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Bits: Another Lloyds / Avios horror story, spam Avios emails doing the rounds

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Another Lloyds / Avios horror story

Long-time HFP readers will know that I have softened my stance on the Lloyds Avios Rewards credit cards over the years.  This is partly because readers convinced me that, despite the appalling Lloyds customer service, the upgrade voucher and lack of FX fees was worth it.  It is also partly because the Avios changes in 2015 made the upgrade voucher more valuable because the price gap between Club World and World Traveller Plus doubled.

Every so often, though, I am reminded what a shambles Lloyds is.  A HFP reader applied for the Lloyds Avios Rewards card in January and has not yet received one single Avios point in his account.  This is the timeline:

  • Reader opens a Lloyds Avios Rewards card in January 2016
  • Card received, spending begins
  • Checks Avios account a few weeks later, nothing there
  • Ring Lloyds which has opened a 2nd Avios account by mistake – but that is also empty
  • Avios merge the two accounts
  • A month later – still no Avios
  • Phones Lloyds, they get in touch with Avios – ‘they are sorting it out’
  • Phones again – Lloyds promise it will be resolved by 31st May
  • Deadline passed
  • Lloyds suggests the reader registers a formal complaint against them (!) – which the reader does
  • Receives an email from Lloyds asking the reader call them on a secure direct line to discuss the complaint.   The email says ‘to prove that this email is genuine, here are the first four digits of your post code’.  The four digits given are completely wrong.
  • Reader is awarded £200 compensation from Lloyds, but still no Avios
  • July – Lloyds gives a solemn promise in writing that the Avios will be sent over within six weeks
  • Six weeks later (this week) – “Due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve not been able to deliver on our commitment of four to six weeks to resolve the issues we have been experiencing regarding Avios points. We are however monitoring this on a regular basis and will be in touch with you as soon as the issue has been resolved.”

The reader has spent £10,000 on the card so far and has not received a single point.  It beggers belief how difficult it can be to actually send the points to an Avios account ……

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Lloyds Avios Rewards 2

Spam Avios emails doing the rounds

I suppose it says something about the popularity of the Avios scheme that spammers now feel it worth promoting!

A reader sent me over the following email that she received from “British Airways Promo #417719”:

Congratulations! You won a 10,000 miles British Airways gift card.
A gift card has a value that you can use in full or part payment of a flight booking with British Airways.

In order to claim your gift card, or it’s equivalent value in GBP (399 GBP), simply click the link below and register into our Customer Relationship Management program.

http:// etc
British Airways Customer Service

Obviously there are clear clues here that this is spam – primarily the idea that 10,000 Avios would be worth £399!

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  1. TGLoyalty says:

    I had an issue with not getting c2k avios one month and made a few calls and maybe an hour max of my life trying to sort it with all the various callbacks but Lloyds gave me £150 compensation for my troubles, having already waited 3 months I wasn’t really bothered about the avios after that but they fixed it within a couple weeks once the formal complaint was raised.

    Re the refferal bonus 2 posted very quickly without trouble but another took forever and despite avios knowing it was there and payable it was an eventual Twitter post that actually got it fixed

  2. the_real_a says:

    I received £80 compensation after a battle with them to understand if the qualifying period for the upgrade voucher was based on calendar year or anniversary year since (of taking out the cad) their terms and conditions said both in different locations. Of course no agent actually understood what i was talking about… Its anniversary year if anyone else is wondering.

  3. Oh, The joy of Lloyds CS. I’ve just received a letter telling me of changes in their online banking T&Cs, despite the fact that according to their system I don’t hold an eligible product for online banking. This was what the in-branch computer system said when I attempted to sort it out by going in with ID, after trying and failing to set it up online.

  4. i referred a friend recently, and since they are heading to the US in a couple of weeks, the following day i contacted Lloyds to see if they could chase up the application email for my friend.

    the Lloyds online chat person said that if my friend used the normal application website, and used the same email address that i had referred … then we would each get our 4,500 referral avios. apparently every couple of weeks, Lloyds go through their list of applications and referrals, and post the referral bonuses.

    i have a record of the online chat – will find out in a week or so if it actually works !

  5. Similar problem happened to me.
    I was more relaxed since I didn’t have any urgent need to use the Avios points.
    It took me about 4 months to notice that points were missing, so I phoned Lloyds and they escalated the matter internally. I was told it’d take 30 days to get an answer.
    I phoned a month later, and I was updated with an acknowledgement of the problem and a promise that the points would be in my account in 30 days.
    Indeed a month later all the missing points from my spending and the corresponding bonus points of the first six months were added to my Avios account.
    So yes, they are slow to resolve the problem but they did resolve it within the timescales I was told.

    Still the problem happens too often as described by others above, and two months feels too long for a common problem to be resolved.
    I agree with Genghis’ comments about the “sensitiveness” of Lloyds’ anti-fraud system when you’re abroad, I need to have the Halifax Clarity too in order to be safe.

    So not brilliant, but 1.25 Avios per £ and no forex fees for £24 is a good deal atm, even when you have to put up with these issues.

