Get 2,500 Avios or other miles with a Heathrow Rewards sign-up bonus

Heathrow Rewards – the loyalty scheme for Heathrow’s duty free shops – launched a generous sign-up bonus in April worth up to 2,500 points.

I thought it was worth reminding you about this deal today as the code is still valid until the end of the year and you may be heading off to the airport for half-term soon.

2,500 points is as good a sign-up bonus as you will ever see for Heathrow Rewards although the minimum spend this time is higher than in the past.

Heathrow Rewards gives you 1 point for every £1 spent in Heathrow (1 per £10 on foreign exchange) or on Heathrow Express tickets (online bookings only).

You can redeem your 2,500 points for 2,500 Avios (in either or British Airways Executive Club), Virgin Flying Club miles, Etihad Guest, Miles & More miles or Emirates Skywards miles. 

Alternatively, you could take £25 of Heathrow shopping vouchers or Heathrow Express vouchers, or £50 of vouchers towards the official Heathrow car parks.

The offer you choose will depend on how you spend money at Heathrow:

This offer is sponsored by BA although you can send your points to any airline partner.  It triggers your 2,500 bonus points (= 2,500 miles) with a £150 spend in one day before December 31st.  The sign-up link for this deal is here – make sure the code BAAPR16 is the ‘promotional code’ box.  

If you can’t manage £150, you will receive 1,000 points with a £75 spend in one day before December 31st.

Full details of the Heathrow Rewards scheme are here but to join and get the bonus you need to use this link.

Check the small print before you make your purchases at Heathrow as some items, such as tobacco, do not count.  Foreign currency transactions are not meant to count but I know that some people have changed £150 at Travelex and found that it triggered the bonus …. I cannot promise that this will work for you.

It is not clear if your first purchase on the card must be for £75 or £150 or if you simply need to spend that in one day at some point between now and the end of the year.

Heathrow Rewards

You may well already have a Heathrow Rewards account. If so, you have three options:

open an account for someone else who shares a BA or Avios household account with you, then transfer the Avios to that account

Heathrow Rewards now lets you transfer points between different people – you could get a card in a random name, spend the £75 or £150 and then ring Heathrow Rewards to transfer the points to yourself

if you have only previously converted to one airline programme, you could open another account in your name (different email, different postal address) and then send the points over to Virgin, Etihad or Miles & More if you usually send them to Avios (or vice versa). Do not use the same Avios number on two accounts.

Note that Heathrow Rewards only allows one account per address.

If your card does not arrive before your next Heathrow trip, don’t worry. Save your receipts and scan or post them to Heathrow Rewards and they will add them manually.

PS.  If you have the Etihad credit cards, issued by MBNA, you receive a free upgrade to the Heathrow Rewards premium tier which earns double base points.  Full details are in this article.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. OT_ Has anyone tried PRGC to Platinum upgrade recently?
    The link on Amex site seems to be dead.

  2. The Travelex route worked for me 3 weeks ago, I collected 2 x $200 for £158 each and received 2615 points into the two new Heathrow rewards accounts I had set up purely for this offer.. I then transferred 400 points to 8 family members 4 from each HR account ( max 4 transfers per year) to their new HR accounts which had a welcome bonus of 100 HR points, the 500 points were then used to transfer 250 points each to Avios and BA for the new activity bonus. So my 5230 HR points have turned into 9 x 2500 avios total 22500 avios and 2 HR accounts with 515 and 1015 points left in.

    • WOW!

      • I could have squeezed a further 7500 avios out of this had I known about the 4 transfers per year rule. I would have transferred all remaining points on the fourth transfers and then transferred from them accounts for a further 3 x 2500 avios.

        • Ronster says:

          Good morning xcalx

          Could you kindly explain in slightly more detail this method regarding “squeezing a further …” please.

          Is it my understanding that in this case you could have sent the 1530 HR points to one account and then set up 3 more transfers to gain the 2500 avios per transfer

          If I have understood, you opened:-
          1)Two HR accounts
          2)A further 8 for family members
          3)A further 3 more to transfer the final 1530 HR points

          I thought that you would have maximised already, the 4 transfer rule, from the 2 new Heathrow rewards accounts that you had set up initially?



        • Yes

          I opened 2 new accounts and made 4 transfers of 400 points from both into the eight new accounts this left me with 1 account of 515 as I had redeemed 500 HR points from this account to my Avios and BA accounts the other account was left with 1015 HR points .

          Had I known of the 4 transfer rule I would have transferred 800 and and 1200 to two of the new accounts leaving me with 115 and 315 in my accounts.

          I would then have set up 3 more new accounts to make the 2 x 400 and 1 x 400 transfers from the 2 accounts I transferred the extra points to. This would have netted me an extra 7500 avios.

        • Genghis says:

          Are these HR accounts for real natural persons linked to real members of your BAEC HHA?

        • These accounts are for family members who have Avios and BA accounts, the transfers would not yield the bonus if setting up new BA and Avios accounts.

          I should have been clearer above ..”.I would then have set up 3 more new accounts” I was referring to HR accounts.

    • Unfortunately this didn’t work for me. Got a new HR card for my daughter through the BA link about 6 months ago – made my first purchase on it at Travelex for £200 currency about 3 weeks ago. Absolutely nothing showing on the account. Haven’t got round to asking HR for it manually (seems a stretch) but I’ll try – suspect I’ll get 20points!

