Bits: more BA Black Friday offers, Heathrow statement on Waterside, double Heathrow Rewards points

News in brief:

More British Airways Black Friday deals

We covered the British Airways ‘£1008 Club World’ Black Friday deal extensively last week – it is still bookable until tomorrow.  Details are here.

It seems that there are other good deals tucked away in the BA reservation system which, for some reason, BA is not promoting much.  Johannesburg is £1800 return in Club World, for example, which is impressive for the Christmas period.

There are also decent First Class offers to North America on the routes where Club World is £1008 based on two travelling.  New York is selling for £1808 in First for example, and that only requires one person to travel.

That is not a bad price at all.  You can justify the premium over Club World with the extra tier points, Avios, individual seating and Concorde Room access.  I’m not sure I have seen BA First Class sold this cheaply before.

These deals need to be booked by Monday night for travel between 18th December and 2nd January.


Heathrow statement to Head for Points re Waterside

Last week I mentioned the widely reported story that IAG’s CEO, Willie Walsh, only found out that his own headquarters building was to be demolished for the third Heathrow runway when he saw the Airports Commission report.

Heathrow Airport sent me the following statement in response:

“British Airways has been consulted on the detail of our expansion plans throughout, including options for the relocation of Waterside ahead of the submission to the Airports Commission.

We are optimising our plans and are determined to work with our airlines to deliver them as cost efficiently as possible, which in turn will keep our airline charges as close to flat with today’s charges as possible.”

Heathrow Rewards

Double Heathrow Rewards points

Finally, Heathrow Rewards is offering double points on all transactions over £20.

This deal runs from 14th November to 31st December.  Double points only applies to base points.

No registration is required – you will receive the bonus automatically.

Remember that you can still get 2,500 Heathrow Rewards points if you sign up before the end of the year and spend £150 in one day.  These convert 1:1 into Avios, Virgin, Etihad, Emirates or Lufthansa miles, amongst other rewards.

(Want to earn more Avios?  Click here to visit our home page for the latest articles on earning and spending your Avios points and click here to see how to earn more Avios from current offers and promotions.)

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  1. “We covered the British Airways ‘£1008 Club World’ Black Friday deal extensively last week”
    “Last week I mentioned the widely reported story that IAG’s CEO”
    Does HfP follow the convention that the week starts on a Sunday?

    • I suspect the readership of HfP is higher on weekdays. I know I have more routine for checking in each weekday morning than I do at the weekend. So subconcsiously I see HfP as a weekday tool, so anything from the preceeding Monday to Friday would be last week to me.

    • I know that I do, I guess I just picked it up from my folks, plus the calendars we had on the wall were setup that way. Interestingly the ISO definition is actually for Monday, which I hadn’t realised. Both options are available in Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.

  2. As a reminder, the 2.5k HR points also works on buying currency at Travelex (pre-order in advance for better rates). Like other readers, done this a few times. I also got written confirmation from HR that currency orders were included in the offer.

    • Also works the other way round. I had some spare USD and got the 2500 HR points after converting them back to GBP. I couldn’t find any way to order in advance though, so got a crap rate. But I needed the cash and the £ had nose dived so it was worth doing for me.

  3. Heathrow rewards is great timing, I just splurged £4.6k at the airport and got a huge 24,000 points… this included the bonus 15,000 plus the double up plus 250 points for reserving for pickup on the way back through! That’s over 5% back

  4. OT: can anyone please remind or link to the method of adding Amex offers to all your other cards (replacing the number in the offer URL). Can this also be done if I have already saved an offer to my card.

    Specifically interested in the Apple £30 back on £200 spend offer and looking to buy a new MacBook

    • You copy the save to card url and change the “sorted_index=” to the number of the card you want it added to. Not sure how it would work if you have already saved the offer.

    • Johnnycl says:

      Have you considered buying from Harrods and benefiting from £30 back per £100 instead?

  5. Can anyone confirm if only a max of 4 Harrods gift cards can be used per transaction?

    Also, is it possible to buy Apple gift cards, from the Apple concession shop inside Harrods?