  6. AceCobra1 says:

    Does the Lloyds card show the amount of avios I have acquired?

    I just received it the other day and it doesn’t seem to say that. I have my BA PP which I have spent enough to qualify for the 2 for 1 voucher so I am planning on working on my Lloyds.

    Also, my credit limit is only £2.5k on that card so I need to keep paying it back so that I can spend more than that in a month – The only thing is I cannot find the option to pay it before my bills are due? I can do it for my other cards so not quite sure what is wrong.

    Finally, I tried to register the AMEX version of this card with my paypal account and it says card is not supported? The mastercard version works just fine.

    • Johnnycl says:

      It’ll give you a summary of the Avios you earn each month at the bottom of your statement.

      Helpfully the website does not allow you to make payments so you can either ring up or better still do a BACS transfer. I’m in the same boat but with a much lower limit than you so I make weekly payments to the card. Ironically Barclaycard are in the habit of increasing my limit every 6 months despite the fact I don’t use their card!

      Not had any PayPal issues so can’t help there.

  7. Looking through the comments there seem to be two conclusions:
    Lloyds customer service is rubbish
    They give generous compensation on complaints.
    Would anyone like to share stories of the generous compensation that they have received from Supercard for their errors.

  8. Slightly OT but does anybody know if OW partners – QR CX MH BA – charge extra for using Amax or credit cards rather than debit cards?

    If so, are the ancillary charges the same amongst all airlines? Thanks a lot

  9. Oh after reading all those horror stories I must count myself lucky. I took out the premier avios card years ago when it came free with their premier account. Never had anything missing throughout – only thing which was wrong was the 241 voucher, which showed up about 6 months late. however, my documents say I got to pay an annual fee of £50 for the premier card – but this has not been collected for years! 😀

  10. Same horror story for me with my Lloyds Avios card. I applied for the card five months ago and my story is just about the same. I still have not seen one Avios at all. Lloyds are “investigating” but cannot tell me when this will be resolved. To add insult to injury, they closed my complaint after a day and will manually ‘diarise’ to review every two weeks (I suspect to keep their complaint numbers down) but I will now probably take this to the FCA as it’s one complete shambles and they should never have opened the account knowing they had serious issues.

    The saga continues.

    • My husband and I applied for these cards a few months ago. I get my avios monthly no problem, but like you he hasn’t seen a single avios. So its not everybody.

      What I do not understand is why they don’t just manually give you the Avios, (that must be easy) close your accounts and open new ones. Surely that would save the time with this gang of IT bods trying to work out what’s going wrong.

  11. Really glad I didn’t get the Lloyds credit cards for the points now! I don’t use Avios as I have frequent flyers with Singapore Airlines so only really fly with Star Alliance airlines. I have the AMEX Starwood card (got it on the 20,000 point sign-up promo back in December, which I received as soon as I hit the spending requirement), and then will convert the points to Singapore Airlines when I need them. I got the Lloyds Avios for the zero FX fees as I’m temporarily moving back over to Australia next month (will still be a resident in the UK and still getting paid in GBP), and it’ll do me for the time that I’m out there and whenever I travel abroad.

  12. Same story here. I didn’t receive any points for about six months, then got a big points deposit (which I just assumed was correct as had no idea how this was calculated). Then I chased for the upgrade voucher about five times, every few months. Finally got the voucher about 18 months after application! I complained and got my renewal fee waived but that’s about it. Genuinely can’t understand why this is so difficult for them – perhaps Raffles you could find an insider to give the scoop?

  13. Same issue here with Lloyd’s credit cards. I have a Choice rewards card (Amex ad Master) and last year from May to August rewards points earned from my credit card were not transferred to me. Have been chasing this with Lloyd since JULY last year and everytime i am offered the same apology and give us 6 weeks to complete this standard response. I am told the same thing that we have put this in our diary to review this every 2 weeks yet no one calls. I am easily expecting over 50000 points for those 3 months. They have been saying this issue has been caused by their vendor who calculates these points for them.

  14. I had no issues getting my joining avios but find the actual card/website completely unuser friendly

    been over a month and i have only just managed to get the account security set up and one of the two cards activated, not sure if this activates both or not it doesnt seem to have any options for the mastercard

  15. I was about to order the lloyds amex/visa and remembered tjis post. I guess it is a no-no from the experience of readers and my sanity??

    I was keen in the higher reward 2.5/£1 for the first 6 months, but seems it is not worthy.

    What is the best amex (cheap) alternative for avios? I already have the free BA one.

    • Couple of articles under the Favourites page which cover this

    • Hmm, should i take the punt?

      If all works as promised, its worthy. Even if it involves 1/2 calls to complain. Wont do it if its more troublesome. Still value my life more.

      • I’d do it, apart from a teething issue the card has worked well for me and I got good value from the upgrade voucher. They handled a disputed transaction poorly but then very adequately dealt with the situation once it had been escalated to their senior complaints team in Fife.

        • Thank you everyone- I’ll dive in and hope for the best!

          We all need a bit of emotion to our collection sindrome. Raffles, i would use the referral you sent me earlier. Cheers