50% bonus on Emirates conversions to Heathrow Rewards – worth it?

Heathrow Rewards has launched an interesting promotion – a 50% bonus when you convert your Emirates Skywards miles INTO Heathrow Rewards points.

This deal runs until 31st December.

Emirates Skywards joined Heathrow Rewards as a transfer partner back in May 2015see here.   As British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa and Etihad were already transfer partners, it was not a surprising addition.  The transfer rate is the same as the other airline partners.  250 Heathrow Rewards points gets you 250 miles.

What WAS surprising is that you were also allowed to transfer Emirates Skywards miles INTO Heathrow Rewards. The details are here.


Here are the rules when no bonus is running:

The minimum Emirates transfer into Heathrow Rewards is 6,000 miles.

The conversion rate is 3:1 so 6,000 miles gets you 2,000 Heathrow Rewards points

The maximum conversion per transaction is 54,000 Emirates Skywards miles

As 2,000 Heathrow Rewards points gets you a £20 shopping voucher, you are getting 0.33p per mile

You CANNOT convert Heathrow Rewards points gained via Emirates into airline miles

The final point above is very important.  The ONLY thing you can do with Heathrow Rewards points generated from a Heathrow Rewards conversion is to redeem for a Heathrow shopping voucher.

I tried this out when the feature was first launched.  I moved 6,000 Emirates Skywards miles across.  The transfer was INSTANT.  I logged out of my Heathrow Rewards account, logged back in and the 2,000 points were there.

Next to your points total online is a little question mark.  Click on this and a box pops up which says:

Heathrow points:  xxx

Emirates converted points: xxx

I went over to the Avios conversion page.  I got a message “You do not have enough points to redeem for this reward” – which was true, excluding the Emirates miles.

I then went to the shopping vouchers page and WAS able to redeem for £20 of shopping vouchers without any problems.

Emirates A380

With a 50% bonus, you will receive a £30 Heathrow shopping voucher for every 6,000 Skywards miles you convert.

This is still not an outstanding deal by any means.  It is pointless (sic) converting American Express Membership Rewards points to Emirates Skywards to Heathrow Rewards just to get 0.5p per mile – there are plenty of Amex redemptions which offer better value than that.

However, this IS an excellent way of using up some spare Emirates Skywards miles (minimum 6,000) if they are about to expire.

Don’t forget the other two ways of using up small amounts though – Arsenal football tickets and redeeming for easyJet flights.

Remember that you CANNOT use this as a method of converting Skywards miles into Avios by laundering them through Heathrow Rewards – the IT works and those redemptions are blocked off.

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  1. I ve got around 30k skywards points that expire in april2017, with no likelihood of aerlingus any more. Is there any other use or should I just cash them out?

    • Arsenal tickets, Emirates high street, transfer to hotel partner etc there are loads of things you can do with Skywards.

    • easyjet one-way redemptions start from 7,500 skywards miles.

      ian. 🙂

    • There a few hotel options in the Middle East but, given the deadline, I admit in your scenario I would cash out by December 31st (when this offer ends) if nothing else turns up.

  2. Can you redeem these for £10 off parking discount which iirc costs 500 LHR points? How long are shopping vouchers valid? Got 9k Emirates to empty by next Sept so this could be handy.

  3. czechoslovakia says:

    Does anyone know if the HR shopping voucher can be donated/sold on? Got 7000 emirates miles due to expire thanks to a SWISS mess up way back. And I do everything within my power to avoid Heathrow. TIA

    • Yes. Once you have these in your Heathrow Rewards account You can order a £5 voucher for 500 points (and multiples thereof).
      You can also transfer points from a HR account in your own name to another HR account although there is a limited to how many points you can transfer in a single transaction (I think it’s 54,000 points). The advantage of transferring to another account is you can use instant rewards (so no need to order paper vouchers) in store. Or you could just hand your own card over to whoever you want to gift your points to!

