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LAST CALL: bmi Diamond Club closes WEDNESDAY. Got any unclaimed miles?

Long term readers of Head for Points will have lived through the acquisition of bmi British Midland (as was) by British Airways and the integration of Diamond Club into British Airways Executive Club.

If you were not taking your frequent flyer miles so seriously a couple of years ago, it is possible that you may have had some BMI miles which you had forgotten about or which you assumed had expired.

This is not the case.  They were frozen and are still accessible using your old Diamond Club credentials at

Wednesday 30th November is the last day to move miles from Diamond Club across to British Airways Executive Club.  Please do one last check to ensure your family accounts are empty!

I know what you’re thinking – “Rob, do you seriously think that I would have forgotten about Diamond Club miles in one of my accounts?”

And yet, I originally started this campaign in the Summer because I got this email:

I used to have the old BMI Diamond Card but forgot about it, and all the points I had. It turned out that I had a balance of over 40000 BMI points which I could convert to Avios. I was under the impression that these points were to be expired as I had not used the account in five years, and I thought the scheme had closed! 

I first wrote about this back in August.  This is what turned up in the comments section that day:

Not as exciting as your emailer, but I’m now 300 avios better off!

I’m 50 Avios better off! Every little help

I was sure mine had automatically transferred, but I logged in and I’m 3,000 points better off now!

Thanks for the reminder about BMI Diamond Club. I’d transferred about 250K miles a few years ago after the acquisition but was still using the credit card. Just found another 65,000 logging in today!

So glad I read this post, I’m now 27,500 avios points better off! Thanks

When I log in to the diamond club website it does show that I have quite a few thousnad miles.

So …. there do seem to be quite a lot of people out there who unknowingly still have some Diamond Club miles sitting around.  You only have a few days to ensure that you don’t lose any points you may have forgotten about.

If you think that you may have once had a bmi Diamond Club account and have a record of your account number somewhere, it is worth taking a look at to see what is there.  Any balance can be moved to BA via ‘Combine My Avios’.

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  1. Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    and never brought to mind…we’ll tak a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne 🙂

  2. RIP BMI. I actually had three accounts two of which I had zeroed out by July 2015 . BMI wrote to me a couple of months ago and said they had closed them due to dormancy. Had they had a few miles still in them, not sure if they would gave kept them open?!

  3. I just checked and it said the a/c was closed due to being dormant, no activity for 12 months

  4. Silvergirl says:

    I have Diamond miles and am trying to do this but get an error on the BA website:
    ‘Combine my Avios is not available at the moment. Please try again later’.
    I have been trying a few times in the last 24h. Any thoughts – are others getting the same error?

    • Yes do it through the ba site. As I has the same issue

      • the real harry says:

        yep you need to log into BAEC & pull them in from BMI

        • Silvergirl says:

          That’s is what I am doing – I get that error on the BAEC site. Does it work for you?

        • I remember reading something about household accounts not being able to use combine my Avios but I can’t find it now.

        • Red Alan says:

          This is the problem I’ve always had. Just ring up BA, they can manually transfer the points across.

    • I know the deadline has passed, but it was a web browser issue that did that sort of thing to me – for years and they never fixed it. Always failed in Safari but worked in Firefox!

  5. Silvergirl says:

    Ok I got it to work on Chrome. Safari didn’t work..

    • In most cases technical issues reported on HFP usually relate to safari or some other iOS problem. Best course of action is just to try chrome or IE to see if that resolves the problem.

      • Bariummeal says:

        I used IE logging into BAEC and it worked. Logging into or using Chrome or Safari doesnt appear to work anymore – just bugs and ‘please try later’

  6. I just get this:

    Your Diamond Club account has been closed due to inactivity and any remaining miles forfeited. This is in accordance with section 8.3 of the Diamond Club Terms and Conditions. 8.3 Members who have not recorded any activity with bmi, its Diamond Club partners, or made a redemption with the same parties and other promotional third parties, for a 12 month period, from the date of their last recorded activity on the Diamond Club database, shall be deemed dormant. If no claim is made on any residual Destinations Miles on that member’s account, membership may be terminated after a further 12 months and all remaining miles forfeited.

    • I have the same error and estimate I have thousands of destination miles left to transfer. No joy in talking to BA and all the diamond club numbers are dead. Can anyone help? did you manage to have any success?

      • My wife has this as well – but not any other family members with dormant accounts (mine has been active). Not sure why this is.

      • Just call BA – by all accounts they’ve actually been very good at sorting these login issues!

  7. the real harry says:

    O/T woohoo
    BAEC shopping portal
    Avios – Bonus for collecting with new partner 0 1,000

    from 4th October transaction 🙂

  8. jonboy73 says:

    just received my new mbna visa card through the post. Only got a visa card, so I take it the amex has gone? Is there any point in keeping this card? does it have any benefits/points in some other scheme for example?

    • I was offered zero so just closed the account.

    • @jonboy73

      I too received my new Visa card on Saturday and called MBNA to ask if the old Duamon Club AmEx was still able to be used – I have registered it for the upcoming Shop Small promo.
      MBNA confirmed the AmEx is still active and can still be used up to the card expiry.

      I also spoke with the MBNA new accounts team to see if the could give me a card with earning opportunities rather than the no-benefit Visa card. I asked specifically about the rewards MasterCard some had received. All they could offer was one of the generally available cards on their website i.e. Airline or Intu which I am not interested in.

      I will use my old AmEx next month and then close.

  9. Rob you could get a sales job with one of those PPI companies!

  10. If you transferred your BMI points in October, check your balance again! I had additional points posted in November from purchases between 28th – 30th September. You may have more points left to transfer!

  11. Slightly OT, but it seems I am not getting the sign up bonus for my recently LH application, in line with the rules. I have had the card before – twice – but it has been at least 2 years since I last cancelled it so I thought it might slip through.

    No bonus posted with first month spend though …..

    • IME they have often, but not always, delayed posting bonuses until the second statement after reaching qualifying spend. I always presumed this was a precaution against people qualifying and cancelling but that would only delay the inevitable by a month if that were peoples intention. If you don’t get the bonus next month there would be no harm in expressing your displeasure. After all, you have been a good long term customer and they failed to recognise this with your DC offer. I have always had the feeling there are two levels of CS at MBNA, if you can get an issue elevated to the higher level they seem much more efficient and customer-focussed. With HFP you probably drive a lot of business their way so the way I see it, they owe you.

      • Definitely – especially as they should make it more explicit at time of application if you’re not going to receive it.

  12. Rob – Is there a phone number for them as I can’t seem to reset my password…

  13. I kept on getting kicked out of the BMI Diamond Club website – didn’t like my first name (but did like “S” as a first name) and there aren’t easy ways to talk to them. Then in the vortex of “new password/don’t like my details”. I’d previously given up at this point.

    I did, however, call BA bronze club and they found 2,400 avios and transferred them over to me immediately. No idea that I had those! One happy HFP reader. Thanks Raffles.

  14. Just an addendum to my post above. I’ve not used the BMI card or had any flights with them for more than about 10 years. I’ve not logged in or done anything to keep them live in that time. It is definitely worth calling BAEC with your Diamond Club number just in case.

  15. Further to my posts above – having been told verbally over the phone that there would be 2.4k points transferred, I have subsequently received an email from BA saying that they are not able to transfer the points due to inactivity on the BMI account for 2 years.

    Very, very disappointing to be told one thing by BA on the phone and then hear this some time later. Anyone else with these experiences?