going to redeem your free night voucher at?

    • lee moss says:

      our free night voucher come through after 1 week after spending the £750 very fast

      • Ditto – surprised how quickly it came through actually – about a week after I went over the £750 trigger!

  10. StevieM says:

    I take it booking through a 3rd party i.e. BA Holidays doesn’t trigger the bonus?

  11. OT: Could someone remind me which is the Hotel Reward Programme about to be discontinued from the Amex Platinum programme. I want to lock it in for a year.


  12. lee moss says:

    im going to be using the free night certificate to stay in conrad Samui , they have confirmed its valid for this offer already as they have 2 properties in Samui and its valid only at one of those properties , are these bonus points possible with this voucher ? if so do you have to register the offer to make it work any one who cant help me with an explanation would be gratefully appreciated

    • Click register above and see what posts. Nothing ventured ….

    • Lee, how will you be getting to the Conrad Samui whilst on the island? Taxi’s can be a rip off so it’s worth hiring a car.

      • lee moss says:

        Hi nick ive been going to samui for 7 years , I always Hire a bike while there , yes your right the taxis are expensive there

  13. OT: Having fun with the Hilton website today.

    Just seem to have booked a room without going right through the payment stage of the process. I have a preferred card set, though, or perhaps I will be required to pay later? Good value mind – flash sale prices another 30% below the minimum prices no the display ads.

    Earlier managed to book 2 rooms somehow on the same night., though they were kind enough to reverse one.

    And just received 500 points for listening to a gentlemen who discovered that there aren’t any more offers available specific to me today.

    • If you’ve got a saved card then it does only take a few clicks to book – it will show a summary along with the 4 digits at the end of the card on file and show you the cancellation terms, etc but there won’t be any big area to enter card details since they’ve got them already (you can of course change them if you want). When you’ve used it a few times I find it pretty painless compared to some other hotel chains.

  14. Not £390: £290 !

    Shocking maths, and I’m not even an Oxford Uni graduate.

  15. Richmond says:

    Thanks. I have 4 nights stay at Conrad soon. It should give me extra points requird for reward stay in Conrad Tokyo 🙂

  16. Daniel says:

    Landed 5000 for Conrad Bangkok Last Weekend 😉 Thanks to HFP I started my HHonors stays with Conrad London in December and I have 100k points already! 🙂 Thanks Raffles.

  17. Thanks you for that.

    I have sent an ingenuous email to the hotel enquiring how to book the Compliments of Conrad and Conrad Spa Experience for myself and my companion, as it is my first time and I don’t know how to do that with an online booking.

    I’ll wrap up this conversation now unless I get a result worth reporting.

    • Good plan, fingers-crossed for a result!

      • Ha !

        A very polite email explaining that they cannot provide 50 Euro a day of hotel money to people who book at the flash sale rate :-). Fair enough.

        Ah well.

  18. Pierre says:

    Have 2 stays booked at the conrad Bangkok, both on cash & points (3 nights).this will net me 16k points, reimbursing the points for a night (2k×3 +5k +2k +3k) and even more if the 5k is per stay and not once 🙂
    Thanks Raffles!

    • Conrad Bangkok is my most favourite in Bangkok. Huge swimming pool and the lounge is decent. Staff are excellent and the bar downstairs is great too.