    • Jeremy Isaacson says:

      Seems like too good to be true or am I missing something? It’s coming up as £6 for membership and first visit included.

      Rob happy Sunday and thanks for the site. Let us know if you can release some additional tickets for the hfp Xmas bash as I’d love to come.

      • Catman99 says:

        You are mis-reading the offer….it’s £6 to buy a 50% discount on a subscription ;0)

  6. planesailing38 says:

    OT: CX lounge in T3 to re-open tomorrow morning.

  7. OT but BA related, cancelled return flight Syd to Singapore put on quantas flight times ok but lost the seat selection i had paid for, ended up in middle 2 of a 4. Can I claim this back? Thanks

    • Should definitely be due those fees back when you didn’t get the service you paid for – not sure how much hassle BA CS will put you through though.

      • Thanks for reply I will get on at them

        • planesailing38 says:

          BA CS was surprisingly efficient when I contacted them for a refund of fees. Was sent a form to fill in if I remember correctly.

      • Just a quick thanks Alan for putting me on to that Sainsburys offer!

        • No probs, I picked it up myself from comments here then verified limits in store thanks to nice checkout rep! Have done it 4x now – not bad for £20, 380 Nectar points and £400 more towards my Amex sign up target!

  8. the real harry says:

    O/T just went for the Naked Wines Amex £100 statement credit offer – I did not get the instant success email from Amex. Which looks like phone calls ahead 🙂

    I have got a screenshot of the offer.

    • the real harry says:

      CORRECTION! I did get the success email from Amex after all!

      I just forgot which email address I gave to my wife’s a/c.

      All happy & smiley again 🙂

      • the real harry says:

        Last day to redeem it, btw

        I know a few of you are sitting on the offer but I can’t see how Amex can possibly refuse to credit the £100.

        • I had a look but decided not to bother – couldn’t see myself getting through that many bottles anytime soon and not convinced of the values they’re pricing at.

        • the real harry says:

          fair enough

          the really good value ones of 2 weeks ago have disappeared but I still only paid £3/ bottle for what look like pretty good wines

          always been in awe of Naked Wines wine buyers in the past…

        • Yes the ones that were left either seemed a bit pricier or so-so. I only really drink when with friends or if travelling so didn’t fancy having to store that many bottles for a long time! I’m also off on Lloyds voucher trip soon so didn’t want the hassle of redelivery when away! Nice work for those that made good use of it though 🙂

        • the real harry says:

          I always give my local garage guys a bottle each at Xmas

          in return they don’t overcharge me!

          A car service costs about £30 (I supply the oil & filters)

          Changing tyres is £5 a corner

          They deserve a decent bottle 🙂

        • the real harry says:

          you could get it & send it to a friend/ mum?

        • Haha yes, parents tend to buy nice stuff though so wouldn’t want to get this for them unless it was definitely good! For the right circumstances was a nice one though!

        • the real harry says:

          Thank you for taking advantage of our Naked Wines offer with your Card (last five digits shown above). Credit should appear on your statement within 5 days from qualifying spend

  9. Keith Morrow says:

    I saved the naked wines offer to a couple of my cards but they have gone now? I read hear Amex had pulled it though?

    • the real harry says:

      indeed – this was the worrisome issue

      but with my screenshot I am confident we will get some well good wines for £3 / bottle 🙂

  10. Garuda is offering amazing business class fares to Australia, from 1111GBP to Sydney or Melbourne from LHR

  11. For those who used the BA Amex offer, did you get the usual email through straight away? I didn’t (despite spending the right amount) and am wondering if a phone call will be needed and how long to leave it before I call.

    • I didn’t receive a confirmation email but the cash back was credited to my account within a few days.

    • TGLoyalty says:

      No email, even got the offer expired but this morning that changed to redeemed and £100 credit on my account.

    • the real harry says:

      BA often splits a single transaction your end into fractions per person travelling, ie if there are 2 pax it divides the amount paid by 2 & applies it twice – in which case (if each transaction was not over £500) you might need to make a phone call to get the statement credit