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Bits: excellent BA Holidays NYC deal, 100% bonus buying IHG points TODAY, 25% off Iberia from Cardiff

News in brief:

British Airways New York Christmas deal

BA Holidays has launched two excellent deals if you want to get away for Christmas or New Year:

Club World flights + 3 nights in a hotel from £1,199 per person

First Class flights + 3 nights in a hotel from £1,949 per person

Departure dates run from 20th December to 1st January.

Full details can be found here on the BA Holidays premium deals page.  Book by midnight on Monday.

New York

100% bonus when you buy IHG Rewards Club points TODAY

IHG Rewards Club has been running a Cyber Monday promotion this week – which ends TODAY – offering a 100% bonus when you buy points.

The page to buy is here.  You need to log in for the deal to show.

I won’t go into the debate about whether this is a good deal or not – you certainly won’t lose money if you buy at this price – but you can see my thoughts in this article from the last time they had this deal.

You also get a 10% discount today on the cash element of ‘cash and points’ redemption bookings.  These must be booked for stays between 28th November and 31st January, excluding New Years Eve.  The price ends up virtually the same to buying the additional points via the main offer although the exact amount depends on what ‘cash and points’ options an individual hotel is offering.  You can book those via the main site.

IHG Rewards Club

25% off Iberia redemptions from Cardiff

Iberia Express flies from Cardiff to Madrid and this route is bookable with Avios, albeit via Iberia Plus.

(In order to move Avios to Iberia Plus via Combine My Avios, your Iberia account must be 90 days old and have earned 1 Avios point.)

Until 31st December, redemptions on the Cardiff to Madrid route are discounted by 25%.  As this is Iberia Express, not Vueling, business class is also available.

Before booking, check out cash prices on the Iberia Express site as these are not generally expensive flights anyway.  Note the flights only operate on Thursdays and Sundays.  You must fly from 6th to 17th April or 8th to 28th June.

Aer Lingus redemptions now bookable via - but it's not that simple ....
Breaking: Aer Lingus redemptions now bookable on - but Boston loophole closed
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  1. Are you sure the IHG Buy Points promotion ends today? My account says the 100% bonus is available until December 6

    • Was meant to be the 2nd, and last night it still said that, but it would not be the first time they extended it.

      • IHG just emailed me saying I can still get 100% bonus on points. Until 6th December.

        Still not sure it’s worth it, but only because the exchange rate is so poor! I can get 10000 points for about 68 dollars! When I last looked at redemptions it was about 25000 points for an hotel that was about 80 quid for cash. Yes, I know the cash is the advance non-refundable and points are refundable; but really, I never book until I’m sure so that doesn’t really come into it!

        Rob you value points at 0.4p, well buying at this rate they work out at 0.53p at today’s rate. Down to 0.49p if i get 22000 (11k x2).

        I’m sure if we were back at 1.60 $ to £ it would be worth doing, but not now !!

  2. Any chance of that referral today Rob. Emailed you yesterday – wouldn’t be pestering but it’s time sensitive as would be nice for OH to have card before Xmas travel! Thanks!

    • Yes, sorry, we were out with Uber yesterday and then I had to go to a school panto and then there was a frequent flyer pub meet up afterwards. And at 9am I am getting my hair cut as I thought I should smarten up before the HFP party :-). All email will be cleared by noon!

  3. Are IHG redemptions readily available or is there limited supply? DO they set aside X number of rooms for redemptions or do they let you use points if any room is available?

    • I have never had a problem doing redemption’s for any IHG hotel I wanted to book. Just got back from MIA staying in the Ocean Z at South beach for 3 nights. Got upgraded to a top floor suite with a rooftop hot tub.
      Very nice sipping wine with my wife at midnight

      • Also used points for Crowne Plaza Times Square, CP Cherry Hill N.J., CP Manahwkin N.J.
        All for any date I put in

  4. the real harry says:

    O/T that’s my 6th payment to Virgin Money gone out this morning – 12K ISA – so DDs cancelled ready for next bite @ the cherry 🙂

  5. The_real_a says:

    Nice long weekend away in madrid if you are local.

  6. Chris Cannon says:

    Its a repeat of the same BA deal they ran in the summer Rob (which I took them up on )

  7. OT//

    Just had an email from Iberia saying my Avios are about to expire….
    Is this just something lost in translations? as the email is talking about a promotion of doubling your avios?

    I only just transferred some avios in there from BA last month?

