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BA Black Friday £1008 Club World tickets and £99 short breaks!

British Airways has launched its Black Friday deals – and they are pretty good.  How does a £1008 Club World trip sound?

These deals can be found on the special BA Black Friday page here.  They are bookable until midnight on Monday.

Club World for £1,008 per person

BA is offering Club World tickets for the exceptionally cheap price of £1,008 per person to the following destinations:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • New York (Newark and JFK)
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Muscat

North American destination require outbound travel (return when you like) between 18th December and 2nd January.

Middle East routes require outbound travel between 5 June and 15 June 2017.  This is in the middle of Ramadan so you will find some hotels operating reduced facilities during the day.

£1,008 return is based on two or more people travelling.  Solo travellers will pay £1,208.  This seems a bit odd but I don’t make the rules.

Connections from selected regional and Irish airports are FREE.  These are Aberdeen, Inverness, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds Bradford, Manchester, Belfast City and Dublin.

This offer only runs until midnight on Monday 28th November.  Seats are limited, however, so I would book ASAP if you are interested.

The BA Black Friday site is here.  You must book these tickets on here.

British Airways £1008 £2016 Club World

£99 per person BA Holidays deals

Whilst potentially less headline-grabbing than £1,008 Club World tickets, these BA Holidays deals may also be worth a look.

These flights are all Euro Traveller / Economy.

The following deals will be bookable via the BA Holidays website here from £99 per person for hotel AND flights:

Barcelona – two nights at the 2* Lami, travelling November 1 – March 31

Venice – two nights at the 3* Centrale Hotel (Mestre), travelling November 2 – March 29

Rome – two nights at the 4* Cristoforo Colombo, travelling November 22 – January 31

Nice – two nights at the 3* Comfort Suites Cannes Mandelieu, travelling November 24 – December 14

Jersey – two nights at the 4* Golden Sands, travelling January 22 – February 8

Krakow – two nights at the 3* Eden, travelling January 17 – March 13

Malaga – two nights at the 3* Adriano, travelling November 20 – December 14

Alicante – two nights at the 3* Best Western Albahia, travelling December 8 – January 27

Naples / Sorrento – two nights at the 3* Joyfull, travelling January 13 – March 12

Turin – two nights at the 4* Diplomatic, travelling January 4 – January 15

Edinburgh – two nights at the 3* Murrayfield Hotel & Lodge, travelling January 8 – January 31 and departing Gatwick

As there are a limited number of rooms at these properties, I would book sooner rather than later.  Other deals may also have been loaded – I recommend having a poke around the BA Holidays website here and seeing what you can find.

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More Black Friday deals - parking, lounges, rail cards, currency and more!
Come back at 8.30am for BA's Black Thursday mega-deal!
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  1. GodSaveThePoints says:

    So embargoed that the fares were live last night? That just doesn’t seem right. We had the deal up last night only because it was found!

    • The fares were up but I was given the full list of routes, conditions etc which was embargoed. BA always drops in the fares before the official announcement because it takes time.

      If you want to be taken seriously you need to play by the rules 🙂

      • Rob, you have to be the most condescending man ever. Always making snide comments.

        PS I do like your site though so ill continue to read it.

        • Harsh, James.

        • It was a serious point. If I publish stuff which BA has specifically asked me to hold back, I won’t get any advance info from them next time.

          As it was, I had a full article ready to go for 8.30 inc all the BA Holidays packages.

          As I spent all morning on a train (see Instagram) there would have been nothing up at all until at least 2pm had I not been given the details in advance.

        • James – you missed Rob’s smiley to GodSaveThePoints….and besides, your comment is unnecessary and brings nothing to enhance the discussion. Please don’t spoil the forum for the rest of us with pointless personal insults).

          Head for Points has clearly stated they were not allowed to publish anything before a certain time (as they were privy to the info before it was officially released). Publishing an article early would have potentially compromised future information being available to all of us here so I don’t have any issue with what Rob has written.

          It’s good that someone had found the fares “early” and GSTP was in a position to publish – no harm in publishing this late yesterday as it wasn’t a case of releasing info early but the fare being visible to all.

          The lesson I’ve now learnt from this is to check flights shortly before the sale goes ahead as inventory takes time to be loaded and you could get booking before “word hits the street”.

          There are plenty of Blogs out there and generally they all compliment each other. Rob does a great job keeping us informed as always….looking forward to attending the meet-up next month 😉

        • Hi Mikee,

          I didnt miss the smiley, but putting a smiley on the end of a condescending comment does not make it right, very passive aggressive.

          I agree that Rob did the right thing, and I have no issue with the message, i just feel there have been a few replys from Rob that have been unnecessary rude or patronising.

          I also said I enjoy Robs work, I find it very useful and as I said, I will continue to read, I just felt something needed to be said. Dont want old Rob getting too big for his boots…. 😉


        • Personally didn’t read Rob’s post as condescending. In fairness he was essentially being criticised by the original post so he had a right to defend himself.

          Anyway let’s try to do better than the rest of the internet and at least try to keep things civil

        • How rude – if you don’t like it there’s plenty of other places to go. Try Flyertalk – you might fit in well there.

        • BradSmith says:

          “Always making snide comments”. Really? That’s way too harsh and ungrateful.

        • What is often missed is context to a comment. It is often that I know the person or have a direct email relationship with them and a comment is actually a sly joke to an acquaintance or has an underlying meaning only they understand.

          Note that I spend FAR more time writing constructive, non sarky, emails to readers who want advice than I spend writing articles. A high profile miles blogger I met recently told me he deletes every email he gets from his readers. If I did that I wouldn’t have had to hire Anika.

