Business Class to Las Vegas on BA, Virgin or American for £1,150 this Summer

Via Flyertalk comes this very interesting fare from Dublin – and possibly other places in Ireland – to Las Vegas this Summer.

£1,150 return, give or take, will get you from Dublin to Las Vegas in Business Class.

There are a few routing options available.  You can route into London on Aer Lingus and connect to Virgin Atlantic or British Airways.  Alternatively, you can fly directly to the US on an American carrier and then make a connection to get you to Las Vegas.

As you can see below (click to enlarge), I was able to get Dublin to Las Vegas on British Airways to price up at €1,547 on ba.com which is £1,177:

Las Vegas cheap business class flights

For British Airways routes, you should book at ba.com to avoid any booking fee.  Virgin Atlantic options require you to book via a third party – try Expedia or Opodo – because the Virgin website does not accept Dublin as a starting point.

Remember that, from Las Vegas, you can pick up connections to California.  Anything on American Airlines may be available as an Avios redemption or you could use Virgin Atlantic miles for Virgin America or Delta.

I don’t know how long these fares will be around – they may disappear as quickly as they appeared.  It seems to be bookable until September-ish.

If you have never booked a fare like this before, I need to stress that you MUST travel to Ireland to take the first flight.  Under no circumstances can you turn up at Heathrow and jump onto the second leg without first travelling to Dublin and coming back.

Remember that Virgin is currently offering double tier points and double miles on transatlantic routes.  Meanwhile, Iberia has a generous promotion if you credit a business class flight on BA to Iberia Plus.

If you need a hotel, don’t forget this generous offer for the two InterContinental Alliance properties in Las Vegas.

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  1. Ross Parker says:

    Can I be the first smartarse to point out that “other parts of California” isn’t right? Vegas is in Nevada.

    • Peter K says:

      Ha ha. That’s the first thing that jumped out at me from the post!!!

    • It doesn’t say from Las Vegas “to other parts of California”, it says “from Dublin – and possibly other places in Ireland – to Las Vegas”; so it’s geographically impeccable (as well as very good value).

      • It used to say “las Vegas and other parts of California” but the text has been changed by Raffles

  2. Cheshire Pete says:

    Surely the “must start in Dublin” would only apply if it is a thru ticket with BA? How could a flight with Virgin from LHR to Vegas be cancelled if you didn’t take an incoming from Dublin on a Separately ticketed BA or Aer Lingus shuttle into LHR?

    • Genghis says:

      Indeed. But then you wouldn’t be getting those prices LHR-LAS direct!

    • Brendan says:

      They are not seperately ticketed. It is one itinerary so in all likelihood, your ticket would be cancelled if you don’t take the first flight from Dublin.

  3. I’ve been looking to get some tier points as I’ve not travelled one world much since my TP renewal date last October. I need 230 TPs to retain silver

    Had a quick look this morning and routing DUB-PHL-PHX-LAS-JFK-LHR-DUB you’d earn 640 TPs?

    That seems like a fairly decent return for a TP run for £1155.77 and you get a night or two in Vegas to win your fare back!

    Any thoughts of a quicker way to get silver from a standing start for less from the UK/ROI?

    • Ralph says:

      Ex EU on Qatar. Eg. Copenhagen to Bangkok 4-11 October pricing now at <£900 Rtn gets u 560TPs if I'm not mistaken, plus 787 and a380 without long layovers.

    • Philip says:

      The SecretFlying website is advising of real bargain Business Class fares from Scandinavian cities to a host of Far East destinations with Qatar.

      Their headline offer is €1039 (£790) Oslo – Bangkok, which would earn you 140 + 140 + 140 + 140 = 560 Tier Points. Not quite standing start to silver in one fell swoop. but pretty close.

  4. Gary O says:

    Returning back from las vagas to Dublin via Heathrow, can we jump off at Heathrow and keep tier points and miles ?

    • You wouldn’t get the TP and miles for LHR-DUB as you wouldn’t have flown it. You would need to travel back HBO as your bag would be through tagged to DUB, unless you can convince the check in agent to short check to LHR but there have been reports on FT of agents refusing to do that.

      There has not been any evidence of BA taking all the miles and TPs away for dropping the last leg but one travel agent who was selling a lot of ex-EU did get in a lot of bother because his customers weren’t flying the last leg. Also they could come after you for the higher fare.

      To my mind for the price of the fare the sacrifice you have to pay is that you have to fly the last leg it’s only a short hop. The concern is if people keep dropping the last leg then these fares may go over time.

      • Gary O says:

        Thanks Will, this makes sense

      • +1 – I always go for the simplicity of taking the final leg and enjoying the extra 40 TP! Plus depending on timing you can make it a mini-citibreak too and squeeze in a mattress run 🙂

  5. yes if they only check your baggage as far as lhr, eg make sure the last leg is from lgw, and if they dont come after you later for the higher fare.

