Bits: Accor Autumn sale ending, Etihad credit card bonus extended, blow drys at T5

News in brief:

Accor Autumn Sale ends Wednesday

The Accor Autumn sale ends on Wednesday.  This slipped through the HFP net when it launched and there are only two days left to book.

You need to book at least 30 days in advance to get up to 30% off.  There is no limit to the staying dates so you might find a decent deal for next year.  Every Accor brand is included and the sale is worldwide.

The page to book is here.

Le Club AccorHotels logo

Blow dry bar arrives at Heathrow T5

Heading from the airport straight to a meeting?  Bradley Smith can help you look your best when leaving the airport.

The celebrity hairdresser has opened a blow dry bar in the arrivals hall at Heathrow Terminal 5 right opposite the Heathrow Express exit.  Smith previously ran the salon in the Sofitel hotel at the airport.

The salon also offers threading (most painful thing in the world!), manicures, massages and trims for men.  Appointments can be booked on the Bradley Smith website but walk-in customers are also welcome.


Etihad 15,000 mile credit card bonus extended

MBNA and Etihad Guest have extended the special sign-up bonus on the Etihad Guest UK credit cards to 28th December.  It was due to end this week.

Full details of the promotion are in this HFP article where Rob ran through the pros and cons of earning Etihad Guest miles.

In summary, the cards have no annual fee and you will receive:

up to 15,000 Etihad Guest Miles when you spend £2,000 in the first 90 days of account opening

£50 hotel voucher

Fast track to the Etihad Guest silver tier on purchase of an Etihad return flight within 12 months of account opening

You will learn more here.

(Want to earn more hotel points?  Click here to see our complete list of promotions from the major hotel chains or use the ‘Hotel Promos’ link in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

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  1. OT
    Looking to buy a similar free iPhone 7.
    Is John Lewis my best option today?
    Can possibly wait until Christmas.
    With Lloyd Avios reward card (double for first 6 months) and 4 avios per £ mean I am getting 6.5% back in Avios.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    • If you buy it at Lewis and most other places I believe it will lock on the first network you register but others will correct me if I’m wrong on this. If purchase from apple store I believe it remsins open to any network,

      • Harrods ones are fully unlocked, so should JL ones.

        If you buy from Carphone etc then, yes, you should expect it to lock to the first SIM you insert.

      • I bought my iPhone 6S from John Lewis (just over a year ago I think) and it is fully unlocked

  2. OT (x2):
    1) For Hilton”Points and Money” bookings, should one receive HHonors points on the “money” element?
    2) Is it possible to use 2 x Lloyds Avios upgrade vouchers on the same booking (just as you can for the BA 2-4-1)? Or does the cardholder (i.e. myself) have to be one of the individuals on each booking?

    • For 1) no you don’t get points on the money element.

      For 2) I’ve used 2 vouchers before on the same booking for me and my partner. If you think of them as 1 way for 2 persons wouldn’t this mean you are on both bookings?

      • thanks Andy, yes I was thinking this is what I may well end up doing. Was just really wondering if I could effectively get a one-way upgrade for 4 of us instead (if all on the same booking, and myself as one of the passengers). My guess is no…

  3. Let me get this right.

    If I have £30 off £100 spend offer at Harrods on my Amex card, and if I bought Gift card at harrods across 6 of my cards, and provided I can use GC to buy iPhone at Harrods,
    I can buy it for £420.
    This is £599-(6 x £30)= £419.

    Any thoughts?

    • Yep!

      • Do Harrods sell Electronic gift card? And do they sell iPhone at airports?
        If that works I can possibly buy GC online trigger the credit and buy iPhone on my next flight in another three weeks time.

    • Works fine. You would need to visit the Harrods Rewards desk to merge the gift cards though as the tills can’t handle more than 4 cards (gift or split credit cards).

  4. Jonathan says:

    OT – Has anyone received their expected Virgin Atlantic flying club miles from the MBNA credit cards since the change in flying club systems and membership numbers recently? It used to get them the day after the statement date without fail but 15 days later on one card and 4 days later on a second card and nothing for either. Neither MBNA nor Virgin FC on the phones have a clue about it so hoping someone here is more clued up?

    • My points haven`t posted for a couple of weeks. Sent an online message to Virgin but nothing back so far. I`m just waiting…

    • I spoke to MBNA a week or so ago… and was told that points will be credited on/around the payment due date (I’ve recently received my first statement, so haven’t had any prior experience)

    • Good point, my last statement was 4th Nov before the changes so posted ok, next one is 4th Dec so I’ve sent them (MBNA) a secure message with the new number in case they need to update something their end.

      • Update, I’ve had a reply from MBNA saying not to worry they will get the new numbers from Virgin. So those missing miles, I guess they will appear soon

  5. OT – I know the “general rule” is only to hold 2 Amex cards at once, but is there a downside to getting a third?

    Basically I’m holding the Lloyds Avios Rewards duo and would like to hold until I hit the upgrade voucher spend as well as being useful for FX spend. I also have the MBNA M&M card which I barely use, but have c. 50k miles to protect. My churn of the Amex preferred gold card is now coming up and I just wanted to know if there is any reason I shouldn’t sign back up for the 20k bonus (and PP) before closing and waiting another 6 months?

    • Amex ignores any non-Amex issued cards. If all you have is Lloyds and M&M, then as far as Amex is concerned you have zero existing Amex cards as they don’t take any credit risk on your other ones.

    • I thought the general rule was something like two charge cards and three credit cards though there are exceptions, of course. These though are directly issued Amex cards.
      Any Lloyds / MBNA issued Amex should not come into it, but might from an overall credit availability assessment.
      This is coming from someone that currently holds Amex Plat, BAPP, Lloyds Amex, Virgin Black and Virgin White in own name (plus supps from my wifeäs cards).

      • i wouldn’t bother with churning the gold card personally

        am sure Genghis here will agree

        in simple terms, just looking at the rewards

        platinum churn equals 35+35+18+4 = 92k
        gold churn equals 22+22+9+4 = 57k

        2 months fees platinum is 1/12 x2 450 = 75 pounds

        so you are effectively purchasing 35k MR points for 75 quid – no brainer in my view

        • I agree. But it also depends heavily on the individual.
          To take an extreme example, assume it takes a person 3 months to hit the GBP2k spend. On “his and hers” cards, this would mean GBP225 of fees (450*3/12*2) for the extra 35k MR points or 0.64p per MR point. Whilst I personally value this at a good deal (and I get them for much less as can hit the sign up bonus quickly), someone who is cash poor might prefer to get the Amex Gold and get what points they can for free.

        • I don’t travel enough to use the majority of benefits from the Platinum and as such may as well get the Gold points for free (season ticket renewal) rather than pay fees for things I won’t use.

  6. rams1981 says:

    OT how do you get offers on the supplmentary card?

    • Add the supplementary card to an online account for the supp card holder and the offers will appear. This can be an existing online account and when logging in it shows all the cards along the top and then the relevant account can be selected.

  7. the real harry says:

    £50 off £200 @ Gucci (Amex)

  8. OT: Amex Starbucks offer

    Hi, just seen an offer on my BA amex for £1 statement credit for every £3 spent in starbucks (up to a max of £5 credit)

    Although it says “in store only” it works for topping up your loyalty card, I’ve just put £15 on my card via the app and got an email saying offer redeemed.

  9. OT bits – just received notification from AwardWallet that my Virgin MBNA miles have now finally posted. I didn’t do anything re giving them my new number. They ended up posting about two weeks late.

  10. Thanks for that one the real harry. I was in need of a new simple PC. And with a monitor, it’s an absolute bargain. Well spotted.

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