      • Send them an email. The same happened to me and after submitting a missing points claim form they arrived 2 days later

      • Did you opt for Buyback, if so you will have to wait 45 days for points to post.

        • No buyback. But the chap behind the counter was very new and was being coached through the process by a colleague – don’t know if that had something to do with it. I’ll contact them by email (or rather my little girl will!)

        • Genghis says:

          I’ve done the currency route a number of times. Even if you don’t opt for buy back, you have to wait 45 days for the points to post to HR account. Even then, I’ve had to contact HR customer services to add the points manually. But no problems in doing this. I have an email from HR customer services even confirming that this is OK.

        • Not my experience I joined HR on the 25th September for a collection on the 26th I don’t know how the point transfers look like they do but it was 4 x400 point transfers and 2 x 250 to avios and BA

          Here is how it looks on my account.

          05/10/2016 Redemption Reward details -250
          05/10/2016 Redemption Reward details -250
          05/10/2016 Manual adjustment -400
          05/10/2016 Manual adjustment -800
          05/10/2016 Manual adjustment 400
          05/10/2016 Manual adjustment -300
          05/10/2016 Points transfer -100
          05/10/2016 Points transfer -100
          05/10/2016 Points transfer -50
          05/10/2016 Points transfer -250
          26/09/2016 Travelex – Heathrow Terminal 5 £158.10
          Standard points 15
          Bonus points 1000
          Bonus points 1500
          25/09/2016 Event promotion
          100 points for enrolment

  3. Genghis says:

    “If your card does not arrive before your next Heathrow trip, don’t worry.”
    There’s also a digital version for iPhone at least. Not sure about other platforms.

    • from memory it is a bar code which can be printed off on papaer or shown as PDF on any smartphone to till operator to scan for HR account.

  4. You can also pick up the physical card on a leaflet in the airport – I did this and registered it online with the code using my phone before using it in a transaction.

  5. What if you have never used a card or transfered, would you get the bonus for a first spend ?

  6. Sorry for another OT. We have a full car hire excess CDW worldwide policy and will be doing several one way car rentals in the US over Xmas. Whats the best way to book these? Thanks

    • Lady London says:

      @Zoe One way won’t cost you any more in many States provided you pick up and collect within the same US State.

      The only exception I am aware of to this is the special seasonal hires that can sometimes be obtained at particular times of the year when the car hire company wants cars or motorhomes moved between branches which are not in the same State. For example at the approach of winter, they may offer deals if you move their car from some Northern States to, say, Florida and vice versa in Spring.

      Other than that, if you are not planning to drop in the same State then IIRC you will pay a huge penalty. If anyone else knows better than this then I would be really interested to know too.

      • A couple of years ago I rented a car in St Augustine FL and returned the car 4 days later in New Orleans LA, no drop off charge and only $10 per day. Used Enterprise.

  7. So let me understand this correctly.
    1. you order The Card
    2. You head to Lhr and You Buy currency with any credit card?
    3. And this triggers the 2500 avois points?

    • Yes, but order the currency online for heathrow collection you will get a better rate.

      • Definitely still a hr-eligible purchase if done online and only collecting at airport?

        • Yes, you order online but the transaction/purchase is completed at LHR where you show your HR card.

        • anders Mogensen says:

          Thanks! will give it a shot

        • anders Mogensen says:

          Hmm… Apparently I can’t preorder with a danish credit card. Will it work if i just walk up to them at the time of arrival in terminal 5 and ask for 200 USD or does it have to be preordered for it to give the bonus speciified in this thread…

        • No need to pre order, but you will get a very poor rate as a walk up.

        • Genghis says:

          I can confirm that ordering online (and entering your HR number) is the best option. I’ve not paid by credit card though? Not sure if their CC charge is prohibitive?

    • And remember not to include buy back as this pushes the time you will receive the points out to 45 days.

  8. I did this recently on a planned purchase using the BA sign up code. You can print out a membership card which worked fine. Don’t forget the bonus click and collect or home delivery 250 points Rob wrote about recently. My extra points didn’t post but I’ve emailed to ask for them. The only one account per physical address seems a bit unreasonable for couples who may legitimately want separate accounts.

  9. OT. Anyone know if the VTEC £5 F/B vouchers for Virgin trains have an expiry. Just noticed I have £20 worth from early September and no train travel planned for the rest of the year.

  10. Sagaran Reddy says:

    Please more information on Avois

  11. Alastair says:

    While signing up for this, I noticed a bonus offer for transferring Emirates Skywards miles (useless to me) to Heathrow Rewards points. However, the T&Cs state: “Skywards Miles converted to Heathrow Rewards points cannot be converted to any other Heathrow Rewards loyalty currency.” So in theory I couldn’t convert them onward from Heathrow Rewards to Avios. Does anyone have any experience as to whether that’s actually the case?

    • Alastair says:

      Ignore me, I see Rob answered this exact question the other week.

      Looks like it’s just LHR gin vouchers or EasyJet then 🙁

  12. If you already have a Heathrow Rewards account registered at your home address – how can you open an account for someone else who shares a BA or Avios household account with you, then transfer the Avios to that account. This first option in the article doesn’t make sense as the family members will have the same registered address for a BA exec household account.

    Am i missing something here ?