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London City Airport finally opens a lounge …. and charges £180 per person

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….. although children under 2 are free!

London City Airport has revamped the lounge in the Jet Centre, used for private aircraft, and is now making it available for use by the general public.

(EDIT: but not if you are flying BA, see the PS.)

The lounge itself will not be giving Frankfurt’s First Class Terminal any major worries as you can see from the photographs here.  Following a refurbishment it can now seat 18 passengers.

London City Airport Executive Lounge

The key part of the service is not the lounge itself but the service around it.  The Jet Centre has its own passport control and security channels, and you will be driven directly to your aircraft when it is time to depart.  If you are travelling with luggage, it will be checked in on your behalf.

London City Airport Executive Lounge 2

The service can also be booked in reverse, with passengers collected directly from an aircraft and driven to the Jet Centre for immigration and customs formalities.  Slightly bizarrely, they offer to then drive you to the car park (no valet service here) or drop you at the DLR station.  You can also arrange for a taxi or Uber to pick you up at the Jet Centre which they describe as “carrying on the VIP experience”.

To be honest, whoever wrote the text on the website clearly has no insight into the mind of the potential users of this facility.  I’m not sure lines like this:

Light refreshments, catering, hot and cold drinks are all available from our First Class Lounge. However, if there is a special request to enhance your experience, remember you’re a VIP, don’t hesitate to ask.

…. inspire much confidence either!  Business Traveller implied in an article yesterday that they do not even offer hot food at the moment.

Further details can be found on the London City website here.

PS. Since I wrote this piece, I have discovered that the service is NOT open to British Airways passengers because BA will not allow chauffeur transfer to or from their aircraft.

Comments (24)

  • harry says:

    O/T vehicle tax

    Just paid mine & noticed Amex is now an option (I think that’s new?)

    £2.50 fee – not worth it for me as it’s a miniscule £20 (fuel efficient diesel)

    But if you have a Chelsea tractor, might be cheap points

  • Alex W says:

    Uncanny – literally just paid mine too! I used Curve, tried to chance it as a debit card, but no joy. Although at £185 it was worth the extra 2.50 to use a credit card for 281 Avios… plus whatever Curve rewards are if they ever sort that out! I wonder if they will give the Curve rewards retrospectively.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Confirmed on Twitter the rewards aren’t retrospective which is why I’ll only be using it when absolutely necessary online

      And paid my vehicle tax with AMEX on Monday forgot to mention. Seems the fee cap has Atleast meant more of the big places/organisations are accepting AMEX

      • Alex W says:

        Even so, my Curve is the default card to use in restaurants etc to avoid the awkward “do you take Amex” question!

      • Alan says:

        Wow I hadn’t realised they weren’t even awarding Curve rewards points yet – quite glad for now mine’s on hold due to lack of Android app. Definitely won’t be going for the Black version either!

      • harry says:

        I guess most councils will soon allow payment by Amex on similar terms to MC/ Visa.

    • KMN says:

      Am I the only person who still hasn’t gotten my curve? Ordered on the 22 of feb (black). :/

      • Simmo says:

        Received mine after chasing curve via email – seemed that the card I added to the app last month somehow disappeared and they could charge me the £35 for the card… (no idea how, as i did add it!).

        However no issues with Curve so far…. 10 transactions, mix of Contactless and PIN.

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