    • Billy Buzzjet says:

      if you’re flying BA.com , sometimes it returns the option of picking an ex. LGW departure to DUB on Aer Lingus or occasionally LCY -DUB on BA if you play with different dates. If not, try the AA website and try the advanced multi city search and do arrival into LON then LON to DUB within 24 hours of arrival and it usually comes up with the same fare and options from LCY and LGW . Make sure you tick the box that says ‘all airlines’ in the search. You’re bag will be routed to LHR then off you skip . I’ve never had a problem . The AA site also lets you mix and match first and WTP or WT fares which BA doesn’t easily offer.

  6. JamesWag says:

    That’s superb. I need May 2017 to Vegas for a wedding so fingers crossed similar crops up for that time frame.

    Am surprised it seems to work for both BA and Virgin. They’re not in alliance so is one just copying the other’s deal or is this an unusual tie-up ??

    • Mikeact says:

      My son got a strange one last year. Virgin ,Heathrow to New York, back on BA to Heathrow, but ticketing finished in Oslo (he jumped off in London ) £231from a French travel agent.

    • James says:

      Virgin tickets a lot of connecting short haul sectors on BA, it’s very common.

    • James says:

      NYC from DUB is £900 on select dates in mid summer on EI.

  7. Clive says:

    OSL to BKK in Qatar business is pricing at £800

    • polly says:

      Mmm wondering if we should.jump on board again and cancel our 241 in BA F to KUL in jan and grab a couple.of those J.seats…think a lot if them.end in December tho…love a mini break on Oslo too.

  8. Alex W says:

    LHR to Vegas in July is ridiculous at over £900 in Economy!!

    Finally managed to use my Lloyds companion voucher for just over £300 each instead, getting about 2.8p per Avios value. Couldn’t convince the wife to spend the extra to go business via Dublin!

  9. Stephen says:

    The fare is ok but there have been better. I am booked DUB-ORD-LAS return J on AA booked in the Christmas sale for £ 800. I also saw HNL ex DUB for this summer for £995 but the dates didn’t work for me so ended up paying £1300 but get 1040 TPs which I think is ok.

  10. OT
    Using the Curve card, how much will it cost to withdraw £1,000 from the ATM?
    Is there a monthly limit?

  11. Lady London says:

    Re BA has anyone noticed that the change fee seems to have increased to 80 euros / 60 pounds for a short haul leg? I’ve been pricing up BA against Alitalia, prices are not particularly competitive and I thought the change fee used to be 35 pounds?

    Have I missed something or in additional to seasonality seeming to cause a seemingly fixed higher price on so many routes now at even slightly peak season, is BA ramping up change fees as well?

  12. Please could someone advise on which product is better between Virgin Upper class and BA first class flying to New York or somewhere in the same distance zone ?
    Both will work out the same for points as Virgin is 80,000 points per person , and Ba is 160,000 But I have an Companion Voucher on the way

    Virgin will be cheaper in taxes at £460 Total

    • BA first is superior in almost every way to Virgin UC.

      The decider for me is that on virgin the seat has to flip over to go into bed mode, which means it’s either a seat or a flat bed. On BA you have any graduation of incline available between seat and bed – I usually end up sleeping on a plane with a bit of a kink in the seat so find Virgin uncomfortable.

      Also the Virgin product is very blingy which is not backed up by substance all of the time.

    • Billy Buzzjet says:

      And if you fly in to Newark instead of JFK you can experience BA’s new First product on the 787-9 which is even better . Although i’d definitely return via JFK as there isn’t a Concord lounge at EWR and the security lines can be horrendous . I’ve waited over an hour the last two times .

  13. Darren S says:

    Hi. Can someone clarify the luggage situation if I do not take the last leg back to Dublin? Does it not automaticlly get transferred to the Lhr – Dublin flight.


    • Since the Lockerbie bombing your luggage won’t just stay on board your original flight if you’re not on it, they’ll need to pull your bags when you miss your connecting flight.

      • Darren S says:

        Hi. Thanks for the reply. So are you saying my luggage will get transferred automatically?

        • Hi Darren – you perhaps need to clarify what you’re planning to do. I thought you were going to miss the last leg of your flight? If so your bag will not go on to Dublin. Instead they will pull it in LHR and you’d need to wait for it to be returned at the reclaim belt – how quick this is varies, in some US airports it can take an hour or two! If however you’re moved onto a new flight because of a misconnect they will try and get your bag onto the new flight. If they can’t they’ll courier it on separately. The main idea behind the rules is to stop someone having a bomb in their bag and not travelling on the flight with it – obviously given the change of approach from terrorists to suicide bombings this has less effect but it is still felt to make things a bit more difficult and hence why the authorities still have these rules. With regards missing the last leg in general, I tend to just play the game and fly the full itinerary and earn the full points.

        • Darren S says:

          Hi. I was just planning to miss the last leg and travel home to London from Heathrow. I wouldn’t consider doing this if it meant my bags would have to be removed from the plane as this would inconvenience others. I guess as you say I would have to travel the last leg.

        • The alternative it to build-in an airport change (to LCY or LGW) as then they’d need to give you your bags back but personally I prefer just to take the full routing given it tends to be a great deal I’ve had on the price! Most outstations now won’t let you short-check bags.

  14. Graham Walsh says:

    Why is there such a price difference with starting the journey in Dublin? Nearly ½ the price.

  15. Danksy says:

    I can’t find any decent prices for Virgin? Can anyone post up please?

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