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Bits: Kids fly free to Scandinavia, two nights for the price of one at Macdonald Hotels

News in brief:

Kids fly free to Scandinavia

SAS is offering free flights – excluding taxes – for children age 2-11 when booked by TONIGHT, 24th October.

This deal works on short haul flights from the UK to Scandinavia.

Out of curiosity I tested it to see if, as a single parent with 8 kids, you really won’t have to pay for any of the children.

I looked at a flight from London Heathrow to Copenhagen on the 25th November coming back on the 27th November.  The price for 1 adult and 8 children came up to £116.21 in total – but that excludes tax.


Looks like a cheap (and stressful) weekend away.

You do have to pay taxes for the children’s flights though. Once you’ve clicked BOOK a fee of £29.81 for the outbound and £21.60 for the inbound flight is added to every single child and the price goes up to £527.49


This is still cheap for a weekend away for nine people.  But without a husband and two nannies with me I wouldn’t take this trip!

Macdonald Hotels

Two nights for the price of one at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts

If you don’t have 8 children, the current Macdonald Hotels & Resorts offer might be of more interest.

Book a two night stay during January 2017 and get two nights for the price of one.

Your stay has to be between 1st and 31st January and the minimum stay is two nights.  You MUST be a member of The Club loyalty scheme to book this deal but you can sign up for free online.

The offer is only available for Classic and Executive rooms and has to be booked via the Macdonald Hotels & Resorts website.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. There’s a lot more useful detail about the SAS fare, rather than glib comments about ‘does it work for a family of nine’…

    It seems to be valid for some considerable time. I couldn’t get it to work for next August when of course I’m taking my kids to Scandinavia, but it does work at Easter.

    Also it applies to the Plus fare categories as well, which means you get baggage allowance, lounge access, fast track security and onboard F&B. I believe this also includes the middle seat being blocked unless the flight is full.

    • I was trying to figure out the dates..and can’t find them anywhere. Anybody?

      • Looks like:

        CHILDREN’S BOOK PRICES. Right now paying children 2-11 years only taxes. Valid for travel within Sweden and Scandinavia, as well as selected European destinations. The offer applies for children traveling with adults. Book by 24/10, res 14 / 11-6 / 4, 2017. Limited seats

    • the realharry says:

      lighten up, Tony!

      ‘Glib’? yeah, right – it was just a shorter Bits post – you can find out that kind of detail by searching yourself – yes, it might have helped you, at that time, maybe not – but that’s just editorial choice if it’s in or out – same as there are rarely hotel prices on HFP but you can just possibly search & find a hotel price for your date in about 5 secs?

  2. Lady London says:

    wondering when do you have to book the McDonald’s offer by? my plans will not be clear till January, perhaps that’s too late.

  3. OT: you can get a minimum of 5,000 Miles & More miles for making your first booking through their hotel portal. A decent way to get miles, which can be tricky to earn.

    • Has to be booked by 31 October, though, but stays can be later.

      • Covering this tomorrow, I need my German-speaking colleague to translate the small print first! Because I have clearly learnt nothing despite having a German partner for the last 11 years …..

        • RussellH says:

          I could not find this offer at first; only when switching to being based in Germany and text in German could I find it.

          A quick glance did not show up anything problematic, but I did not read the small print. I shall let Annika do that and read what you have tomorrow with interest.

          There are a few German newspaper subscriptions with mileage bonuses of around 30 000 which vaguely attract me – it was very interesting during the summer reading the German press on the referendum result – though none of the offers are for papers that I would normally buy in Germany.

  4. This 241 offer in MacDonald Hotels has been on for a while through their quality brakes offers. Unfortunately it’s on a room only basis and the breakfast adds up significantly to the total cost of stay. When you compare advanced rates that includes breakfast with this one, the savings are not that great anymore.

    • Genghis says:

      Mrs Genghis understands when I take her to a greasy spoon / foreign equivalent for breakfast.

      • Does anyone have a view on what some of the nicer McDonald properties might be across the U.K.?

        • Genghis says:

          From my uni days, the Randolf in Oxford is (was 10 years ago) very nice

        • Bath – but this is often excluded from promos. This hotel actually won ‘UK Hotel of the Year’ when it opened (run by Forte at the time). To be honest I would like someone to rescue it from Macdonald but you can’t argue it is a lovely place.

  5. RussellH says:

    The MacDonalds Hotel offer does look interesting. The first place I tried offetred me King Size room for two nights for £68 room only, but £10 credit towards other things.

  6. James67 says:

    OT Bit: BA clubcard offer this quarter is win a holiday in Barcelona so looks like another quarter passing without a conversion bonus, Thdy will likely use Vueling flights too in hope of saving a few pence.

    • Genghis says:

      Poor. Any sign of a Virgin bonus?

      • James67 says:

        No, it was a BAEC email. There may be some hope though, I think there was one quarter where they initially started with a competition and then offered a bonus. Closing date for the competion is 30 November with minimum £5 transfer.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Virgin Red App has 10% conversion bonus, but for first time conversions only? and 1000 miles for auto convert until 13th November

  7. the realharry says:

    O/T if you have a Morrisons Miles & More card

    3000 points when you buy £25 Amazon card + 625 base points

    max 2 per transaction advised

    Amex card connection @ 1 point/ £ = another 1%

    so you’re getting £3.87 discount on your £25 Amazon card

    = 15.48% discount

    • the realharry says:

      vs Tesco?

      150 Tesco points = 360 Avios (for £50 Amazon)

      plus Amex card connection @ 1 point/ £ = another 1%

      so you’re getting £4.10 on your £50 Amazon card

      = 8.2% discount

      Morrisons offer is miles better, not that Tesco offer is around

      (Somebody pls check the math)

      • I think you are correct.
        I think the GC also include not just Amazon but also Netflix, iTunes, Pizza Express GCs.

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Yep but that Tesco offers gone Harry 🙂

        Shame that its max 2 per transaction as I have a 5% off £100 spend offer on my Lloyds Avios Card

  8. Nick Burch says:

    You sure you don’t want to take 9 kids to Scandinavia? And there I was looking forward to a future trip report where poor Anika has to take Rob’s kids and some of their friends to Sweden for the weekend… 😉