  8. Charlie says: Day 2

    Veuve Cliquot answer is 164000

  9. Can IHG points only be bought in US dollars?
    Puts a gremlin in my plan of putting it on my MBNA amex. Would put it on my clarity but would lose the sweet points.

  10. 0.5p a point is not bad for IHG.

    Any sign of an “Accelerate” for the spring?

  11. O/T Anyone knows if I exchange Partner Plus points for lounge access at Heathrow, can I use the pass if I’m not flying with any of the partners, but am flying with at another Star Alliance member from Terminal 2? From what I can see a boarding pass for Lufthansa, Austrian or Swiss flight needs to be shown, but is it strict? Points are expiring end of February…

  12. Just bought the maximum over two accounts so 240,000 banked. Trying to reach final k10 for BA’s 2-4-1 voucher before end of December so worth it for us.

    • Genghis says:

      Where are you planning to go Cate? Would a revenue fare not be better value?
      There are other ways to hit spend targets than buy avios…

      • Hi and thanks Genghis. Bought IHG points on the BAP CC not avios to hit BA’s companion ticket target. Am only a few 100 pounds off the £10,000 target now so worth it for me.

        On saying that, the BA product is losing it’s appeal for me – even for free – and probably like everyone else on HfP, waiting to hear what delights Mr Cruz has in store for us January.

        • the real harry says:

          he’s going to do the striptease at the Xmas party, grab the youngest Spanish trolley dolly by the tts & shake the maracas and that’s about it 🙂

  13. PS IHG website says offer ends on 6th Dec..

  14. Kinkell says:

    IHG page telling me that points purchase is not available. And, I received an email inviting me to purchase anytime up to 2 Dec.Makes no difference if I go through HfP link or the one in my email. Not working for me. Anyone else having trouble?

    OT: any ideas what I can do with 1600 Etihad Guest points and 4000 SAA Voyager points? All expire in new year.

  15. Genghis says:

    Bought mine just now. The lady at the Monument counter was every so nice (and patient). I told her about the offer and she said she’d have a look on her Amex…

    • The lady in Studley is very nice too. She just can’t understand that I don’t care which pattern is on the card. Mine have already been paid into my Amazon account.

      • the real harry says:

        my girls secretly think I have done a heist on some Post Office & got lots of stamps

        I stroll in with my £3.95 pre-paid (ie stamped) 2nd class signed for parcels

        where did he get those stamps? I hear them mutter silently, certainly not from us, must have been a heist, nice fellow, though

        Shop Small, dear gels – £700 of half price stamps 🙂

  16. Hi – is it possible to convert IHG points to Marriott points, directly or via an intermediate conversion? Thanks!

  17. the real harry says:

    any decent Shop Small ideas?

    going to look up a pub or 2 for tomorrow, going for a bit of a hike starting from Padstow so might as well tank up the engine 🙂

    • Do any of your local shops sell gift cards? I have arranged for the lingerie emporium and artisan jeweller to take £10 off each card and issue a gift card for the total (We currently have 16 cards between us). I shall be helping my wife look after an art exhibition in another town so have a map with all the ShopSmall merchants marked and shall be visiting the wine merchant, deli etc. and having dinner in the Italian restaurant.

  18. the real harry says:
  19. Barry cutters says:

    Sorry o/t. I’m thinking wether it’s a good idea to have so many bookings going forward on my ihg account . I would expect another accelerate offer to come out soon. I have 8 or 9 2/3 night stayes already booked in my account for January fen March. Previously I have always had really easy targets and have hit the last three accelerate bonuses 100% however it never had this amount of bookings. Do you think I will suffer in my target due to a higher number of pre bookings. Work pay for all my hotels so have no reason why I can’t cancel them all now . I am spire ambassador

    • Johnnycl says:

      Can’t say for sure, but IME it takes a while for the accelerate targets to reflect changes in your booking patterns.

      For crack the case and the subsequent promo I had stretching but achievable targets that I hit but the next one was crazy and I switched 100% to Hilton. It’s just been on this last accelerate that the no. nights has been lower and I’ve partially achieved the tasks.

      So, I wouldn’t worry about your bookings having any impact as it seems to take a year or two to reflect in what they offer. I reckon they would only look historically too, but that’s just my theory!

      • Barry cutters says:

        Yea I’m just worried that they are going to see what I have booked and think I’m going to do that many nights anyway so let’s offer him a stupid target , or a low reward. Accelerate is such a good promo

        • Peter K says:

          What you also need to think is that the more stays you book the more “value” you get from being Spire. It’s not just points gained but also gaining enjoyment from the stays that lead to them!

  20. Which post office amex promo? I don’t see anything?