        • the real harry says:

          you’re joking

          you need to cut that right back

          I never sent you an email in my life (I think!) – no need to consider that a big deal if you ignore those people

          referrals aside

  2. Just booked after my comments about Prg etc. Got Brussels Sofitel Europe me, Mrs and 3 year old son for two nights in a luxury room including club Europe for £646 between Xmas and new year break. Minus my £100 targeted offer so £546…thanks very much BA I’ll take your offer of £40 extra on the package for CE as well!

    Daft prices….the flights alone are allegedly £1800!

    • How did you manage to get Madeira for £90pp? Thanks.

      • See my earlier post just replied to someone else, I’ve got no idea it was available yesterday morning seen it for several days now. I’ll have another look and post back.

        • Bugger now £585….it was available departing LGW return via LIS to LHR on 28th Dec maybe try and play around see what else you can find?

        • Tried playing around with dates and different places too, nowhere near that price for holiday dates, 18 Dec shows some OK prices but no time off!

        • Thanks Nick, will give it a go.

      • When you write about these quotes, by the way, are you just selecting flight+hotels? is that the average price for two people? If I travel alone, I may never get to that pricing, do you agree?

        • Use the BA holiday finder it’s the most accurate I find then you can see the whole range of countries son certain dates or flight class

        • yes sure. But prices are usually bases on the basis of 2 sharing, no?

        • Single travellers have to bear the total cost of a room, so will never hit the pp price quoted for 2 sharing.

      • Yes they are im afraid I now find adding on a 3 year old doesn’t break the bank sometimes then again it can be extortionate. When I check the details I usually find some rooms can only accommodate two people so the systems selects two rooms plus flights….got to be careful but I guess with a package you need a ‘partner’ to make the deal worl

    • Just booked Warsaw for 2 Y flights and 2 nights in the 5* Marriott for £150 a person.
      Flights were over £350 a person..

  3. Rob, do you know if there is more to come (destinations, wider date ranges etc.) or if this is it?
    The headline price sounds fantastic, but that said the actual substance of the offer is underwhelming, especially if there isn’t more to come!

    Are we to expect Finnair and Qatar sales too?

    Thank you Adrian

  4. Found Prague on 3 January for £101 x 3 nights. Impressive, however, shocking flight times, first day gone due to very late arrival. Proceeded to add the domestic leg, another £100 for that then changed the flights, add another £103 = disappointed but not surprised.

    • For my trip all flights both directions were available for £0 extra that’s why I jumped on an 0850 departure 1815 return time!

      • Thanks Nick. I’ve just had another look at the flights again and I’ve managed to get better flight times / connections, albeit it’s more than I wanted to spend. Club Europe, good flights, central hotel but will pay with the BA pp card and activate the £100 saving via BA (offer expires today)

        • Bigger too trigger happy as I had visions of the the deal going. Oh well managed to use the BA Amex offer of £100 off but then again as we’ve all now dropped back to blue by flying elsewhere seat selection at £22 per person per sector is a bit much with a 3 year old. Obviously under 2 the whole family had free seat selection at the time of booking. Not much I can do with that I guess?

        • the real harry says:

          with a 3YO you’ll sit together free of charge anyway

        • the real harry says:

          OK just use the free seat selection trick

  5. Bugger even!

    • Sussex Bantam says:

      They will automatically seat your 3 year old with an adult so I wouldn’t worry too much about seat selection. You may end up with one adult sitting by themselves but that could be viewed as a benefit !!

      • And if it’s a 3-3 seating I’d be very surprised if the “extra” person in the row isn’t happy to swap with you

        • Thanks! It’s 2 -2 both ways so as you say will leave an adult spare I.e. Me oh well I’ll cope!

  6. And AA are offering two for £2,016, similar rules and dates….

  7. Just looked at fares from Inverness. WIsh I hadn’t. 2 people to NYC; total of £1782.

    Bloody ridiculous. Disappointed that Hammond isn’t sorting out APD!

    • APD is by definition paid by those who can afford it. JAMs wouldn’t have benefited at all from a reduction – if you can afford a Florida holiday you’re not a JAM. I’m massively hit as a frequent flyer but find it hard to get overly annoyed by it as I know plenty of people who can only dream of affording long haul holidays.

  8. OT: I’ve just been sent a gold accor card after doing the hotel stays for status thing – except I’ve been sent a meeting planner gold card instead of a regular looking one like my old blue card. Is this a good/bad/neutral thing?

  9. the real harry says:

    £30 off £100.00 spend @ Microsoft Store – AMEX Offer

  10. OT – but does anyone know how long the transfer issue has been around for moving points from Iberia Plus.

    Doesn’t look to be any way to currently transfer points to Avios or BA 🙁

  11. Got the Business Class 2 for £2016, thanks Rob.
    What’s the position on a partial refund/ credit note if I can only utilise one way and can’t use the return leg? Are BA any good with that. I got the cheapest dates as I had to take the inbound date as was not flexible but the cheapest return was only few days apart which I won’t be able to utilise. Re-booking it to another time next year would again be expensive as December dates were the cheapest.

    • If you don’t fly the return, BA has the right to reprice your ticket at 2 x one way tickets which will be around £10,000! If you don’t fly it BA will in reality leave you alone but do not tell them in advance you’re not using it.

  12. Oh, that’s useful to know. Once I couldn’t take a segment with Delta and they themselves issued a credit voucher, whatever it worked out according to their rules. People genuinely have change of plans so such a penalty seems very excessive.

  13. hot_summer says:

    On monday, I managed to get (2) business class seats from LHR to MIA on American Airlines (direct) for £1250 each. leaving on the last week of December and back on the first week of Jan. Iberia was offering the same for £1100 with transit in Mad.