Bits: Convert Qatar miles INTO Accor, 10000 Flying Blue miles with one hotel booking

News in brief:

Convert Qatar Qmiles INTO Le Club AccorHotels points (and then Avios?)

Qatar Airways has become a partner of Le Club AccorHotels, the Novotel / Sofitel / Ibis / Mercure loyalty programme.

You can now convert your Accor points into Qatar Privilege Club Qmiles at the standard rate of 2:1, with a minimum transfer of 4,000 Accor points.  You can also set up your Accor account to automatically convert points from future stays.

What is interesting is that this also works the other way.  Rather like the Finnair / Accor partnership, you can convert Qmiles INTO Accor points.

The ratio is 4.5 : 1, with a minimum of 4,500 Qmiles getting you 1,000 Accor points.

An Accor point is redeemable for 2 Eurocents of free hotel room.  This means that 4,500 Qmiles gets you €20 of free stay.  This is weak at under 0.4p per mile so not hugely exciting.

It also offers a roundabout way of converting Qmiles into Avios.  Accor points convert into Iberia Plus Avios points at 1:1 (bizarre, since the conversion rate into BA is 2:1!).  This means that 4,500 Qmiles would get you 1,000 Avios in an Iberia Plus account which you could then move to BA via ‘Combine My Avios’.

This is only really going to be useful if you have a small number of Qmiles you can’t otherwise spend.  It is always good to have another option to earn Avios, however.

Full details of all Accor’s airline partnerships can be found here.

Full details of the Qatar Airways conversion deal – and the detailed instructions on how to do it – are on the Qatar Airways site here.


10,000 Flying Blue miles with one PointsHound booking

Flying Blue, the KLM / Air France programme, is offering a very generous 10,000 Flying Blue miles with your first hotel booking via PointsHound.

Full details can be found here.

Apart from being a first-time PointsHound customer there are few rules – you need to book for two or more nights and book, but not stay, before 31st December.  If you have a Flying Blue account this is well worth a look.

Remember that bookings via PointsHound are treated as non-qualifying and will NOT earn you points in any hotel loyalty programme.  You may also be denied your status benefits.

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  1. Concerto says:

    This is bloody annoying because I just completed two nights booked under the previous 8,000 miles promotion.

  2. Would somebody care to share how I actually do this please?

    I spent the last 1/2 hour trying to find the link yet I still can’t see any reference on the Privilege Club website to converting points to Accor. Annoying as I’ve 8,000 Q Miles (earned literally days before you could earn Avios on QR) expiring at the end of the month which I’d like to transfer if possible ….

    Thank in advance for any assistance!

  3. Would you rather credit your Qatar flights into BA, Iberia or Qmiles? I have one coming up in a few months. Thank you

  4. Just FYI there is still no IT system set up to convert qmiles into Accor points. Nowhere on the privilege club let’s u do that and customer service do not know how to convert the point

    • I’d love to take advantage of shifting some redundant QMiles into Accor however like others above, I am unable to find any link on the Qatar Airways website which facilitates such a transfer. I acknowledge there’s mention on the Accor website suggesting you could “take advantage now” but when you click the link, it takes you directly to the Privilege Club website where the trail dries up completely with not even a mention of Accor in their partner list.

      Looks like Marco is right, thus it would appear that this article is, at least in part, ill researched and/or very premature, and I’d like to suggest an edit to prevent others from wasting their time like I have today.

      • Apologies. Clearly foolishly, when the Accor site (and the email I got from Qatar) said it was possible I believed them …….

        • Alan Young says:

          Probably QR’s IT department, it took 5 e-mails recently to get them to correct a problem with a discount code they sent me. It was only when I sent Akbar Al Baker (CEO) an e-mail it got fixed.

        • I emailed AAB with a complaint back in 2013, and a week later he rang me whilst we were on the beach in Phuket to apologise for our problems and to offer us an upgrade for the flight home …. he gets bad press but he’s a stickler for the finest details! Top man 🙂

        • In case anyone hadn’t heard – I heard back from Qatar Priviledge Club, and this can now be done via the App. Just did this myself and it seems to work, will wait and see when they appear in my Accor account.

