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How to earn and redeem Avios on Vueling flights from the UK

Vueling is the little known sister of British Airways and Iberia.  International Airlines Group, the parent of BA and Iberia, took full control of the Spanish low cost carrier in 2013 and since then it has expanded rapidly to serve over 160 airports across Europe.

The airline operates a one-class service with a fleet of, primarily, Airbus A320 aircraft.  There are no long-haul flights.  The main base is in Barcelona with a secondary main base in Rome.  There are a large number of tertiary bases where a small number of aircraft (2-4) are based.

You can redeem Avios points for flights on Vueling as long as you transfer them to Iberia Plus first.  This is good news for travellers outside London who have a wider range of regional Avios redemption options.

The catch is that Vueling flights are generally not expensive and the value per Avios point may not be great.   At peak times, however, it may make sense.  You should also remember that you can only transfer Avios into Iberia Plus if your Iberia account is 90 days and has ‘earned’ at least 1 Avios.


Where does Vueling fly from the UK?

The Vueling route network is constantly in flux with a lot of seasonal routes.  This list is based on their online route map but I am not sure it is totally accurate:

Birmingham – Alicante, Barcelona, Malaga

Cardiff – Alicante, Barcelona, Majorca, Malaga

Edinburgh – Alicante, Barcelona, Paris, Rome

Leeds Bradford – Barcelona

Liverpool – Barcelona

London Gatwick – Asturius, Barcelona, Bilbao, Florence, Paris, Rome, Santiago de Compostela

London Heathrow (T3) – La Coruna, Barcelona

London Luton – Amsterdam, Barcelona

Manchester – Alicante, Barcelona, Rome

Newcastle – Barcelona

Services from Belfast were recently suspended.

Vueling is not entirely low cost ….

If you are travelling on business or are willing to pay a premium, the ‘Excellence’ fare on Vueling gives you something which is pretty comparable to BA Club Europe.

This page on the Vueling site outlines the ‘Excellence’ benefits:

  • Row 1 seating with the middle seat empty
  • Unlimited ticket changes with no fees, except any fare difference
  • Free same-day flight changes
  • 1 x checked suitcase
  • Dedicated overhead locker for hand baggage
  • Fast Track security at selected airports including Gatwick
  • Lounge access at selected airports including Heathrow and Gatwick
  • Priority boarding
  • Free on-board catering from the buy-on-board menu
  • Avios earned in Iberia Plus

It doesn’t sound too bad!

How to earn Avios points when flying Vueling

All Vueling flights to or from the UK are operated as codeshares with British Airways.  A number of other Vueling routes are also BA codeshares including all domestic Italian flights.

The British Airways Executive Club earning chart for codeshares is the same as it is for standard BA flights – see the chart here.

For Vueling routes which can only be booked at, you need to credit them to Iberia Plus in order to earn Avios.  Only ‘Optima’ or ‘Excellence’ fares on the Vueling site earn Avios.

Any Vueling tickets booked on will earn Avios in Iberia Plus.

Note that if you book Vueling flights on or your ticket includes a free suitcase.  This is not the case if you book the cheapest possible ticket on the Vueling website – but you will pay less in the first place.


How to redeem Avios points for flights on Vueling

Annoyingly, despite the codeshare agreement, you cannot redeem for Vueling flights via

You need to redeem via Iberia Plus. This involves:

  • opening an Iberia Plus account at
  • having it open for at least 90 days
  • earning at least 1 Avios in the account from a BA or oneworld flight, from crediting a hotel stay, from another partner or from moving across some American Express Membership Rewards Points and then
  • using Combine My Avios to move your points to Iberia Plus

Typical pricing

The problem is that, in the absence of Reward Flight Saver, Avios redemptions on Vueling are not competitive in most cases.

Here is an example of how pricing compares.  I looked at a flight from Manchester to Barcelona in late August (23rd to 26th): – €195 (no seat selection, no checked bag, no Avios) or €247 (seat selection, checked bag, Avios) – £187 (checked bag, Avios, not sure about seat selection)

Avios redemption via Iberia Plus – not available, I couldn’t find a seat during August at all

I DID manage to find a Vueling flight from Manchester to Barcelona in November.  It cost 15,000 Avios + £64, which would have included a checked bag.

For cash, the same flight was on was €90 for the ‘no suitcase, no seat’ version and €125 for a suitcase, a seat and some Avios.  It makes the redemption an exceptionally poor deal.  You would need to paying over £200 for a cash ticket before you were getting 1p per Avios and, as you can see from my peak August example, that rarely happens.

Vueling is pronounced ‘bwelin’, if you were wondering ….

