EXCLUSIVE: Earn 250 Avios when dining at local restaurants from 1st October

Avios is gearing up for the launch of a new feature on 1st October – a new restaurant-booking portal called Restaurant Circle which will give you 250 Avios points with every table booked.

The system is being run by ResDiary which handles bookings for 5,900 independent restaurants.  It will be branded as Avios or British Airways Executive Club depending on which site you visit from.

The economics is interesting:

Not all 5,900 restaurants who use ResDiary will offer Avios.  It will be restricted to those who pay a £25 per month listing fee.  This fee is chunky when you consider that restaurants can pay as little as £49 per month to ResDiary for a fully functioning online booking platform.

The restaurant will pay Avios £3 per booking in return for awarding 250 Avios points to the booker

Different restaurants may appear on the Avios and BA-branded sites

‘Earning whilst dining’ programmes have been very successful in other countries but have never taken off in the UK.  The attraction for the restaurant is fairly clear:

The ability to attract extra customers to a business which has high fixed costs but low marginal costs

May attract additional business customers who are often less price sensitive than the general public

May attract a wealthier client base, given the British Airways Executive Club demographic

I don’t know if there will be any special launch offers available or not.  More details on Restaurant Circle should become available nearer 1st October.

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  1. Nice little earner for avios… I’d rather get £3 off my bill

  2. Would be great to see this turned into an app like opentable.

  3. I’m sure there was something similar to this years ago (I’m talking late 90’s) where you could earn Air Miles by eating out at certain places? The details escape me but I recall being sent a brochure from time to time of all the places you could earn – anyone?

    • The very first Air Miles I collected came in a motorway service station when I was about 10…

      • My first Air Miles came with buying a pair of Pepe jeans in Burton Menswear in Perth – I’ve still got the paper vouchers somewhere.

        A school mate earned his first flight by collecting the Air Miles vouchers that customers left behind – he was very proactive and asked “Can I have them?”

    • Yes Stu R – I remember collecting in restaurants in the early 90’s – we used to get the paper airmiles at our regular lunchtime haunt in Camden, and they’d often round them up as well!

  4. It will be interesting to see how many restaurants they have sign up – I love open table because it makes it so easy to see availability, but the number of restaurants on it is quite limited because AFAIK it also charges a per reservation fee which most restaurants presumably won’t pay.

  5. Can’t see that mamy restaurants signing up to this. I worked at a restaurant that changed from using Opentable to Resdiary as it was significantly cheaper (I think it was a fixed monthly fee rather than a per cover cost), but the system was dreadful to operate. Therefore, I can’t see the restaurants that use it wanting to pay a few quid per booking for this. Unless they can offer the bonus points first dining at more quiet periods perhaps.

  6. OT – Curve Rewards are now showing in the app (you might need to update first)

    • I just got an email from Curve announcing (finally) that Curve rewards have arrived.

      Slightly disappointed to see a balance of zero having successfully referred someone months ago and having spent a few k on the card since.

      Has anyone actually received any points?

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Can see my £35 for spending £1k, believe the referral bonus launches next month

      • I appear to have 1000 points as a result of being referred by Rob; no points currently showing up for the “spend £1000 over 3 months” promotion though.

    • I’ve received the bonus for spending £1k – I haven’t tried to spend it as yet but they are sitting in the account… hoping the details for ongoing earning will be announced soon!

  7. TGLoyalty says:

    Interesting as foreign use is 1%

    Thanks for the nudge Owen forgot I used Rob’s referral code so will chase my 1000 points if they don’t show up. Personally have found Curve reliable abroad and online since the early teething problems with double charges.

    FYI above it was actually referrals/£35 for £1000 this month and rewards on spend next month

  8. As a non curve user what should I read into this new enhancement?

    • TGLoyalty says:

      Good card for free

      Share the code BUDDY today – your friend will get a FREE Blue Curve, or a Black Curve for just £50!

      • Did not work with code ‘BUDDY’

        • I have 1,000 free Curve cards to give out later in the week, don’t worry! Set your alarm on Thursday if interested.

        • Could you (on Thursday) give a quick reminder as to why I might want one?

        • Damn, can you only sign-up in-app now?? When they first launched you could do so on the website. Bit of an issue when their Android app currently consists of a screen that says ‘coming soon’!!!

        • Great will look out for it, can’t grumble at something that is free 🙂

        • Ooh – that’s potentially of interest if this 1% scheme sticks around and they finally get their Android app up and running!

        • Well it didn’t update the price but order confirmation has come through as £0 so looks promising

  9. Why? All that would happen is that Curve would take your cash and buy Avios from IAG for 1p, or probably a bit more than 1p, each.

    As you can struggle to get more than 1p of value from them, you shouldn’t complain about getting cash which is more flexible. Feel free to use your Curve Rewards cash to book a BA flight for cash, with no availability issues!

    • I wasn’t complaining, I was thinking long term if the amex rate drops and the visa gets worse due to interchange fees etc. It may be a option if they did bonus transfers etc or maybe, I am thinking hopefully. Reading the blog it does say that you can’t use the rewards as a part payment yet, if the amount of rewards doesn’t cover the purchase amount it declines the payment. Their scheme looks interesting, it will be good to watch it evolve.

      • Not sure how they’ll be able to manage authorising transactions below the reward balance when using contactless. I guess it will revert to the next saved card for the balance but it will be interesting to test this.

  10. Sorry, O:T, is anyone still waiting for their £20 credit to their moneycorp account?

  11. +1

  12. flyforfun says:

    American Airlines used to (or maybe still does) have the iDine program that gave your points just for using your card at the eating establishment. You needed to register a card with iDine and you automatically got the points when you used it at the place – no need to book.

    I used it a few times signing up my UK card when on holidays there and racked up a [email protected] of miles at places I wouldn’t expect to have offered miles. Given the points were on spend as well, it was very generous, sometimes like 5 points per $ spent.

    Alas, when I went to register my next card, they seemed to have twigged it wasn’t a US card or that the address I was using was a hotel. If it does exist I’ll see if I can get a pre-paid mastercard or similar in the US and see if that works!

    • Make sure with the Idine thing that you live in Beverly hills..90210.. that’s the trick…

  13. Thanks for the Idine update, flyfor fun. i just checked my details and they are still valid. (My address ends in 00000.) Last used in 2015. The credit card number, used for logging award details, doesn’t need an expiry date as Idine don’t take payment. If people are already registered and use the same credit card for restaurant payment, they’re all set.

    Idine also operate several other miles-earning schemes via rewardsnetwork.com: Alaska, American, Delta, jetblue, Southwest, Spirit and United.

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