          “Step 1 Go to the Qatar Airways Mobile App – Android & Ios
          Click On “Privilege Club” Icon
          Step 2 Click on “join now / login”
          Step 3 Log In Credentials
          Step 4 My dashboard:
          Click “redeem with partners”, click “convert qmiles”
          Step 5: “convert qmiles”
          1. Select “accorhotels” from the partner dropdown
          2. Add accorhotels loyalty membership number (16 digits)
          3. Select the number of blocks (qmiles can be redeemed in blocks of 4,500 that equals to 1,000 le club accorhotels points)”

      • Waribai says:

        Oh well, not the end of the world. In terms of wasting time, to amass points you actually have to ‘waste time’ chasing dead leads and reading exaggeratedmisinformation at times which actually there is very little of on HFP to be fair.

  5. How much are the taxes and charges for booking reward flights using qmiles on london to doha for example?

    • Alan Young says:

      Certainly better than BA, I paid £150ish taxes for a return redemption flight with QR LHR/SLL/LHR (Salalah Oman) and also used the 5,000 points / night at the Hilton there. Hopefully a cheap winter’s break.

  6. OT but emirates have confirmed they are going to implement premium economy… IMO that will be an exciting option for trips to australia/nz

  7. Very OT, had an email today from emirates to confirm address to send out my silver card. I am a member of skywards but haven’t flown emirates for 15 years. Scam?

    • Peter K says:

      I would have thought so. Why would they double check your address. I’ve never had mine checked by any company via email !

  8. Stacy Otokpa says:

    I am just about to book the pointhound offer. Is this a good deal? Can i convert the points to avios or virgin?

  9. ComeFlyWithMe123 says:

    O/T – Are we all driving our nice clean hire cars today? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • i picked mine up today – Avis’s systems were down and reservations had to be completed manually. The attendant told me that there had been such a huge number of cars rented through this promotion and that it had meant that they had no more cars available for hire in their fleet. I was asked “Is this yet another Avios booking” when I arrived there. So, its been very popular and the branch rep informed me that he thought the promotion must be a mistake as there is no money to be made by Avis with such cheap rentals. (just over £40 for 3 day hire!). Anyway, lets wait and see if the Avios posts – it does me make nervous that the systems were down when I picked up the car.

      • Roger C says:

        All went smoothly when I picked mine up yesterday – but today the car first gave errors saying the engine has failed, and then the electrics died completely for a while. I think it will spend the rest of the weekend on my drive! Less than £40 for the three days, though….

      • TGLoyalty says:

        Being extra helpful they delivered yesterday even though my rental starts today, saving me having to mess around picking it up. Now on my drive til Monday when it will be returned and I’ll leisurely walk back home. Maybe I’ll give it a spin over a weekend 😉

        £42 for just under 19k Avios 🙂

        • haha the attendent even mentioned that people were going to leave their cars parked the whole weekend, but I’m too shy to say that I also booked just for the points, so I stated I would be driving the car and the system was indeed down this morning, I hope this won’t cause any problems for posting those points!

        • Same over here. Their system went down in the morning, when it came back up, they had 17 more bookings. Completely out of cars as well – but they had no idea why, and I didn’t hang around to explain things. Hoping for the best.

      • the real harry says:

        indeed – not only no money to be made – but serious money to be lost

        19K Avios = £190, you paid £40-odd but the car is depreciating, needs servicing, cleaning etc so of course that’s not £40 profit

        probably costing Avis £150 loss per vehicle

        however systems down = I’d be seriously worried about ever getting the points 🙂 probably going to need some chasing – at best

        • Genghis says:

          I have same feeling. Pleased I didn’t bite

        • the real harry says:

          they’ll call us nay-sayers lol

          but to me looks quite likely they won’t get the 19K, no chance imho

          whereas I stuck in another 32 buys on Shop Small today

          so £160 profit for me

        • Nothing too cheap near me and for 0.4p/Avios it wasn’t worth the hassle for me. Good effort on the ShopSmall front, any good chains you’ve found that might apply across the country? Spent some at Margiotta (don’t know if they have them elsewhere but 4 in Edinburgh) – of course it didn’t track so have to send in secure message. Weirdly one did track on another payment I made that I never dreamt would be participating!

    • James67 says:

      Quite embarassing, my parents and partner are picking up hire cars with hire cars!

  10. Concerto says:

    It was the same mess at Mulhouse station in France today, system was totally down and they were having to write contracts by hand. The woman was quite flustered with it. But I seriously doubt that this promotion caused that problem- can’t be THAT many people taking advantage of it!

