Good Asia sale on Finnair (earns Avios) from London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Dublin

Finnair has launched its January sale early!  It has launched special business class fares to Asia, valid until 9th January 2017 for travel between 16th January and 28th October 2017 (dates vary by route).

Finnair is focussed on routes to Asia.  What makes this sale attractive is that:

you can start from London (although you save more if you start in Dublin)

Finnair flights earn Avios and British Airways tier points

Finnair is flying brand new A350 aircraft on many routes with excellent business class seats

You can read my review of the new Finnair A350 business class seat here.  The 1-2-1 configuration is a major improvement over Club World.

Finnair A350 350

Click here to see the prices out of London (and Edinburgh and Manchester) in both business and economy class.

In summary, in business:

  • Xi’an – £1,225
  • Chongqing – £1,249
  • Delhi – £1,310
  • Bangkok – £1,305
  • Guangzhou – £1,339
  • Beijing – £1,335
  • Krabi – £1,375
  • Ho Chi Minh City – £1,379
  • Phuket – £1,379
  • Seoul – £1,375
  • Hong Kong – £1,420
  • Singapore – £1,459

If you can get to Dublin the deals get even better.  Click here to see the Dublin prices.  The two sale deals are:

  • Bangkok – €1,395 (£1,188)
  • Singapore – €1,599 (£1,362)

These deals must be booked by 9th January.  Economy sale fares are also available.  The Finnair website is here.

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  1. O/T: Iggy, middle left toward bottom of structure.

    32000 points

    • Is it just me who finds this competition not worth the time. I did enter last year most days, but none of the prizes was anything I remotely wanted. A big slug of points would have been much more desirable (to me).

      • I couldn’t even get it to work which partly explains the lack of an article.

        • TGLoyalty says:

          Strange works fine on both iPhone and Macbook using Safari.

          Believe you get 500 points for every 5 days in a row you enter even if you don’t won anything so worth the 1 min a day it takes.

        • Still 1,500 free points available to anyone who starts playing today!

        • Janeyferr says:

          Fine for me on an Android phone.

          I have no interest in most of the prizes, I just like points a lot.

    • Charlie says:

      Cheers anon.

    • What competition is this?

    • This is so O/T I haven’t a clue what you’re on about… “Iggy”??

      • Kinkell says:

        A microscopic snowman hidden in a picture. Find him , then guess value of an item, add in your IHG membership number and hopefully get some points- provided you do it 5 consecutive days. Like you , had no idea, but went onto ihg advent calendar . Only did this after following Anon, who ,very obligingly, does all the work and tells the rest of us. Otherwise, I couldn’t be bothered.

  2. Although , you can reduce the AY ex-UK fares by £120 with a stopover in HEL for >24 hours.

    The Hilton Helsinki Airport is usually available for 12000 HH + €38.35 and since you’re going to Asia, you should really be getting to bed by 7pm Finland time. As a Hilton Diamond, you can make a small meal out of the lounge offerings since you shouldn’t have a huge meal before sleeping, plus it’s too cold and dark to do anything else. (Obviously different in June.)

    Next morning, up at 4am for breakfast (remember it’s 10am in Asia), check your bag in if you need to, then €12 for a day ticket to the city including all city transport. Leave Helsinki central by 1.30pm in order to get into the lounge before it’s standing room only.

    Unless you go on a shopping spree you have spent nowhere near your APD saving (the difference between band B and band A), not even considering that many people will be going as a couple.

    As much as I like Dublin, I wouldn’t go there to start an AY flight.

    • Love this tip! 🙂

    • I’d rather spend the £120 to fly on one ticket from LHR with checked through luggage and the new Cathay lounge to be honest.

      • You’re still starting from LHR and it’s all one ticket, so you can use the CX lounge. You can also recheck your baggage in HEL from 6pm on the day you arrive, if it’s too difficult to drag 10 minutes to the Hilton.

    • Yes, great info – thanks 🙂

  3. Nolight says:

    Stupid question, bit new to all of this. if I have a lot of BA avios, can I transfer them to my avoid account to use them elsewhere? Or is there a way to use them for a finnair redemption?

    • You can redeem in Finnair via Just put, say, Helsinki to Delhi into the usual redemption booking page and it will show if available.

    • Frankie says:

      Yes you can. It’s easy. Use the Combine My Avios link in your account to move them in either direction.

  4. Quick question… DUB-HEL tier points… Avios calculator is suggesting only 40 (vs 80 from LHR). Is the correct? And if so, then it’s one with watching for if you’re expecting more…

  5. So if I fancy Asia mid-late Jan, would you take this or gamble on an early Jan eu Qatar sale?

    • Take this. That way, you don’t arrive in Doha in the middle of the night when you really want to be sleeping and therefore can’t take advantage of the lounge, plus you don’t have all the hassle of getting to your ex-EU starting point.

