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My review of the Hampton by Hilton London Gatwick Airport

This is my review of the Hampton by Hilton London Gatwick Airport hotel.

Rob had sent me to Bordeaux to review the InterContinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel – that article should run next Tuesday. As I had an early morning flight, the logical conclusion was for me to have a look at the Hampton by Hilton London Gatwick Airport the night before.

It’s so easy to find that I had problems finding it. Let me explain.

I took the train from central London to Gatwick’s south terminal and then the transit to the north terminal. I couldn’t see any signs for the Hampton by Hilton and somehow ended up in the departure area (and decided to have my flight ticket printed as BA was having issues with their app).

When I went back down, I finally saw signs (in between a lot of easyJet orange) pointing towards the end of the easyJet check-in. The hotel website could have simply said ‘follow the orange’.


Check-in was quick and simple and the staff were friendly.

The room had everything you need when spending just a few hours awake in a hotel:

A bathroom with shower. Toiletries were limited to shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and soap.


A window facing construction works.


A kettle and instant coffee – oh how I love instant coffee …..


A decent sized TV.


A desk – I bought a new small laptop for travel reasons so the size was ok.


And most importantly a comfortable bed.


The 2 hours I was awake, I spent at the bar.

flight time table

I really wanted to eat a salad but ‘unfortunately’ I ordered food after 10pm, was therefore too late for the healthy option and my dinner looked like this:


I had to get up at 5:30am – way too early for me to eat breakfast. But did have a look at the breakfast room which looked ok. The red plastic trays however were bothering me a bit …..


Continental breakfast is being served from 4am. After 6am you can get proper English breakfast which, judging by the number of serving containers, should not have left you hungry.  Breakfast is FREE at Hampton by Hilton hotels which is a major selling point.

hot breakfast

There was no time for that though.  I decided to have a bite in the ‘BA alternative’ No 1 Traveller lounge instead …. not my greatest idea ever as you will see.

My verdict

As a Hilton HHonors redemption you are looking at 30,000 points per night.  Based on Rob’s valuation of 0.3p per point, this is not a bad place to spend them.  A room is typically £100 midweek and £90 at the weekend.

The Hampton by Hilton Gatwick Airport did its job.  It was new, it was clean, the room was an acceptable size and, most importantly, it was an easy walk to and from the north terminal.  I didn’t want to be messing around with shuttle buses at 5.30am and with the Hampton it wasn’t necessary. Job done.

You can find out more about the hotel, and book, on this page of the Hilton website.

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  1. Danksy says:

    Thanks for the review… Always interesting to get some views on different options. I normally use the Hilton from LGW. Its good to see a few more offerings opening up!

  2. I have booked it for 12,000 points + £32.85 in September.

  3. I was looking at this for next month and it’s £84 (advance rate) for a Saturday night stay.
    Can book the Premier Inn for £49.

    Do stay in Hamptons a lot when in the US. Like the similar style they have and not having to pay £15-£30 extra for breakfast.

  4. Stuart says:

    I’ve used this hotel several times over the last year o so and always found it a great per-flight stay. The staff are as friendly as any I’ve encountered, the food adequate and the rooms light, airy and well appointed.
    Lets face it, it’s unlikely you’re staying here to use as a base for visiting the highlights of West Sussex, but it is a great option for an early flight.

    • Raffles says:

      Oddly, the hotel website DOES recommend it as a base for visiting the highlights of West Sussex!

      • It is very convenient for…….Reigate town centre with its archy building, a couple of famous gardens along the A23, Pease Pottage services, which always is more enjoyable if you insist on saying it with a French accent.

    • blinky says:

      ‘The staff are as friendly as any I’ve encountered, the food adequate and the rooms light, airy and well appointed.’

      Adequate food etc is a pretty good recommendation for the UK, it’s about as good as you are likely to find.

  5. We have used this hotel many times when we had early morning BA flights, very convenient & quick to get to check-in. Great value for 2 people, breakfast is good with loads of choice. Somewhat limited on food in the evening but we just nip over the road to The Premier Inn who have a better menu.

  6. Nick M says:

    For some reason I kept reading Gatwick as “Glasgow”… I think I need more sleep!

    Does anyone know if you can add parking to a HHonours redemption? And if so, what prices are like?

    • pauldb says:

      If it helps, most LGW meet & greet services operate from outside the Premier Inn but a few (we used ACE) meet you in the Hampton car park; technically a fenced area of the same car park. So you can drop your car with them and you are 20m from the Hampton back door (across the service road north of the hotel by lift/bridge).
      Combined with easyJet’s night-before checkin and quick grab-it breakfast we found this very hotel perfect reducing the pain of an early departure.

      • Far better to use long stay parking with the Hilton at Gatwick.

        Much better hotel and nice lounge.

        • pauldb says:

          For a 8hr overnight, more expensive hotel, more expensive parking (possibly) and more hassle/time with the car. As the Hampton is perfectly pleasant, not thanks.

  7. Have you tried the Bloc hotel? We think it’s excellent but would be good to know how you would rate the Hampton against it. Like another poster, we’ve stayed in plenty of Hampton properties in the US but the European offering is normally quite different!

  8. I see that there is a ‘get 60% extra HHonors points’ add at the top and my wife has received an email to that effect, but my email offers 80%.

  9. Used it for a stay prior to Virgin Upper Class to MCO in Nov, Thought it was pretty decent too, but would prefer exec lounge access over at the Hilton if I was arriving for late afternoon or early eve…

  10. Morning

    I have lots of Hilton IHG and club Carlson hotel points if I want to jump on a plane next week somewhere with a direct flight and use some to lay by a hotel with a good pool and facilities where would people recommended ?

