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This week we have got a fantastic and exclusive competition for our readers in association with the new loyalty app Bink:

One Head for Points reader will win 100,000 Avios!

It could be you ….. and all you need to do is download the Bink app to allow you collect Avios points from your day to day shopping at High Street retailers.

100,000 Avios can get you a long way. It gets two people in Economy to California, Cape Town, Barbados etc – or to Dubai or New York with 20,000 to spare! It would fly one person in Club World to New York, Dubai or Cape Town on an off-peak date – or two people if you have a British Airways American Express 2-4-1 voucher to use. Even if you stay closer to home, it would get you 11 return flights to France, Germany, the Netherlands etc or 6 return flights to Italy or Spain. Taxes, fees and charges, as we all know, will be applicable.

About Bink

We have spent quite a bit of time with the Bink team over the last couple of months.  As you can imagine, we are introduced to a lot of start-up companies who are looking to do something in the loyalty space. I can honestly say that Bink is the most impressive loyalty start-up I have seen and has huge potential.

Once you have installed Bink, you can collect Avios on your day to day High Street spending at participating retailers.  All you do is pay with one of your normal payment cards (registered with Bink) and Bink will ensure that Avios are added to your account based on what you have spent.

PizzaExpress is the first retailer to be launched – earning 3-6 Avios points per £1 you spend – and more retailers are on the way.  We have tested it out at PizzaExpress and it worked perfectly with Avios points credited a few days later.

Bink also allows you to clear up space in your wallet by storing details of all your High Street loyalty cards.  Going forward you won’t even have to show your loyalty card at the till to collect your rewards as long as your payment card is linked.

In order to keep this article focussed on the competition, we have published a separate article today explaining in detail how the Bink app works.  Click here to read that.

How can you win 100,000 Avios?

As Bink launches its Avios partnerships with additional High Street retailers over the coming months, it will become a ‘must have’ for every Avios collector. You will end up downloading the app at some point, so we recommend that you do it TODAY – and give yourself a chance of winning 100,000 Avios!

The competition is open to all Bink users even if you have already registered with Bink.  If you want to maximise your chances of winning, encourage your partner to install it and enter as well.

This is what you need to do:

First, you need to download the Bink app from Google Play or App Store and create a Bink account.  Ignore the prompt about entering a referral code – this is not necessary.

Second, you need to add at least one payment card and your avios.com card to your account.  You can enter the number manually if you don’t have a physical avios.com card to scan.

Third, you need to link your avios.com account by following the prompt in the app and giving your surname.  This will allow Bink to display your current Avios balance.

Fourth, complete the automated form at the bottom of this article using the same email address you registered with Bink.

If you have already registered with Bink, you can jump straight to Point 4 above – but make sure that you have linked at least one payment card and your avios.com account first.

We will pick a winner from everyone who completes the form below.  We will then ask Bink to confirm to us that a) there is a Bink account with the same email address and b) that at least one payment card and an avios.com card have been linked to the Bink account.  If this is not confirmed, we will pick another winner of the 100,000 Avios.

The deadline for entries is 23.59 on Friday 9th December. The winner will be announced on Head for Points next week.

You can only enter if you are a UK resident.  If you are UK-based but travelling this week, you will need to email a friend back home with a link to this page to enter for you.  You can only enter once per email address and that email address must match your Bink account.

Bink only works with avios.com accounts and NOT British Airways Executive Club accounts.

The rules

The competition rules can be read by clicking ‘Terms and Conditions’ in the entry widget below.  Please read them before entering.

The key points include, but are not limited to:

You must be aged 18 years or over and be a UK resident

The competition will will launch at 00.01 on Monday 5th December and close at 23.59 UK time on Friday 9th December

The email address used on the entry form MUST be identical to the one you use to register with Bink

The winner will be picked at random by the software which collates the entries

The winner will be contacted by email once Bink has verified that the selected email address has been registered with them and that the winner has linked at least one payment card and an avios.com card to their Bink account

The prize will be deposited into an avios.com account within 30 days

The name of the winner must match the name on the avios.com account used to deposit the prize

Entries are limited to one per person

Good luck to everyone. Remember that you MUST you must link one payment card and your avios.com card to your Bink account and you MUST use the same email address when you submit the entry below.

Even if you don’t win, you will find that Bink will be very valuable in helping you earn Avios points from your day to day shopping in the future.

You can download the Apple Store Bink app here.   You can download the Android store Bink app here.

If you cannot see the entry form below because you are reading this via e-mail or RSS, please click here to be taken to a dedicated entry page.

Important: if you have previously entered a HFP competition where you entered via Twitter, you will be prompted to verify your Twitter details after giving your email address.  This is a security measure.

Win 100,000 Avios points with Bink

All you need to know about earning Avios in Aer Lingus AerClub
What is Bink? (And how can it win me 100,000 Avios this week?)

