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4,500 Avios posting from Sunday Times promo – jump in now if you haven’t already!

It is now almost four weeks since I wrote about the very generous Avios earning offer from The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

You could earn 4,500 Avios points for just £30.

The good news is that people who applied in the first wave have now received their Avios points.  The promotion is still running so, if you haven’t applied yet, you should jump in now.

How the deal works:

I have a soft spot for The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, probably because they tend to mention this site occasionally!

It has a slightly more aggressive tone than Conde Nast Traveller, being happier to call out companies or cities which don’t live up to the hype.  The August issue had a great piece demolishing various over-promoted destinations, companies and services.

Whether or not you are an occasional reader of the magazine, you are going to want to subscribe!  This is because The Sunday Times Travel Magazine is offering 4,500 Avios points if you sign up for a £30 subscription before 30th September.

At 0.66p per point, this is a no-brainer for most of us.

As I mentioned at the top of the page, the points are posting successfully.

Sunday Times Travel

You can sign up here.

The offer does NOT show immediately.  You need to enter STTM0916 in the ‘Promotional Code’ box and hit ‘Submit’.  The page will refresh and the deal will show.

Note that cutting and pasting the code sometimes fails. If it fails, type it in. Try upper and lower case too.

YOU MUST CLICK SUBMIT so the page reloads. If you don’t, you will NOT get the Avios as you will be signing up to the standard package.

If you do not see a box during the check-out process asking for your Avios or BAEC account number, you should assume that it has gone wrong and will not work.  Try again using a different browser or device.

In summary:

you receive 4,500 Avios in either British Airways Executive Club or

the offer runs until 30th September

the cost for a yearly subscription is £30 via direct debit (which you can cancel via online banking as soon as the first payment is taken ) or £32 via credit card or cheque

Avios are awarded within 28 days

you are restricted to one subscription per household and per Avios account

You are paying 0.66p per Avios point if you ascribe zero value to the magazine.  Given the content I doubt anyone who reads this site will not get some value from it.

You still have another month to jump in.  These are cheap Avios and you get something interesting to read as well.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. Bit of a snoozefest that 1000 point survey thing…..same questions about “would you donate to this charity by email, phone, mail” etc. Did it though.

    I cancelled my first magazine subscription as I didn’t get the opportunity to add my BAEC number.
    Did another one properly, got the magazine a few days ago and the DD was supposed to come out today but hasn’t yet.

  2. Do I read well that BEAC Avios are showing up but not? If so, I’m in the same boat.

  3. phatbear says:

    I received my first copy of the magazine on 30th Aug, not over impressed with the mag personally but worth it for the points.

    And my points have posted today.

    I take it i can now cancel the direct debit as they have taken the £30 out of my account for my years subscription

  4. Just applied and the following wording now shows under the select your reward scheme box;

    “One offer per member. One award of Avios per household. If you take out multiple subscriptions then you will only receive one allocation of 4,500 Avios, but all subscriptions will be fulfilled
    Your Avios will be awarded to your account within 28 days”

  5. OT: Anyone received their £20 extra via the MoneyCorpCard offer yet?

  6. Think the magazine will make a good birthday present for my dad. Cheers

  7. OT: weswap just emailed me to say the £18 is on my card now. So I loaded more cash to make it £200 then withdrew the lot from an ATM. £18 up 🙂

  8. My subscription was paid on 12 August and I haven’t seen the points….

  9. Ruth4325 says:

    Just applied for the offer, good deal as I buy it monthly anyway. Slightly OT but just gone back to BA for the third time to claim missing avios. It’s now resolved after I posted screenshots of the avios stated in the booking screen, but interestingly they say in their Twitter message :
    Hi Ruth, I’m sorry to hear you have not received the awards you were expecting for your flights under booking reference xxxx.I have looked into this for you and unfortunately the amounts you were shown in manage my booking were not correct. I’m afraid the information shown here is only intended as a guide and cannot be guaranteed so this means the awards you received for your flights were correct. However, I’m pleased to confirm, on this occasion I have now adjusted the amounts for you and the other Members of your Household Account, so you have each received the total of 22,510 Avios you were expecting. Etc…
    Is this a usual occurrence?

