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250 free Avios if you pre-register for Aer Lingus AerClub. And will it have revenue based REDEMPTION?

Following the acquisition of Aer Lingus by IAG, the existing Gold Circle loyalty programme is to be closed and replaced by AerClub.  This will use Avios as its currency.

I wrote a long piece in November explaining what is known about AerClub.  The plan at that time was that Gold Circle would close on 31st March and AerClub would launch on 1st April.  That has, clearly, not happened.

Aer Lingus 350

A new timetable has now been announced.

According to the Aer Lingus website, Gold Circle will continue to operate until 30th June.  AerClub will launch on 1st July.

Aer Club logo

Earn 250 free Avios for pre-registering

According to this page of the website, you will earn 250 Avios in AerClub if you pre-register your interest before the launch.

Pre-registering takes all of 10 seconds.  All they want is your first name and your email address.

Given that:

It is likely that AerClub will be part of ‘Combine My Avios’ and that you will be able to move these 250 Avios to BA, and

AerClub is likely to have interesting promotions and partners which will make having an account a necessity for serious UK-based Avios collectors

….. I would pre-register your interest today.

Revenue based REDEMPTION coming?

We already know that AerClub will have a revenue-based earnings model:

“The more you spend on flights with Aer Lingus, the more Avios points you will collect. The move away from our traditional air miles model means you will be able to earn points with every flight you buy, giving you more opportunities to build up your balance.”

However, the page above implies that REDEMPTION will also be revenue based:

You can use your Avios to get a discount on the cost of your Aer Lingus flights. You will also be able to spend your Avios with an extensive range of travel and leisure partners.”

If this is the case then it opens up a huge number of questions:

Will it be impossible to redeem Avios via AerClub for ‘free’ flights, or only for discounts?  If so, you can say goodbye to long-haul Aer Lingus redemptions in premium classes.

If redemptions are revenue based via AerClub, will Aer Lingus stop being a British Airways Executive Club redemption partner (you couldn’t have points-based redemptions via BAEC and revenue-based redemptions via AerClub)?

Or, potentially, will AerClub points NOT be transferable to BAEC or – which would be the only way to force people to redeem their points for (at a guess) 1 cent per point via AerClub? (EDIT: the FAQ say that points WILL be transferable)

Is this a trial for the whole of Avios going revenue based on the redemption side?  Recent experiments with ‘Part Pay With Avios’ via British Airways Executive Club give the impression that some sort of market testing is going on – although the oneworld element of BAEC means that a full switch to revenue based redemptions is unlikely to work.

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  1. Susan says:

    Could be just an oversight but the only options given on the sign up page for spending Aerclub avios are Aer Lingus or BA even though Iberia is mentioned for earning them.

  2. Harry says:

    The AVIOS earned on Aer Lingus will be fully transferable; there is a specific FAQ on this:

    Can I merge my BA Executive Club Account, Avios Account or Iberia Plus with my AerClub Account or transfer my Avios points between them?

    If you have an existing Avios account, British Airways Executive Club, Iberia Plus or AerClub accounts, you can use the ‘Combine my Avios’ feature to combine your Avios points into one account or transfer Avios points between your accounts. To transfer Avios points please visit

  3. Cuchlainn says:

    As an existing AerClub member I had already been credited 250 Avios 3 months ago. Just waiting to see how they roll out their rewards…

  4. Got my 250 pts a couple of months ago, as you say very easy to register.

    Interesting re revenue based – really hope EI long haul redemptions don’t go though.

  5. Andrew H says:

    I also got mine way back, in December I think. I wonder if it’s worth registering my interest again!

    • I think yes, just make a new account and transfer the 250 avios to IB or when it arrives. Transfer your Gold Circle Avios to BAEC.

      If transfer isn’t available then just abandon the new account

  6. Andrew* says:

    Do members have to be over 18 (as with or can they be under (as with BAEC)?

  7. Adrian says:

    Hi Rob/guys, any update on when Aer Lingus will officially be part of OW? I understand from what I’ve read that there are IT issues to solve.

    • Lumma says:

      Says in the frequently asked questions that it won’t be.?

      • No it doesn’t say that it won’t be. It says that EI isn’t currently a member of OW and therefore OW benefits won’t be offered by AerClub. It doesn’t say that it won’t be a member of OW.

        Given that EI was part of OW previously I can’t see that it will take too much to get them back into OW although I guess if the OW IT systems have changed since EI left in 07 then it will be slightly more difficult.

  8. Thanks Rob, free avios are always nice!

  9. “You can use your Avios to get a discount on the cost of your Aer Lingus flights.”

    Which is the correct description. There are no free Avios flights even for BA flights. You have to pay *some* cash when redeeming on or

    Should they really mean there will be no “Avios + taxes/fees” option, then that will be a bummer. One assumes that won’t effect booking via other OW partners (once it gets integrated), as for example, AA has no discount redemption model, only a AA+taxes model.

  10. James67 says:

    Sorry, very OT but posting this amex card offer here as it’s very short-lived (and also very restrictive!) Appeared on my PRG offers:

    Up to 25% off select Europe hotels
    Visit American Express Travel for up to 25% off select Europe hotels for five days only. Begins 4 April and ends 8 April 2016 for stays between 18 April to 13 May 2016. Terms apply. Please read the Offer Terms.

  11. Paul L says:


    Also OT here, does anyone know or have experience on whether BA Gold/Oneworld emerald can access the PDX Alaska lounge if flying Alaska to HNL? Ticket was booked as a redemption using BA miles through telephone agent.

  12. Also OT: Is airport angel still usable at airport lounges? Think I heard somebody say its gone? we will be in manchester airport on friday

    • Jonny says:

      I think it no longer works and has now been effectively replaced by Dragon Pass
      website no longer exists

    • Gone, I’m afraid.

      If you’ve a Barclays account, the replacement is Dragon Pass, which I’ve found to be a real improvement.

      • Colin JE says:

        Definitely now Dragon Pass if you’re with Barclays. Just make sure you use the Barclays Traveller app, not the Dragon Pass app for your phone.
        I’ve never received a card from Dragon Pass but just used the app in my local airport. I took a screenshot of the card showing in the app just in case I ever had problems displaying it. The agent on the desk at Escape Lounge happily accepted the photo on my phone.

        • Colin JE, I’m looking at getting the DP via the Barclays Insurance. Do I need to open a Barclays current account?

  13. If you register with 2 different email addresses and 2 different loyalty schemes say BAEC and Iberiaplus would u get two lots of 250 avios points?

    • harry says:

      the issue would not be that first stage – but marrying them into 1 a/c