Bits: AirPortr’s ‘home to destination’ luggage handling, new Global Entry dates in London, Finnair increases Asia frequencies

News in brief:

AirPortr to launch revolutionary ‘home to destination’ luggage handling service

AirPortr, Europe’s first same day and on demand luggage collection and delivery service, is about to launch a unique ‘door to destination’ baggage check-in service in conjunction with British Airways.

We have covered AirPortr before.  It originally launched in May 2014 in London City Airport, expanded to Gatwick in July 2015 and to Heathrow in December 2015.  The original service allowed you to leave your luggage with AirPortr at the airport and have it delivered to your home or office, or to have it collected from your home and left for collection at departures.

From 26th October AirPortr is offering a new service exclusively with British Airways.  Your luggage will be picked up at your home, tagged and checked in for you. This way you can travel without luggage all the way until your final destination. 

This is an innovative service, and seems to be a genuine improvement to the British Airways service offering.  If BA can integrate the marketing into their pre-departure emails it could be very successful.

When you arrive at Heathrow, City or Gatwick you can head straight to security as you have nothing to check in.  This service can be used for pick ups from your front door, hotel lobby or office.

AirPortr check-in can be booked on this page of the AirPortr website. Prices start from £30 for the first bag and £10 for each additional bag within Central London.


More appointments for Global Entry released

CBP seems to have added more appointment dates for the Global Entry interviews at the US Embassy in London.

We ran our article on Global Entry interviews in London last week but we didn’t know at the time that there was very little availability left.

It now looks like some Thursdays and Fridays have been added to the calendar, giving more people the chance to take advantage of going for a Global Entry interview in London rather than having to travel to the US.

(Thanks to Adam for this information.)


Finnair increases frequencies to Asia

Finnair has announced an increase in their Hong Kong and Tokyo flights from summer 2017.

As part of their joint business operation with British Airways, Iberia and Japan Airlines, Finnair will offer 4 additional flights per week from Helsinki to Tokyo.

The service that will run between 5th June and 27th October using the new A350.  It wiill increase the number of weekly flights from Helsinki to Tokyo from 14 to 18.

Other non-stop destinations during summer 2017 from Helsinki include Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. This makes a total of 35 weekly flights to Japan!

Between 6th June and 28th October there will also be three additional flights per week from Helsinki to Hong Kong.  This takes the route to 10 flights per week and adds an afternoon option from Helsinki.  All Hong Kong flights are operated with the A350.

Redemption seats on these flights can be booked with Avios via  Cash tickets will earn Avios and British Airways tier points as Finnair is a oneworld alliance member.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. They should reshoot that airportr promotional image.

    The concept for the image is great, but the execution is not working.
    Not clear enough what is being depicted to be instantly understandable.
    Problem is the fake checkin desk. If they can’t get a better mobile prop one, then rather than create a fake checkin desk inside an office, take the props to make a fake office to an existing physical checkin desk (airport or training centre) and shoot it there.

  2. As of 06:18 this morning (12th October) there is no availability in London. I can confirm there were plenty of appointment slots available for the 13th October yesterday.


  3. After the no onboard service for CW & First pax on regional connecting flight the Airportr service should be deeply discounted for CW & F pax

    • You’re kidding, right?! A service available only in London and the SE should be discounted because BA has messed around with service for people in the north and Scotland?!

    • Lady London says:

      It would be a good idea if BA could offer the AirPortr service free to those travelling First Class long-haul. (Not CE/ CW). If I was someone who would travel First Class, I am sure I’d find not having to handle my own luggage so helpful, that I’d probably add a couple of bags even if I had to pay for them. So revenue to BA from this segment of passengers offsetting some of the cost.

      • Would definitely improve BA’s woeful ground offering. Agree a distinguishing point for F

  4. OT: If anyone was interested in my comment about shifting/duplicating an Amex stmt credit offer from one card to another, I can now say it worked. I shifted the Starbucks offer from my Plat to BAPP and my two £3 purchases earned the £1 credits.

    • I didn’t see your first comment on it – Can you share how you did it?

      • If you hover over the “Save to card” buttons you’ll see the offers on each card share part of the link address “sorted_index=5”, the number being unique to each card. If you have an offer on card 4 say, but want it on card 5, copy the link from card 4, paste it in your URL bar and change the 4 to a 5 before hitting go.
        The webpage will probably error, but if you navigate back to card 5 you should see the offer appears to be saved under “My Offers”.

        • Genghis says:

          Very interesting. And how do you know the card numbers? Simply the order in which cards are listed?

        • Very useful to know this works. Always seemed a bit bonkers that Amex would only make certain offers available on certain cards, especially when we know how ropey their IT can be at times!

        • It’s totally reasonable for retailers to want to target offers at platinum cardholders (for example) and not all cardholders – not bonkers at all.

        • Oh if there was any logic to it I would agree, however they seem to randomly allocate them to different cards or different customers with similar spending patterns. Having seen how things have been for a few years with Amex I don’t credit them with as much forethought in how they allocate things. I also think that given the vast fee paid they should make all offers open to Platinum cardholders.

        • Also reasonable for them to target card holders who had never used their card in the retailers store before.

        • Right but does it work when you spend or is it just poor website programming?

