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Garage bits: 60 Avios buying a coffee from Shell!, £5 off £50 at Esso from Amex

Petrol station news in brief!

Triple Shell Drivers Club points for buying a coffee

Shell Drivers Club points can be converted into Avios at a ratio of 2:1.  This isn’t necessarily the best use of them, given that they can also be redeemed for gift vouchers at a decent rate, but it works for some people.  You can learn more about the Shell and Avios relationship in this article.

Shell has special earning rates for buying a takeaway (or perhaps you can drink in?!) coffee from the Costa Express machine.  You would earn 40 Shell points for a large cup and 20 Shell points for a small cup.

Until 14th September, these rates are tripled.  You will earn 120 Shell Drivers Club points (60 Avios) for every large Costa coffee you buy and 60 Shell points (30 Avios) for every small cup.

Full details are on the Shell website here.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

Shell Drivers Club 350

£5 off £50 spend at Esso with American Express

A new offer for £5 cashback on a £50 Esso spend has appeared on some American Express accounts.

To see if you are targetted, log in to your American Express account and look under ‘Offers’ on EVERY statement page if you have multiple cards.

You can earn Avios points when you buy fuel at Esso.  Almost all Esso garages now let you collect Tesco Clubcard points and those convert into Avios points.  The earning rate differs between different types of Esso garage – this Shopper Points article explains the Esso / Tesco Clubcard relationship.

What makes this Esso deal better than the average Amex promotion is that you can earn the £5 cashback an unlimited number of times until the deal expires on 18th September.

If your Esso has a Tesco Express attached, you should also be able to use this deal to purchase £50-worth of gift cards and receive a £5 cashback credit – plus the usual 150 bonus Clubcard points for spending £50 on gift cards.

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  1. Sadly, since getting rid of our Audi, in favour of a VW Up! (as we only do 10 miles a day) I’d struggle to spend £50 in any petrol station – £34 for a full tank for me!

  2. A fellow Up! driver here so no chance of spending £50 on petrol.

    • Gavin, I hope you agree the Up! is a super little car …. I can’t see me ever driving anything else from now on!

      • Absolutely! I’ve always driven small cars, as the road I live on is incredibly narrow but it’s a joy to drive. My next car will probably be an automatic so I hope the automatic version of the Up! Is just as good

    • Since getting a Tesla I’ve lost all my petrol avios earning potential. Worth it though!

  3. If you pick up a coffee, don’t forget that you can also get 50 points (25 Avios) with most deli2go sandwiches and 30 points (15 Avios) on deli2go muffins and fruit purchases.

  4. Nothing on my BA Amex page. Could someone remind me what website l need to look for it on other (mbna/Lloyds) Amex cards or is it only on Amex issued cards.

  5. Nothing on any of my cards or the Amex connect website

  6. nothing on my Amex either

  7. Looking at my Amex Gold, I have an offer for 1000MR points on a £500 spend at Apple.

    Anyone know whether this will apply to a gift card purchase?

    Full offer terms suggest not, but nothing in the summary and I think that was the same with the cash statement credit about a year ago.

    • The problem there is finding an Apple product that is less than 2% overpriced.

  8. I think you’re right

    • I’ve had the same dilemma before (max 40L fill) and I bought goods from the attached Tesco to take it over £50 last year. Worked fine. (Although I think the Tesco/ Esso/ franchise relationship means it might differ from site to site.)

      Nothing on my Amex Gold or BA, nor on Amexoffers for Miles & More, United, Lloyds!

  9. Terms and conditions for ESSO say that Gift Cards are excluded.

  10. Not ALL Esso garages offer Clubcard points – the one near me doesn’t, because (as the lady said) there is a Londis shop attached.

  11. Blackberryaddict says:

    I (well, my wife) did get the offer on her BAPP, and registered yesterday. It was only (?) for 12,500 members, and the email notification went out yesterday, so maybe it has been fully subscribed?

  12. Read this, walked past a Shell so went to get a coffee, but thought I’d check that they could use the shell app for the number, which they couldn’t. I don’t carry the card, so I didn’t buy.

  13. Jonathan says:

    OT: Has anyone come across an Avios / Financial Times Subscription deal akin to the Economist one? My corporate subscription has stopped recently and as I’m missing it, I’m trying to justify the surprisingly large expense! (going further off-topic but can’t believe large financial entities can justify access for front-office employees!)

  14. I notice that the £5 statement credit appeared on my account two days after the Esso purchase of gift cards which also triggered 150 ClubCard points.

  15. Shell can be a good deal if it’s your local station as since joining up I’ve got 1200 shell points for a £220 spend so that’s 3 points per £ which is not bad going

    I find that every couple of weeks shell will offer me 250 to 350 points for filling up which is not a bad offer when I’d fill up at shell most the time anyway