  11. New IHG Accelerate is out for Q1

    • Peter K says:

      Just checked mine. Mine is rubbish, basically 3000 pts per 3 nights.
      My wife’s is marginally better. Effectively 20k points for one weekend stay in jan but not worth going for the full whack of points.

  12. Just picked my car up in Bristol, no issues there.

    After refusing to credit loads of rentals, I figure Avis owes me a few points.

    My first “rental run” 😉

    • stephen says:

      Picked my car up at 10am in Belfast and no IT problems. it only took under 10 minutes. The agent said ‘are you going far’, I said no its only for the avios offer. Blank look in return. 3 tenth of a mile later car in work carpark and all nice and cosy until 9.30am on Monday and no fuel used. Hope Avis do another offer like this.

    • Picked mine up yesterday…from Bristol Bradley stoke

  13. Concerto says:

    Yeah when I mentioned the offer it was met with total incomprehension.

  14. Picked mine up tonight from DSA. After narrowly avoiding the quickest hire car run in history (had to prove my address – luckily the Rep said anything will do I showed him a copy of my ba email for my recent Black Friday CE deal he agreed to hand over the keys….after I declined the excess reduction of £30/day but got stuffed by the £200 deposit I even got an upgrade to j class group which I thought was quite apt!

    Mondeo estate diesel auto titanium x…thanks v much until I went to check for damage in the dark and found it was a black car and hadn’t been washed in its 2k miles on the clock…que anger and expletives and picture taking on my phone as people walked past and even colleagues I’ve previously worked que me awkward laugh. The rep said any damage not listed just ring us up on our answer machine and I’ll pick it up on Monday. Most bizarre system ever I was all set for a rant back to the terminal when as if by magic the drivers returned and were passing saying are you okay. After explaining the odd scratch etc I found the v helpful chap wrote the new damage up and I made him write car filthy can’t check and gave me his details.

    Car deposited on parents drive 3 miles away. Both rep and service driver were like 18k avios that’s fantastic crack on que…funny looks. No intention of fuelling up car or using it taking it back Monday.

    As for the avios posting fingers crossed!

  15. My rental went just fine, and a class higher. Will need filling up tomorrow morning with ,I guess around a pint of diesel !
    Regarding the FD Points Hound offer above, any ideas on the cheapest hotel anywhere in the world to take advantage?

  16. Scott lavallee says:

    I got this reply eventually from Qatar and it does work.

    We would like to inform you that effective 13th December 2016, you will be able to redeem your Qmiles to Le Club Accor Hotel Points.

    Please note that this Redemption is available via online channels only “Mobile App and”.

    In order to redeem your Qmiles to Le Club Accor Hotel Points, you may follow the below given steps:

    1. Qatar Airways Mobile App – Android & Ios
    Click On “Privilege Club” Icon
    2. Click on “join now / login”
    3. Log In Credentials
    4. My dashboard:
    Click “redeem with partners”, click “convert qmiles”
    5. “Convert qmiles”

    · Select “accorhotels” from the partner dropdown
    · Add accorhotels loyalty membership number (16 digits)
    · 3. Select the number of blocks (qmiles can be redeemed in blocks of 4,500 that equals to 1,000 le club accorhotels points)

    Note: in a single redemption request, member can choose a maximum of 10 blocks, i.e. up to 45,000 qmiles can be redeemed for 10,000 le club accorhotels points. Member can redeem a maximum of 100,000 qmiles per calendar year.

  17. PilgrimOfScandinavia says:

    There is now a convert qmiles on my dashboard under redeem on partners. You elect no of blocks of 4500 qmiles and include your accor le club no. Generates a thank you response once submitted. Let see how long the processing is for the points to reach my accor le club account… and if the autoconvert to iberia works

  18. PlaneSimple says:

    Rob (or others), do you know if points covered from Qatar to Club Accor will count towards accor status? I lost my platinum status recently (previously via Amex) and am a few short of Gold but presumably could then transfer more to gain Platinum again if the points count towards status.


    • They would this year but AFAIK they will not under the new system from 1 January.

      • PlaneSimple says:

        eek, hope my redemption for a few thousand points goes through before 1st Jan – I have my doubts though as Qatar say 10 days and I think it was after 20th i applied.

        Thanks for the info – will let you know!