  10. sorry O/T so explain this one – ET

    I checked us in today for our flight back tomorrow – 2 bookings

    4x Avios rfs + 1x Amex Travel with the £50 statement credit

    I set check in up on 2 different browsers

    the 4 of us had virtually the whole plane to choose our seats from

    my wife (Amex Travel) had 2 pathetic seat choices in addition to her seat


    I logged her booking in on another browser – same thing

    I moved the first 4 of us to new better seats, thinking my wife could take my seat & I would just take her pathetic option (but maybe get exit seat at the airport)

    but then I opened up another browser with her booking & grabbed our old window seat that was now available to her – she still only had 5 options to change seats at this point

    why would she not get the same seat change options as the other 4 of us?

    • Did it not cross your mind that Mrs Harry might see this differently? … maybe she thinks she’s struck gold for a couple of hours 🙂

      More seriously, werest you then able to sit the family next to her after bagging the window seat for her? Would this make you pay up for seat selection on future flights?

      • she had asked me to get her something like 20A ie non-wing so that she has a decent chance of seeing our house on the way back – they often fly over the village or sort of to the right by a few clicks

        so I couldn’t move the 4 of us next to her as that was against instructions, she was up-country

        and whilst I can’t understand it, she likes to sit next to my daughter & near the boys – I think I got them 20 A & B, 21 A & B – I’m up in 8F eco at a safe distance but with any luck at check in (luggage) : there are 3 exit seats still available (no, not paying £18 for a short journey!)

        • 12A emergency exit sorted @ check-in 🙂

          lunchtime flight in zone 3 so got a fairly nice veggie snack, couscous salad with pumpkin seeds & various beans etc

          the boys said the sandwich was OK but the muffin disgusting

          get this, though – we had 4 bags checked in. 3 appeared OK but after waiting etc they stopped the belt, pulled off any remaining bags & said all done – and so I went to ask after our bag @ CS

          they located it easily so it had arrived in LHR – they said it will be on belt 6 so off we trotted – after another exhaustive search, still no bag & another passenger was in exactly the same boat

          we were about to give up when I thought I’d go back to our belt 11 just in case then lodge the lost luggage claim, but on the way, out of the corner of my eye I spotted our bag on belt 9! so happy bunnies in the end – how did that happen? though

          then absolute chaos trying to get out of short stay T3 – ram packed for exiting cars but made it in the end after about 25 mins

    • That’s new – normally it’s oneworld status pax that can access more seats.
      It might be that your RFS ticket is a group booking so that you are given the chance to sit together. Keep checking as the available seats change often

    • gimmemyseat says:

      It’s all to do with BAs new departure control system, FLY, which has a new seating module that overwhelmingly benefits status passengers. I assume you have BAEC status, harry? That’s why you can see more/better seats.

  11. rams1981 says:

    OT I got 900 points on Hilton saying Rex Membership UK – any idea what this is?

  12. Back O/T……just to say ‘Thank you’ for for making me aware of Sunday Times offer……I agree, has to be one of the cheapest ways to earn Avios. Think I may have my ‘Christmas list’ shopping sorted too 😉

  13. Not only have my avios posted, but the first edition of my subscription has a feature on New Zealand where I’m going in April via the Qatar business sale earlier in the year #result

  14. I am getting the error message ‘The promotion code you requested is not available, and you are therefore on the default promotion code.’

    Anyone else experienced the same?

  15. Timothy Arnold says:

    Did anyone else not get their points? Subscription has arrived but nothing!

    I’ve sent then an email and waiting for response 🙁

    • Today is 28 days and not received 2 x points. I shall be calling tomorrow.

    • Your not the only one. Signed up for this offer the day Raffles posted it on here. Was very careful to make sure I followed it correctly and entered the promo code. No sign of my points.

    • Ditto.

      Latest in a long line of points offers / promos / bargains that have failed to deliver. Avios, Clubcard, Virgin, Accor…
      I’ve had success with about 1 in 4.

  16. Signed up 8th of August, got the points last week.

  17. on my BA avios account

  18. Just checked my BAEC account and my 4500 Avios have posted today.
    Signed up 2-3 weeks ago and DD came off about 5 days ago.

  19. Just to follow-up on this. I signed up using the code, but there was no opportunity to add BA or Avios number at time of booking.

    When the Direct Debit out I queried when the avios would be credited with ST Magazine customer services. They asked for by Avios number and it took a week to post the points to – they said allow 28 days.

    Good deal this – thanks Raffles