        • Lady London says:

          Yes it’s a result of the way the website is programmed and I do wish you hadn’t published this method.

        • It definitely works to shift the offer on the website and original poster claims that it worked when he did the spend.

  5. O/T- I had to buy AF flights on 2 separate tickets: one being London-Paris that I paid cash and the other Paris-Mauritius that I paid with miles. Will I be able to check my luggages in London for the entire journey?

    • Raffles says:

      As fas as I know, Air France hasn’t started playing silly games like BA so it should be ok.

  6. Christian kemp says:

    Just checked, for two checked in bags, from zone 3, its £50. Thats an absolute bargain. We are going on holiday next week, shame it doesnt start till 26th October.

    A small price to pay to avoid trying to fit baggage in the car and lifting it in and out a few times!

    • For that price you can get a minicab and the driver will do the heavy lifting.

      • Wayne Phillips says:

        Except my minicar driver wouldn’t bring the bags into the terminal and wait in line for me, while looking after my kids… Not for £50 anyway

        • Sean Ng says:

          I don’t have kids, but I remember my childhood holidays with two brothers… This could of saved my father from going grey.

        • But the cab driver might lift the bags onto a trolley for you? Presumably you have to pay for your own transport to the airport on top of the £50. Doesn’t sound like a bargain to me!

  7. Richard says:

    It’s disappointing that the Finnair/BA joint business doesn’t give any tier bonus for BAEC silver/gold card holders.. unlike the joint business with AA.
    For HEL-JKF direct flights I always book the flight through BA since with a BA flight number gold card holders get 100% bonus. The same flight (booked at the same price) with an AY flight number would not get the bonus.

  8. Can you really head straight for security for International Flights? Do you not need to have your passport verified before you can enter the security area?

    At T5 last year on an ex-DUB trip we decided to head landside when connecting on the outbound. When we tried to pass through into the fast track security area we were told we had to go back to a desk and have our passports checked. Would this not apply here too?

    • It depends on the destination and whether BA trusts you. If you are going to the US and BA has already seen your ESTA before then it might be ok. Sometimes they want to do a passport check even for Europe flights.

      But once when I went to HKG last year, I inadvertently did not bring my passport at all and BA didn’t even notice. (I have a Hong Kong ID card so don’t need a passport to enter HK, but couldn’t leave HK until I got an emergency passport from the British embassy)

    • If you are HBO and have a boarding pass, you can go straight to security. I assume that having your bags checked in by someone else is exactly the same.

    • Applies for some destinations, but only those requiring a visa. BA will insist on seeing your visa because if you get refused at immigration they bear the cost of getting you home.

  9. Are there not any security implications with someone else checking in your bags? Will the bags still be loaded if the passenger doesn’t board the flight?

    • No and no.

    • ItaMatrixJockey says:

      No additional security implications per se, as we currently allow anyone to walk up to a check-in desk and deposit their case…

      However, keep an eye out for the first anguished thread when items go missing or expensive luggage gets trashed and neither the courier nor the airline will accept responsibility !

      • Have they done away with all the “did you pack this case yourself” routine? I honestly can’t remember being asked it recently, but I’ve slept since I last flew.

  10. O/T – Buying an iPhone 7, what’s the best way to maximise points/discounts?

  11. When I got a 6S I looked and couldn’t find a decent way to do it. At Heathrow for extra Heathrow Rewards? I’m not sure if there is a viable gift card route? John Lewis gift cards maybe?

    • and you can pay for a JL purchase using JL gift cards purchased from Tesco (and bonus clubcard points). Not sure of limit on the number of giftcards which can be used.

      • rams1981 says:

        No limit with number of gift cards at John Lewis

      • but only a few days left unless they have extended the date again for bonus points (please tell me that I am wrong!).

    • Lady London says:

      usually you can pre-order about two weeks ahead from Dixons at Heathrow if you phone them, say what you want to buy and give them your flight details.

  12. as bonkers seems to be the word of the day, this fare is, well bonkers….

    ba silver locked in and return to oz on QA’ best metal…

    no need to thank me 🙂

    • You just beat me to it – knocking something up whilst seats last.

      • Nick Burch says:

        There’s also a Qatar / Groupon deal, spend £19 get 50% off base fare (but not taxes) for the not-cheapest business tickets (no promo, only next 2 up), for UK departures to 18 destinations

        • I would be surprised if this offered great value unless you need the flexibility.

        • Nick Burch says:

          I booked a trip to India with it. Business Promo (very discounted) with Qatar priced out at £1750 from LHR, best BA ex-EU was from Madrid for £1550 + positioning costs. Business Saver with Qatar (cheapest fare bucket Groupon covers) was £2500, Groupon dropped that to £1450.

  13. OT

    Does anyone know how to turn off the Tesco Club card points being automatically converted please??

    Where’s Harry when you need him! ;o)

    Thank you!

    • My Clubcard Account > Sign in > My Account Details > Options and Benefits

      • am here, but alan beat me to it!

        changed my screen name to Arrow cause some joker was posting as me

        • You’re lucky. There are at least two other Rogers (Roger and roger) and I noticed a roge as well, not sure if it was a typo. . Only Rob knows, but I think i was the first.

          Probably nobody cares, though I don’t want to be confused with somebody posting OT comments. Er, like this? 😀

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