    • James R says:

      As great as Qatar is, if I was booking Asia I’d probably go for this. Qatars equipment change problem drives me up the wall. You could book onto a 787 then end up on an old 332. At least you can put your money on this with confidence you’ll be on the 350

    • I’d also prefer AY but you do get 560 TPs on QR.

  6. Finnair flights from LHR are often the first to suffer from equipment changes if an A350 is required for the long-haul route. My last Friday flight was dropped from A350 to A321 48 hours before departure, fortunately I managed to snap row 10 seats.

  7. I got return to Bangkok for April easter weekend for £1,400 return when the price for prem econ in BA was £1,300

    If that doesn’t justify a two hour stop in Helsinki then nothing does. Plus being an AV geek always wanted to try the A350 and get it on 3 of the 4 legs

    • Not that I have looked recently but I always thought premium economy an overpriced product. I did the Eva version once and thought it only marginally better than economy and a gazillion miles off the business class product which seems these days to be just a couple of hundred pounds more expensive. Etihad last month for instance was £1166 on LHR-BKK including chauffeurs !

  8. Erm… Is it still unknown whether you lose the 241 if you cancel a booking having already cancelled the Amex card?

  9. I think the first point about what makes this fare special should be that you DON’T have to travel through London 😉

  10. pretty good sale on Malaysian too ex-London

    2,250 return to oz with London as starting point (no faffing with positioning flights), plus automatic silver EC status, (assuming u have done your 4 ba flights which I would be surprised if anyone reading this site has not!)

    not quite as aggressive a price as their last sale, but not to be sneezed at

    • sorry for o/t

      interested to hear peoples views on this as thinking of pulling the trigger to Sydney and whether there is anything im not considering and logic is correct

      price for wife and I = 4,500 gbp

      avios for flights = approx. 52k
      avios for using bapp = 4500x 1.5 = approx. 7k

      so as I value an avios at 1p, 59k avios = 590 gbp

      rob values a companion voucher at roughly 1,000 gbp (as do I), so half a companion voucher = 500 gbp

      I would buy tier points if I was able to (I know I cannot unfort) at 1 gbp per point, so would definitely pay 600 pounds for 2 years of silver status, as would the wife, so value = 1200 gbp

      so the actual real net cost of these flights = 4,500-590-500-1200 = 2,220 gbp, or 1,100 gbp per person?

      is my thinking skewed in anyway?

      • Scallder says:

        Jamie – my personal thoughts on the above:

        1) Value of Avios seems fair as that’s your personal valuation, and if you wanted to extend it, you could factor in the status bonuses you’ll get over the time you’re Silver (if you otherwise wouldn’t have Silver, or gain above Bronze) for future flights.

        2) The value of the voucher – you should only be factoring this in if you wouldn’t otherwise spend the £10k. If you would otherwise spend the £10k without these flights or other spending, then you shouldn’t be including it.

        3) Tier points – persona opinion is if you’d value it at £600 then that’s for you, but not sure you should value it for both of you unless you both independently do lots of flying, as Silver for one of you would get you both lounge access/seat selection etc when travelling together.

        That’s just my piece – I’m sure others would have other views on it, but I hope this helps 🙂

        • tks scallder

          much appreciated

          1 and 2 I am ok with.

          3 has got me thinking, u are right, about travelling independently of each other, so have inflated that value slightly.


  11. Does this work with one-way tickets or do they have to be return? This may be a good start to our round-the-world trip next year if we fly to Asia to start, but wouldn’t want a return flight.

    • Run a dummy booking and check? Not much is good for one way, other than avios bookings

    • You can book the return for January 2018 or whenever, also check how much it would cost to change the return and just be prepared to pay that.

    • Hayley, if you’re planning a RTW trip, don’t overlook the ‘official’ tickets… they’re actually pretty good value, no problems with one-way itineraries, and up to 16 sectors on one alliance. Oneworld’s are good, and supported by all airlines (and some non-OW ones too), but the right one for you will depend mostly where you want to go. To be honest I’m surprised Rob’s never done an article on them.

      • I would be interested in this, I’ve tried looking on the flyer talk threads but it seems really complex. My step daughter is planning on a year in Australia starting next summer and I think I can persuade my husband to work this into a RTW ticket. Really interested in other people’s experiences. Particularly doing it in Business class and mid life!

      • Thanks for the tip.

  12. Shame, the first date for travel is the 16th Jan, just a few days too late for us, all of our eggs are in the QR basket now else we aren’t going anywhere!

  13. Jonathan says:

    Does anyone have an insight of how these prices will compare to Qatar business class sale price? I’m looking to fly to Singapore late Jan and can’t decide whether to pull the trigger on the Finnair offer or wait till Qatar launch theirs.

    Thanks in advance.