Sunday Times Travel Magazine changes the rules on its 4,500 Avios promo

Two weeks ago I wrote that The Sunday Times Travel Magazine had rolled over its generous offer of 4,500 Avios points for taking out a £30 subscription.  It was extended to 3rd February 2017.

That is still the case.  However, the magazine has now changed the rules.

The original deal offered 4,500 Avios for a £30 one year subscription to The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.  This was a fantastic deal even if the didn’t want the magazine – although you would have found a lot in it worth reading.

The revised offer is less attractive.

Sunday Times Travel

You now receive:

4,500 Avios with a two year, £60, subscription

1,000 Avios with a one year, £30, subscription

On this basis, it becomes a ‘good’ deal rather than a ‘no brainer’ deal.

You can sign up here.

The offer does NOT show immediately.  You need to enter AVIOSIM or AVIOSPP2 in the ‘Promotional Code’ box and hit ‘Submit’.  The page will refresh and the revised deal will show.

(EDIT: At the moment, the site is refusing to accept the codes.  However, the codes above are correct – the latter code can be verified here.  Keep on trying until it works or call 01795 414827 instead.)

YOU MUST CLICK SUBMIT so the page reloads. If you don’t, you will NOT get the Avios as you will be signing up to the standard package.

If you do not see a box during the check-out process asking for your Avios or BAEC account number, you should assume that it has gone wrong and will not work.  Try again using a different browser or device.

At 4,500 Avios for a £60 spend, you are paying 1.33p per Avios point.  This isn’t a terrible deal when you add in the value of the two years-worth of magazines as well.  It just isn’t the steal it used to be.

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  1. Was going to time this as a Christmas present for someone. Not biting at 1000 avios for a years sub

  2. Subscribed for this first day it was advertised in August!, still waiting for the 4500

    • Michael Rosen says:

      You should have received them by now, I have.

      I would call them up

      • Got mine too. I would call

        • Received mine before DD was taken from account.

        • Call who? BAEC or magazine?

        • Genghis says:
        • Andyh,

          I’m in the same boat — I subscribed on Aug 9, the money was debited from my CC, yet no Avios to date. HAVE CALLED THEM 5 TIMES; HAVE EXCHANGED 9 EMAILS WITH THEM. This is not Friday morning hyperbole for effect. 🙂 The call centre staff are pleasant enough, but haven’t sorted the impasse; the staff manning the emails are totally inept, however — I have been asked the same question (“Does the name on your subscription exactly match the name on your BAEC account?”) SIX TIMES in the nine emails I have received to date, this in spite of all previous emails — and my previous answers to lines of questioning — being in the email trail. Clearly, no-one reads the email trail and only the most cursory glance at the issue seems to happen at the online end of their customer services department.

          Long story short: I told them yesterday over the phone that I wanted a manager to look into this and resolve the issue now as I felt what has happened is tantamount to false advertising — you advertised X for the sum of Y; I paid Y, I have not received X. Not expecting miracles notwithstanding…

        • Genghis says:

          Start MCOL just for the craic

    • Genghis says:

      Chase them. I did when points didn’t post within the time period promised. The CSA was very friendly and helpful.

      • Mine too has been friendly but not helpful as the issue is *still* outstanding. It all seems to stem from the surname for the delivery being different from my surname on the Avios account.

        • Genghis says:

          That wasn’t a problem for me as my wife and I both got points for gifted subscriptions (albeit one of those was the same surname as ours but one was different).

    • I subscribed about the 24th august and still waiting for mine too, definitely accepted the code and showed online that i was going to get them

      To be fair though they only took the money 10 days ago

    • Likewise – am in contact with the magazine who say they’re investigating…and investigating…and investigating….and you get the picture!
      It’s a great magazine but their support when things don’t go to plan is abysmal.

    • got mine exactly 28 days after i signed up

    • Subscribed 31st Aug, points posted on the 8th Sept. Was a “Gift” subscription.

    • Richard says:

      Still waiting too.

  3. I subscribed too when this first started back in August. Do we need to cancel the subscription to stop it automatically renewing next year? Or will it just stop after 12 months?

    I remember thinking that I’d need to cancel it, but can’t find anywhere on their website where I’d do this…

    • Genghis says:

      If paid by cc no action required. If DD, just cancel DD. However out of politeness more than anything I emailed them too

  4. Michael says:

    I *tried* to get the original offer but fell foul of the ‘disappearing’ account number box and submitted without realising there wasn’t another page. Many emails later (which they don’t read, I just get replies saying ‘what do you want’ or ‘give us your account details’ which I have several times) and there’s no resolution, so I just told my bank not to pay them. They set up a blank DD ages before they take money so I hope this is enough. I want the bonus, especially now the offer is weaker, but it’s just not worth the hassle. I wouldn’t go near them again if you paid me.

    • Apoorva Sinha says:

      I am on the same boat, 14 emails and 3 phone calls but they haven’t posted the avoid go my account yet !!

  5. Imbruce says:

    When I signed up originally the promotion code did not get entered so I emailed them then did not get a reply so I called them up and cancelled my subscription, I could not be bothered with it,
    a few days later I received an email asking for my Avios number and it could be added but as I had already cancelled it I decided to forget about it.

  6. Kathy H says:

    I already subscribe and was hoping this offer would be available when due for renewal – I would have bought Mr H a subscription ;(

  7. I am also in the same boat as most of you. Took the offer when it first came out, no Avois so have e-mailed several times, asking for my account number name etc. Still nothing then they said they had forgotten to add my Baec number and to wait another 28 days to post.

    It is really getting to be a joke that will be nearly three months if it takes that long, not satisfactory for a well know publication. Not holding my breath they will ever post.

  8. Mikeact says:

    But when, exactly, did the rules change ? My confirmation of order makes no mention of the number of Avios to be credited.

  9. The October issue states 4500points for a 12month subscription – I tried the code today and it doesnt work, they told me it is no longer valid – but surely this isnt allowed if they are advertising it? Nothing in the T&C’s to suggest it can be removed at any time?

    • The October issue is the one sold in September though. The one in the shops now is the November issue which does mention the new offer – I walked down to WH Smith yesterday lunchtime to check it out!

  10. OT: Convert Skywards Miles to Heathrow Rewards for 50% extra points before 31 Dec.

  11. Like most others here, signed up 22nd August and had 4,500 Avios credited 16th September. Great offer and no issues claiming. Magazine is pretty good too!

  12. Johnny5a says:

    You guys are lucky, they can’t find my subscription despite getting the confirmation email.

    • Johnny5a says:

      after many emails – they’ve said the order isn’t on the system despite an email confirmation

  13. Just received an email from the ST stating that my order, using the 4,500 code, made on 12 Oct, has been cancelled by them. The offer had already been withdrawn they say.

  14. This offer is closed, I was informed today

  15. What is the process for appealing? I signed up at the beginning of september and still do not have the points, I entered the code and it clearly stated i was getting points on the screen

  16. I subscribed on 19 September for the 4,500 Avios to my BA Exec Club account for one year’s subscription offer.

    I’ve contacted Sunday Times Travel 4 times and BA once (who contacted Sunday Times Travel for me). STT has confirmed to me on several occasions that the code I used was valid and that I subscribed in time.

    Today I was told by STT that BA had basically not allocated sufficient funds to cover the Avios needed for the high volume of people who had subscribed. However they do intend to honour those subscriptions and that points will be allocated to us on Friday (4 November). Fingers crossed!