50% off economy Avios redemptions to New York and Boston

avios.com has launched a new Winter promotion offering discounted Avios redemptions.

This year there are only two options:  New York and Boston.

These deals are NOT available via British Airways Executive Club.  If you want to book, you will need an avios.com account (which restricts the deal to UK residents) so you can transfer your points across from BA using ‘Combine My Avios’ online.  This means that you will not be able to combine it with a BA Amex 2-4-1 voucher although I imagine a Lloyds Avios Rewarda card upgrade voucher would be ok.

The rules are restrictive:

You will save 50% on the Avios required for a World Traveller (economy) redemption

…. but you must book by 28th November

…. for flights which must start and end between 1st and 14th December

…. and full taxes must be paid (£368 from Heathrow, £339 from Gatwick to New York)

New York

The Avios required will be 13,000 points per person, return.

I was able to find cash tickets – with a Saturday night stay involved – from £436 on Delta during this period, which means that you are still getting poor value for your points.

The only value would be if you wanted to travel during the week without a Saturday night stay, which tends to bump up the cost.  A trip from 6th to 9th December, for example, was no cheaper than £1,041 for a direct economy flight which makes the Avios deal look very attractive.

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  1. AviosNewbie says:

    Will it be possible to use this with the Lloyds upgrade voucher? If so, it might be a good deal to get a premium economy at this price.

    • Should be ok I would guess ….

    • Yes I have done this before. But I had to ring them up as it wouldn’t go through online. IIRC the taxes for WT+ are higher than WT, thoigh, so factor that in.

  2. Hmm. I’d love to see the final numbers on the success of this promotion! Seems very niche, hotel rates are generally pretty high over those weekends too

  3. O/T but my lloyds voucher expires in Jan. I’ve looked for value out of it but it’s so very very poor. Does anyone have experience of a good value redemption they can share?

    • LHR to BOS in Club World, off peak in September for 52000 avios and £490. Bargain!

    • Off peak WT+ to CW upgrades are likely to offer the best value at just over half the number of avios otherwise required.

      We’re currently in Dubai – used some Etihad miles for the outbound with the return booked in BA CW using a Lloyds voucher to upgrade two of us one way – voucher plus 52,000 avios plus £340 in taxes and fees for the two of us.

      Without the voucher it would have been 100,000 avios.

    • I am very happy with J to Denver next Sumner for 100,000 avios + £542 return. Cash price was £2300. Just about to trigger my second voucher…choices, choices…

    • It seems to be more restrictive to me as you have to wait for both legs to become available for a return flight.

    • I think it’s a great voucher – I’ve got Edinburgh to Chicago outbound then return from Toronto to Edinburgh (both via LHR of course) – cost 52k Avios + £350, saving 48k Avios (and TBH I was expecting higher taxes+charges).

  4. “Half off an economy redemption to a destination with flights regularly priced for less than the taxes? Oh joy oh rapture!”

    Have to agree with Raffles, really not much in this one – call me when there’s a promo on biz to NYC

    • Lady London says:

      + 1. Who are they kidding? Flights regularly available for less all-in, even at those times.

  5. You are buying Avios for 0.8p with zero effort …. not a bad deal at all.

  6. Can anyone tell me whether the Lloyd’s voucher has to be spent or actually flown by the expiry date?

    • I have one sitting in my account now and already booked next year worth of holidays. I did try a dummy booking for past the expiry date and seemed to work. But wouldn’t want to leave it too late to use and find it didn’t. Would be really interested to hear if anybody has successfully used it for a flight departing more than a year after issue?

      • I’ve used two for flights departing more than a year after getting the voucher. The only condition is that the flight is booked within a year

  7. Hi, Jen def spent by expiry date booked for next Sept myself voucher expired Oct just gone

  8. I booked the return leg for after the voucher expiry date.
    @Grimz 8.22: some people haven’t been able to do this but booking both legs over the phone I was able to add the return at a later date.

    • Thats very interesting – so you was able to book one way and in the return when it was available?

      • Add

        • Yes. Both phone calls were quite long but I was able to put a marker on the outbound that I would add the return when it opened up (even if that was after the voucher expired). Although needing to wait for the Avios phone line to open was a bit restrictive, overall the voucher was much more flexible than I expected.

        • Great thanks for that Matt. I would be booking the return long before expiry so that wouldn’t be an issue.

  9. Unless the cash fare is crazy money for the specific dates you need then economy LH redemptions are poor value normally. Halving the miles is an improvement but hardly makes them good value if you can be flexible with dates.

    • The only time I think a BA economy LH redemption offers value is if you need to get on a flight the same day for something urgent e.g. A family bereavement

      • Natalia S says:

        Yes, I once did the booking with miles to attend the funeral. The most memorable moment was when the agent joyfully asked “Is it for business or for leisure?”

    • Without a Saturday night away a redemption can offer value.

      • So does Norewegian for one ways / non saturday night stays.
        Even binning a return sector on BA and booking a one way back on norwegian works out cheaper than a non-saturday night booking on BA!

  10. Does anyone know when the BA Promotion of double avois part payment for all flights is due?

    It was earlier this year held

    Many thanks!

  11. Alan Young says:

    O/T Did anyone notice that the recent Oakland flights were a better deal if you bought revenue tickets and then used Avios to reduce the price by £180. If you used pure mileage it was 32,000 + £342 tax. Revenue cost was £374 less £180 for 33,000 Avios. Also, the other added bonus was the AMEX £100 back for a £500 spend. Consequently, a great deal to the west coast, thanks for the heads up Rob.

  12. Saving applies also when flying from DUB (via LON) for those in NI. Still not great though. A return to NYC would be 21k avios plus £247 taxes.

  13. Ta for this, punted mine to BA with the 25%

  14. OT I may want to cancel an award booking with Iberia + and am confused with the cancellation procedure. Cancelling an Iberia + reward booking on a one world partner and no avios are refunded .
    Does this include a booking that is mixed ie IB and BA eg I have a MIA-MAD-LBA booking with only the last leg on BA

    Does anyone know if the avios are refunded or not I have been on the phone to IB and been told yes a refund and no, no refund

  15. Off Topic.
    Have you heard anything about Le Club Accor refusing the 10,000 point bonus (for 4 stays) if you have received avroom upgrade due to status ???

    I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere and am concerned / furious.

    They’ve just launched a new sale and before I consider this brand for any future stays I need to understand whether they have become untrustworthy, cheating so-and-so’s ?!

  16. From Inverness, which is good for me, this is a bargain..
    ………..13,000 Avios + £277.26 Tax – free Domestics and lower departure tax…..

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