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  1. Troll Basher says:

    Why do BA not facilitate Vueling “Excellence” reservations via ?

    It would be a useful ‘enhancement’ for BAEC members.

  2. The idea of reserved lockers above row 1 surely makes this way better than CE!

  3. Stuart says:

    There are some limitations with the more basic Vueling fares.

    I’ve had a number of flight which were booked as BA flights where seat choice wasn’t available and lounge access wasn’t allowed despite being Gold BAEC

    • Roger says:

      Vueling also flies Luton-Zurich and appears on flight searches along with LHR- and LCY-..

    • Scottnothing says:

      I’ve also suffered the indignity of being turned away from the lounge when flying on a Vueling ticket booked via

  4. Their flights from belfast to barcelona lasted less than a year

  5. BigDave says:

    We flew vueling from Seville to Nantes – Seville airport is a bit stuck in the 70s but the parking was cheap and the flights bang on schedule
    The vueling pilot must of had a nervous twitch as the take off was very very jerky despite fantastic calm weather – return flight from nantes the plane was not cleaned properly…
    otherwise great budget airline with fantastic prices
    the cheapest flights I got did not qualify for Avios, just vueling points and there’s no way in hell of transferring these..

    • Alex W says:

      In hot weather there will be a lot of thermal currents rising off the ground

  6. My experience withe Vueling is that they are usually late, and although the flight itself is absolutely fine I always value a short haul flight being on time above all else.

  7. OT: re. this offer: , my mate opened a new account and spent £153 on Whisky in on single purchase, but got 1000 bonus Points only (+ tripple Points for Whisky)

  8. I agree, I would also transfer reward points from Amex. I think that is probably the simplest and easiest method.

    • Genghis says:

      Agreed. That’s how I activated both my wife’s and mine IB+ account a while back. Just as a FYI – I sent avios to my wife’s IB+ from my MR account (by mistake) and it went through…

  9. Gavin says:

    Vinoseleccion is a nice easy way to get a few, Iberia’s wine partner, usually deliver to the UK for free.

    • Agreed that’s how I triggered my Iberia account – buy from Vinoseleccion.

  10. BroncoT says:

    Thanks Raffles – iTunes is a very interesting shout as well as the other tips. I’m currently looking to earn a small number of Avios on the Iberia Plus account just so it’s there if I ever need to transfer over Avios in the future.

    I’m relatively new to the hobby (under 1 year) and so not exactly swimming in Membership Rewards and hotel points, but by religiously reading the articles on the site and doing “the small stuff” as you called it, I ticked over 110,000 Avios this morning – small fry I know for a lot of you guys but I’m proud nonetheless 🙂

    I do feel that actually redeeming the Avios (haven’t started yet) would be far more straightforward if I lived around LHR rather than EDI though. I’ve yet to start that fun side of it.

    • Genghis says:

      Some might say that the collecting is just as fun as the redeeming…

    • Erico1875 says:

      Qatar business class is a good EDI redemption. We did EDI DOH GOI last year

      • BroncoT says:

        EDI DOH is one I’m interested in, purely as my office overlooks the airport and I see it come and go every day – I believe that’s the only 787 at EDI 🙂

  11. Dougie Forde says:

    I had a strange experience with Vueling from Cardiff to Palma last year. When it came to free online check in two days before, only three seats were available (there were five of us travelling). The helpline just told us to check in at the airport but we were travelling with hand luggage only and didn’t want to. At the airport we checked in and they offered to check in our luggage at no extra charge. We didn’t bother to try to check in online for the return journey and they let us put our luggage in the hold again at no extra charge.

    • Callum says:

      The luggage thing is commonplace for LCCs (and has happened on BA a couple of times for me).

      Though I wouldn’t find it attractive to check my hand luggage unless I already had checked bags – it means an unnecessary wait at the other end.

      • harry says:

        Free check in for extra luggage happens virtually every flight for us on BA (always the same route! 🙂 Place in the sun.) It’s because we only travel at peak times (school hols) and the flights are always full, so BA is desperate to get people to keep the overhead lockers free.

  12. wally1976 says:

    Vueling have also been advertising Birmingham to Tenerife on our local radio. This article reminded me to have a look and they certainly exist but I don’t know which days/dates at the moment.

    • Trickster says:

      They’re advertising on buses a lot in Manchester currently. From MAN also to Tenerife as well as destinations above.

  13. Trying to book redemption ATH-FCO on Vueling (they fly direct) but direct option not showing on flight selection page. No more seats available or glitch?

    • No availability. Had to go to +10 days later to find availability, hence I thought a glitch!

  14. Fenny says:

    If you do e-rewards surveys, you can transfer points to IB Avios at a better rate than BA.