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Last day for the great Qatar sale deals – and Etihad launches its own UK sale

Today is the last day to book the excellent deals currently available in the Qatar Airways UK sale.  For certain destinations, the pricing is unprecedented for UK-departing business class flights.

Don’t forget the bad news though.  Qatar Airways flights earn British Airways Avios and tier points. Fly with them to Asia in Business Class and you would get you 560 tier points (4 flights x 140 each) which is 90% of a BA Executive Club Silver card.  It is a great opportunity.

Last month, Qatar brought in a new ticket ‘class’ for cheap business class seats, ‘R’.  These sale flights book into ‘R’ class.  British Airways has been slow to update its partner list and if you click here and then click on the Qatar logo you will see that ‘R’ class tickets will only earn Avios and tier points if BOOKED after 1st May.

I am not 100% convinced by this.  However, the rule as it is written on (and the BA call centre is reiterating this) is that you would need to BOOK after 1st May and, of course, that isn’t possible as today is the last day to book.

If you book one of these deals, you are taking a risk that you will get nothing in British Airways Executive Club.  The best you could do is credit the flights to Qatar Privilege Club but you would be nowhere near earning equivalent status.

Qatar A380

The UK sale home page on the Qatar website is here.   You can book for travel until 31st March 2017.

Here is a reminder of the best deals:

Edinburgh to Dubai – £880

Birmingham to Phuket – £980

Edinburgh to Maldives – £1,130

Edinburgh to Bangkok – £1,140

Edinburgh to Singapore – £1,200

Birmingham to Perth – £1,425 (the advertised price of £1,230 does not seem to exist)

London to Dubai – £1,250

There are lots more deals where these came from.  I recommend taking a look at the Qatar sale page here.  The main booking page is here.

Look below for a £1,300 fare to Australasia though …..

Qatar 787 350 business class

Etihad launches its own UK business class sale

Etihad has launched a UK sale in competition, although the prices do not compare in most cases.  That said, the Etihad product is excellent – especially if you can get onto the Etihad A380 Business Class Studio which I reviewed here.  I honestly think it is the best business class product out there.

You must book by 28th April for travel between 9th May and 28th February 2017.

Here are some sample prices in Business Class:

London to Colombo – £1,838

Manchester to Melbourne – £2,680

London to Abu Dhabi – £1,505

Edinburgh to Mumbai – £1,540

Full details of the UK sale deals can be found on this page of the Etihad website.

If you are willing to start outside the UK, you may be interested in an Istanbul to Sydney Business Class sale fare that Etihad is currently selling – just $1,927 (£1,332).  If you select the A380 to Sydney from Abu Dhabi then this is a fantastic fare.  It can be booked via the UK Etihad site.

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  1. roberto says:


    There missing words in this article…or I did drink too much last night….

  2. ?????is it just me ? What bad news ? Earning avoid and tier points??

    Don’t forget the bad news though. Qatar Airways flights earn British Airways Avios and tier points. Fly with them to Asia in Business Class and you would get you 560 tier points (4 flights x 140 each) which is 90% of a BA Executive Club Silver card. It is a great opportunity.

  3. Etihad emails discounts of up to 40% but in reality, the fares on my destinations are run of the mill often promoted 10% discount.

    Where is the Etihad 3x and 4x mileage offer ? We haven’t had one for ages and that is worth way more than a 10% discount.

  4. Is it right to credit the EY flights to AB?

    • Zander says:

      Depends if you prefer AB or EY for status and redemptions, personally I’d prefer EY over AB (and OW partners). It does appear to be a good earning potential on AB though at 130% if in fare class W which from a dummy booking these appear to be.

  5. OT: Received the BAEC birthday offer, my birthday being in June asking me to book by 30 Apr. to receive an upto 25k bonus.

    My question is how does this credit, does it work only if I book directly? I need to travel to Chicago on my birthday just want to know If I will receive this bonus if I have work book me this ticket rather than myself.

    • You can book your flight through any channel- you just need to make sure your Executive Club number is in the booking.

      You only get the bonus points on itineraries that start in the UK. If you were to fly ex-EU you’d only get bonus points on the BA positioning flights.

    • I’ve sadly never had one of these birthday BAEC offers 🙁

  6. Any news on Amex transfer bonus to any of the partners ?

  7. Thanks for the heads up. I just booked Etihad Istanbul to Melbourne, returning Manila to Istanbul for £1090 each – fantastic price! its Dreamliner and A380 as well, can’t ask for better.

    • Great result, enjoy the trip. If you’re lucky they will run a double or triple miles promo nearer the time as well!