NEW: Earn Avios when flying United – at higher rates than BA for Economy!

This other article today looks at the new Aer Lingus AerClub programme in more detail. As this scheme is now Avios driven, it helps to be aware of any new ways to earn or spend points that it throws up.

I wanted to run this feature as a separate article, mainly because a lot of people might not bother to open an article about AerClub and may miss out.

Avios Aer Lingus United

United Airlines of the US has been a long-standard Aer Lingus partner.   Under the old Gold Circle loyalty programme it was possible to credit United flights to Aer Lingus.

To be honest, I was expecting this feature to go away.  I was wrong!

As you can see from this page of the Aer Lingus website, United Airlines remains a partner.  You can earn Avios points in AerClub when you credit United Airlines flights at the following rates (click to enlarge):


The % figures are based on the number of miles flown.

What is interesting about this chart is that it is very generous for discounted economy tickets:

If you fly British Airways to the US in a cheap economy seat, you will earn either 25% or 50% of miles flown, irrespective of whether you credit the flight to BAEC or AerClub

If you fly United Airlines to the US in a cheap economy seat, you will earn either 50% or 75% of miles flown when you credit to AerClub

If you have British Airways status then these numbers will change.  However, if you have no BA status and are flying to North America on a non-refundable economy ticket, you will be better off flying on United and taking Avios in AerClub.

You can move the Avios across to British Airways Executive Club via ‘Combine My Avios’.

There is one bit of bad news – you won’t be seeing those Avios points from United for a while.  The AerClub site says:

“The Avios points earned by flying with our airline partners will be available to see from early 2017. In the meantime, your travel activity will be captured and stored once you enter your new AerClub membership number when booking.”

PS.  It is no longer possible to redeem Aer Lingus miles for United flights.  That would have been very interesting indeed!

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  1. Any idea if this would work the other way (I.e United Mileage plus to Aer Lingus to Avios? I’ve got a few United miles that ideally I’d transfer to Avios. Not enough for a tatl flight but it’d be a shame to lose them!

  2. Same here.

  3. This also presumably means that you’re almost always going to earn more points on a UA flight from Ireland to the US than you are on a EI flight ?

    For example – DUB to NYC is 3,193 miles – so a return flight on UA would earn 3,193 x 2 x 50% = 3,193 avios

    Where as an EI flight would have to cost about 1,290 euro in order to earn the same number – even EI flights aren’t that expensive !

    Total cost 1,290 euro
    Less taxes/charges of approx 225 euro
    Avios earning value 1,065 euro
    x 3 avios per euro
    3,195 avios

    If you’re chasing status then that’s another factor – but if you’re purely chasing Avios – why would you fly Aer Lingus ?!

  4. So can I collect the avios for UA marketed, NH operated flights ?

  5. So you can now collect either avios or virgin miles on any domestic us flight with one of the big 3 airlines AA/Delta/United?

  6. OT – My missus got an instant approval for Amex gold (Funny as its her first amex and she has a short history in the UK due to her being Canadian, while my applications always get referred). Does a new app for gold charge result in a hard pull? I want to get her a HHonoros Visa as well to have the voucher etc, but dont want to decimate her credit score. Should I wait a little bit?

    • Genghis says:

      No problem in my opinion. I’ve done multiple on the same day and whilst in a few months the credit rating might dip a bit, it went back up soon thereafter. However, should you be applying for a mortgage in a few months’ time, I’d advise differently.

    • Yes, Amex does a full credit search for your first Amex but it may not do for any subsequent Amexes.

      It’s relatively easy to get the Amex Gold.

      Getting referred may just mean there are some discrepancies with your names/addresses on different databases.

      There is no credit score in the UK, as each financial institution calculates its own scores based on the data it holds about you.

      Nowadays 2 of the 3 UK credit agencies will give you monthly reports including a score for free, and Experian will give you its score for free but not your report – but as none of these agencies offer credit products, their score is meaningless.

      • Whilst technically correct i.e no one single UK credit score….most (if not all) financial institutions use at least 1 of the 3 main credit agencies as part of the retail lending credit decision process, and this will certainly have an impact on the yes/no lend decision.

  7. I need to book some United domestic flights for next year. I thought that I would be able to book these via the Aer Lingus website, however the airports are not listed.
    Do I book these on United’s website, but insert your Aer Club / avios number somewhere on the booking? Or do I have to call Aer Lingus to make the booking?

  8. Stevie M says:

    United Airlines to start charging for using overhead bins :
    Maybe one to look out for!

  9. I fear the Iberia IT team have built the new AerClub site. Signed up to register – get email with link to verify – login failed – account details unrecognised.. Grrrrrrr

    • Genghis says:

      I just did that. I had to open a fresh page and logged in using existing avios details and worked OK.

  10. Hey guys quick question regarding this article

    I have a discount economy L flight booked with United – can I claim Avios from that flight retrospectively? And if not now will I ever be allowed to do so when it launches?

    My flight departs mid January 2017