    • pauldb says:

      Are you talking short haul: most of the Med, Canaries, Marrakech looks mixed next week. Maybe Antalya or all the way to Sharm? If longhaul I guess Dubai/Abu Dhabi or Muscat for somewhere a little more unusual.

  11. I stayed there 2 years ago. Apparently, I paid £67.15 on an advance rate. Arrived about 5.30 (just in time to watch the end of extra time in the Cup Final), checked in to the hotel, checked my luggage in for my flight the next morning and had an excellent night’s sleep, good breakfast and leisurely stroll to my flight the next day.

  12. dicksbits says:

    I used it last April and thought it somewhere between a Travelodge and a Premier Inn, with a tiny bit more style. I didn’t like the sliding door on the bathroom. The slightest movement and ran on it’s rails the full length with a THUD. Not what you want to do in the middle of the night and waken your partner. I wasn’t enamoured enough to stay there again unless the price is right. Since then it hasn’t been. I paid £85.

  13. Disagree with part of the report. Not sure burning 30,000 points here is good.

    Not worth it for the price charged.

    Would need to be £150+ before it became good, especially as you need to take into account the lost earning potential as well.

    I would only use points at Corby or Newport for Hamptons in the UK.

    Best option would be points + money and ensure you charge something to the room.

  14. OT but Hilton
    I am Hilton Diamond until 03/17.
    If I do a Gold Challenge this year will that make me Gold until 03/18 in the panel’s experience please? Also if I stay three nights then my wife books one night then I book another night is that two stays for me or one?

    • I can’t imagine that Hilton would offer a Gold Challenge to somebody who is already Diamond! But you can always try. But why not wait until 3/17 and then do it? You’d probably get the status till 2019.

    • Guesswho2000 says:

      Yes, I’d expect so. In my experience the “gold challenge” (assuming you’re referring to one of those offers where you sign up online, 3/4 stays in 90 days=gold) will work while you’re a gold.

      As for waiting until 3/17 (actually, 4/17) to do it – yes, you’d get Gold until 3/19 (probably), but those stays would be at whatever level you drop to in the meantime, so whether that’s worth it will need considering (in a Hampton, probably, in a DT, Hilton, WA or Conrad, I’d prefer to do the stays with Gold/Diamond status).

      • Thanks guys; I have three stays booked in September so will probably give it a try.

  15. Nice review – shame that, as an airport hotel, they didn’t start serving breakfast earlier though. Some airport properties offer a ‘grab bag’ breakfast for early departures which can be quite good – in fact in the USA many Hampton properties offer them as a standard alternative, even non-airport ones.

    • Raffles says:

      Hampton does start fairly early – the continental stuff is early, it is only the cooked breakfast that doesn’t appear until 6am.

  16. What's the Point says:

    By warned – if you are parking in the hotel car park for one night (no parking package deal) its an eye watering £20!

    • Double the cost of Holiday Inn!

      • Frankly, I’d pay the extra for the free breakfast and the ability to walk straight into the terminal. Not been in the HI so cannot comment on quality comparison.

    • Quite cheap compared to some hotels in the USA!

      • Exactly. Looking at some hotels for my upcoming trip to California. $50 for continental breakfast for one person ! Needless to say won’t be partaking. and don’t get me started on ” resort fees”

    • pauldb says:

      I’m trying to work out under what circumstances you’d park at an airport hotel for 1 night? Certainly they’d be a better suited option available with very little hassle.

      • signol says:

        I have before, when working nearby. Our Dorking office doesn’t have many nice hotels nearby, so the Hilton it was.

    • Doodles says:

      Overnight parking is now £40.

  17. AndyGWP says:

    I’m curious as to how much the pizza cost, and did it do the job? 🙂

    • Raffles says:

      I need to dig out her expenses claim!

    • Yes, I was rather surprised that there was no mention of how good (or bad) the food was, given that this is supposed to be a review! To be honest, this article reads more like a list than a review – it says that there is a bed (which is good, just in case we thought there wasn’t one…), but doesn’t mention if the bed is comfortable or not, it mentions that Anika spent two hours in the bar, but doesn’t say whether the range of drinks is good, or if they are reasonably-priced, etc etc. There is very little in this article to give the reader much of an idea as to whether it’s worth paying to stay here.

      • Not sure I’ve ever covered a bar list! It is not dissimilar to my Helsinki Airport Hilton review – straight in, straight out, all you need to know is that it is next to the terminal and it won’t kill you!

        Difficult to review a pizza imho.

        • Fair point! :))

        • “difficult to review a pizza” ?????? Come to Rome and we’ll give you a masterclass 😉

        • To paraphrase the 2 sentences my friend thinks everyone should learn in as many languages as possible –
          “Two pizzas and a bottle of red, please. My friend is paying.”

  18. Johnnycl says:

    Great hotel for convenience, would stay here over the Hilton any day.

  19. Corrine says:

    We stayed here in December 15, paid 12,000 pts plus £30ish. For 2a and 2ch, we were upgraded to a corner room. Lovely room, great service and I personally really recommend.

  20. Not the most comprehensive review, and agree certainly not the best use of 30k hhonors points, if you have status then the short trip across to the Hilton at South Terminal is much better value, and often cheaper even for cash than this Hampton. having said that, it is new, clean and convenient.