      Voucher can be used for, or towards, the purchase of goods and services at any of the participating outlets at Heathrow. Voucher is not transferable nor exchangeable for cash and cannot be used for purchases made for less than the full value of the voucher presented. Only the original voucher is valid. Photocopied, damaged or defaced vouchers will not be accepted. Passengers may still be liable to various taxes which will vary depending on the ultimate destination. Voucher is valid for one year (12 months) from the date of issue. Expired vouchers cannot be replaced or reissued.

      T&cs for paper vouchers:
      Voucher is not valid in the following outlets: Bureaux de change, vending and gaming machines, Staff Eurest restaurants and the BA Highlife staff shop. This voucher is not valid for transactions for medicines, prescription items, infant formula, gift vouchers, postage stamps and tobacco products or for Heathrow Express train tickets.

  4. rachael says:

    My Skyward points are about to expire next month, when transferred to Heathrow shopping vouchers how long will i have to use the vouchers ?

    • The Heathrow Reward points (held in your HR account) will expire after three years. If you order the paper vouchers before they expire, those vouchers will have to be used within 12 months.
      So potentially you have 4 years to use them in.

  5. Don’t forget, you can also use you Skywards points at Dubai Duty Free ….

  6. Thanks for this. The website is a little unclear as you only see the bonus once you have done the transfer. I thought it wasn’t working so did a test first with the minimum 6000 to 2000, but it showed up in my account as 3000.

    I had a load to use and wasn’t planning on going anywhere near Dubai on my own dollar soon so flipped 54000 into £270 worth of vouchers – this is about half a new Iphone 6s which will go down well.

  7. So my 5500 Skywards points continue to be useless? Excellent.

    • Are they in e-rewards?

      You could move 500 HR points to Emirates and then transfer your 6000 points back to get 3000 HR points!

  8. OT/
    Anybody had any luck with the churning of the Virgin Credit Card? – Currently up to 170,000 miles, without stepping foot on a Virgin plane.

    I got rid of my Virgin black card about 8 months ago. Never had the White version, however unable to do multiple sign up bonuses due to committed spend on other cards already so wanted to get more bang for the buck.

    • Genghis says:

      A couple of people have reported success. I’m currently trialling it after being accepted again.

      • Ditto – got the white again within 3 months of closing previous white card. 3k for initial purchase already showing.

    • Johnnycl says:

      Yes, I’ve just churned the white card successfully and there was another person commenting with the same a few days ago too. I had about two statement cycles worth of a gap between cancellation and application.

  9. Erm… I haven’t used HR before. If I join online now, could I use the App to pay for things with the points immediately or do I need to wait for physical card or vouchers to be sent to me?

    • As soon as the points are in your Heathrow Rewards account, you can use them immediately. Within the app if you go to Heathrow Rewards, then My Account then My Loyalty Card it provides a virtual card which can be scanned. You can also add it to passbook in iOS from here.
      From memory the transfer from Emirates to Heathrow Rewards was immediate.

      If there are other members of your family who have Emirates points which you want to transfer, you will need a Heathrow Rewards account in their name. Heathrow Rewards only allow one account per address, so you’ll have to be creative with how you enter your house number.

      You can then move all the Heathrow Rewards points to another account if you wish, the exception being any bonus points (e.g. 100 points for registering) which cannot be moved.

  10. Rachael says:

    Has anyone every bought tennis tickets at the O2 ATP using Skyward points. I just spent 20,000 points for x2 VIP tickets which include food and drink for the finals which I find amazingly good value considering the package for 2 was upwards of £200 pounds each..or did I miss something ? Either way my son is tennis mad so will be happy.

    • Didn’t know they had those. Should be good fun.

      • Rachael says:

        Actually Rob, I did a search on Barclays ATP x2 VIP tickets with food and drink, and the tickets are going for 2 at £1812.. so even more fun if what I have booked turns out to be correct.:)

        • You know what …… someone told me about these and I promptly forgot. And when I remembered, days later, they had all gone ….

  11. Are transfers only in blocks of 6K points, or is that the minimum?

    Have 8500 EK miles which I have no discernable use for

    • I had the same question. It doesn’t seem to let me change the value from 2,000 Heathrow Rewards points (6000 EK points) to any other value 🙁