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  1. No thanks. It’s using gleam. I’m not even going to bother.

  2. OT but any spare tickets for tonight ? My wife’s train gets in an hour earlier than first thought

  3. Is a workaround to provide a credit card you barely use to restrict access to personal data?

  4. James Duncan says:

    As previously mentioned, the HHonors card doesnt work with Bink. Not sure if its a work around, but would using a Curve card with Bink that is linked to your HHonors card work?


  5. Wyle E Coyote says:

    I’m still waiting on my 1000 bonus points from Bink for using their app at Pizza Express. Anyone else still waiting?

    • You’re not getting it, probably.

      The Avios email was misleading. The 1000 points is NOT a bonus for using Bink at Pizza Express. It is the ‘1000 point new partner bonus’ that was running for a couple of months. If you had already got 1000 Avios for collecting at a new partner, you don’t get anything extra for the Pizza Express visit on top of your base Avios.

      • Roger I says:

        Talking of the ‘new partner’ 1,000 Avios promotion, has anybody received the bonus for both BAEC and avios.com?

        Mrs Roger and I have the BAEC bonus but not (yet?) the avios.com bonus. The purchases posted 3-4 weeks ago.

  6. Ugh, same problem as others: won’t let me link my avios account as my Last Name is 2 words :

    • Jason Cousins says:

      Yep, I’m unable to use this also as my surname is two words, hardly unusual in this day and age, but I often encounter this. Iberia is the biggest culprit, after two years of arguments, still no resolution (other than, yes, change my name by deed poll to fit their computer systems!)

  7. hmmm… ’email address is already in use’ trying to enter competition…

    What, what?

    • It will prompt you for a Twitter sign-in if you get that. It is because you previously entered a HFP competition using Twitter and for security reasons they want you to revalidate that. Which is stupid.

      Alternatively go into Twitter and unlink Gleam – it is linked from last time – it will then work.

  8. Tiny Clanger says:

    So the Gleam widget just says “Invalid email”, despite the fact that Bink’s signup process accepted it.

    Surely an email address is valid if: a) you can send email to it, and b) the owner of the email address can receive the email?

    How can I enter the competition, please? I wouldn’t have bothered going through all this signup process if I’d known Gleam was going to reject it…

    • Someone else got that today. I then entered it for them, using InPrivate Browsing on my PC, and it worked first time! You could try that. Gleam may also be having a ‘moment’,

      • Tiny Clanger says:

        Not working, I’m afraid, even in Chromium’s incognito mode — it seems to object to the domain of the email address. Obviously I can’t use a different one as it won’t match what’s on bink.com.

        I’ve used their contact form, but they’re on Australian time, so probably a bit unreasonable to expect a reply at 0300 🙂 I’ll try again tomorrow.

        • I’m having a similar issue – when I enter my email I go through a cycle of
          “You already signed in to Gleam – Login to your existing account. *[email protected]* has already been used to log in to Gleam. Please login to your linked account:” Then when I click on the Twitter dialogue box I get a “redirecting you” window popup briefly, then back to the Bink wigit on HFP with a red-box’d email which suggests my entry hasn’t been recorded…

          Any help in getting past this would be welcome.

          • Waribai says:

            For a split second, I thought Rob was having trouble entering his own competition!
            Great party by the way. Thanks!

          • Robert Norris says:

            I’ve tried unauthorising Gleam from my Twitter account but it’s still not working?

  9. Could someone tell me how long it will take from upgrading amex gold today to Plat and getting accepted and then adding a additional card holder is this possible before the 24th Dec To receive both Cards.

    Spoke with CS They are sending out a form to sign

    Thanks in advance

    • Nate1309 says:

      When I upgraded I used the online link which gave you bonus points. Unfortunatley that link is now dead I think. But the new cards came through pretty swiftly, some of the stuff you apply for via the platinum services was almost immediate if I remember correctly. Priority Pass took a few weeks.

    • Think for me it was immediate. Also my gold card then became my platinum card until the new one arrived (meaning I continued to use the gold but it was treated as the plat).

  10. Appears Bink doesn’t work with rooted SGS4.
    Ironic given the MBNA app has no problem with it.
    Have a galaxy tab but that’s rooted too.
    Will probably install on a family member’s phone – you don’t need to use the app on an ongoing basis to collect avios do you?

  11. Christian says:

    Wasn’t Curve also the “most impressive [loyalty] startup” – or words to that effect – last year and we all know how that turned out…

    I’ll give this ago, but with a hefty pinch of salt and scepticism. A lot of the points and criticisms made here are well-made.

    • By definition, you have to judge a start-up based on what they want to achieve and the reality of doing it.

      Do you disagree that Curve -as it originally launched – allowing you to turn Visa charges into Amex charges, was the most impressive start up this year? Happy to take your alternative nominations.

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