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Bits: 4,500 Avios with a Times Literary Supplement subscription, Virgin Trains competition

News in brief:

4,500 Avios with Times Literary Supplement subscription

Avios and the Times Literary Supplement have teamed up, offering 4,500 Avios points with a 12 months subscription.

Times Literary Supplement is published on a weekly basis and the annual subscription costs £115 with Direct Debit and £120 with Debit Card or Credit Card. This is 35% less than the newsstand price.

This offer is obviously not as generous as the Sunday Times Travel magazine subscription for £30 with 4,500 Avios points (which we managed to close down early!) but it may make a classy gift for someone.

The website to buy a subscription is here.

You can give either an Avios or BA Executive Club account to receive the 4,500 Avios points.  Select the programme you want to add the points to from the drop down menu and enter your number.

PS.  We don’t know what is happening with those people, including us, who are still missing Avios from the Sunday Times Travel Magazine offer.  The last we heard was a letter telling us not to worry and that the points would be along eventually.  That was 3-4 weeks ago …..

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains competition

Virgin Trains is running a silly but quick-to-enter competition until tomorrow.

Simply play Sants’s Slot Machine on this page of the Virgin Trains website and win one of three prizes:

A pair of First Class return tickets anywhere on the Virgin Trains West Coast network
£150 voucher for Virgin Experience Days
A year’s worth of wine (worth over £500) from Virgin Wines (four deliveries in total, first one for Christmas)

Select the prize you’d like to win and fill out your details including email address and date of birth.

The winner will be notified by 21st December.

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  1. Nigel Beaumont says:

    Re the Sunday Times travel offer Avios you might like to check your account as I received the same letter as you refer to and was about to phone them a week ago but thought I better check my account first and surprise, surprise my Avios were there…they had been in my account for a couple of weeks!

  2. I have been trying for some time for the times travel magazine subscription however it would seem the promotion code is not available without copy and pasting or upper or lower case.

  3. My points also credited in late November. The code shown is STTM.

  4. Re. STTM missing points: my complaining seemed to get me two lots posted – either that or they’re someone else’s!

    OT anyone’s AerLingus 250s posted?

    • Yep 2x of 250 for mine + my wifes AerLingus/Avios (linked) a/c claimed and now moved to BA a/c 🙂

      • Henry Larsen says:

        > Yep 2x of 250 for mine + my wifes AerLingus/Avios (linked) a/c
        > claimed and now moved to BA a/c

        Is there any way to move the points directly from the AerLingus account to the BA account without going through (if there is, I couldn’t find it)? Otherwise, those of us outside the UK can’t combine them, or what?

    • Yes 4500 Avios x2 here as well, things must be chaotic at STTM.

  5. Harpo, those points could be mine-still chasing!

    More likely to be Genghis’ though as he subscribed family, extended family, and friends! 🙂 .

    • My dad is still enjoying his sub bought as a bday present! 🙂

      • No need for “panic” just yet Genghis!

        Should Dad’s enthusiasm for the magazine remain through Spring next year then that would be the time to search for excuses for non-renewal!

        Lol 🙂 .

      • By contrast mine is PO after the postman damaged his letterbox pushing the mag through!

  6. After my complaints, and promises, promises from the S Times, Avios have taken it up for me and received copy of an email from them. Pretty appalling service from a ‘perceived, high end’ company.

  7. I received my S Times points within 2 1/2 weeks with no chase ups, luckily 🙂

  8. Neil Holland says:

    Have still not got my Avios from the travel subscription despite multiple emails phone calls et cetera. Shocking customer service would love to know how to escalate. Grr.

  9. Purchased the magazine on 22 Oct after it was reforest reported the offer had end and then restarted. Points posted on 30 Nov without any complaining. Must have been lucky 🙂

    I wonder if they will do a similar competition again …..

  10. Andrew A says:

    I purchased the magazine as a gift in October. Still no points posted and after several emails i received this yesterday “We are writing to advise you that we are experiencing some delays in processing the Avios points that were included on our promotional offer.
    We are working hard with our partners and will update you very soon. Please accept our apologies for this delay”
    I am not convinced but will need to wait and see what happens.

  11. OT: Rob where’s the £13000 birthday bash? I was looking forward to reading about it today.

  12. O/T: Where’s Iggy?

    Middle right a bit.

    108500 points

  13. RussellH says:

    Re Sunday Times.

    I am still fighting for both my points and my partner’s.

    The initial problem (they said) was that the BAEC numbers and names did not match. I suspect that they tried to match the a/c numbers with the recipients, rather than the purchasers.

    But it cannot be that difficult, can it?

    Because I gave a sub to her sister, while she gave one to me, the two orders have got mixed up with one another. I am getting e-mails about the sub she bought worded as if they are about the one I bought.

    The original acknowledgement e-mails were sent to me, but addressed to her sister, and sent to her, but addressed to me.

    I have made three phone calls, the last one the woman I spoke to promised me a response by this morning, and gave me her direct e-mail.

    Everyone has promised that the Avios will come, but nothing happens.

  14. I got my Avios points from Sunday Times Travel Magazine offer on 30th Nov. Emailed them twice as they confirmed my name was same for subscription and Avios account.

  15. OT. Wasnt there an offer recently of free 1000 avios if you earnt avios with a new partner? When were these meant to post and who should I chase to get them?

  16. Gin and Tonic Please says:

    OT – Just trying to make the most of Shop Small before it finishes tomorrow. Has anyone had any success in spending online and getting the credit? T&Cs say it’s in-store only, but the whole thing is so buggy that I wouldn’t be surprised if online purchases tracked OK…

    • Yep, I’ve had one credit from a website order and the other from a mail-in payment -neither of which were even from retailers that I thought were part of Shop Small so it was a totally unexpected bonus! 🙂

  17. My points arrived almost the same week. Still waiting the bonus points from Avios/BA’s shopping with a new partner initiative.

    • How often do you get the travel mag pls? I signed up September time and had one mag come thru quick but none since then. I thought it was monthly. No points tho’ 🙁

  18. OT. I’ve just tried 4 different Amex in 3 different shops to buy stamps. 1 shop doesn’t take Amex, the other 2 shops do take them but they wouldn’t go through on the card machine. Anyone else having the same problem?

    Unless I go to a pub, restaurant or beauty salon, it looks like Shop Small has been another waste of time for me again this year.

    • My freezer is now overflowing after 25 separate ShopSmall transactions – most have already credited the £5 back.

      • the-very-real-arry says:

        I think I only managed about 75 transactions this year, mostly stamps & some beer when they didn’t have stamps – not enough time what with other stuff going on

        couple of pub lunches

        • I am retired so plenty of time to faff about.
          I have managed 148 with no problems in payment except one shop which I have had to claim for. I even got a surprise one for a large payment at a very un-small chain of seven new car dealerships.

        • the-very-real-arry says:

          That makes you King of Shop Small so far this year 🙂

          O/T just got back from collecting my wife @ the airport – out at our place for Xmas – minor nightmare journey with fog her end, an hour’s delay then awful fog this end – big smiles all round as opposed to scowls as we got here/ home safely etc – feel very sorry for people who have had holiday plans ruined today and there’ll be more what with the strikes

    • There are so few places where I live that take Amex and even fewer I’d actually want to spend money in that it’s always a waste of time for me.

  19. My 4500 STTM points posted 30 Nov, after having complained a few weeks earlier (asked to confirm BAEC account number and name) and also received the “we are having difficulties, hold on” email that many others got.

    While they did eventually post, the apparent fragility of their operations would make me reluctant to take part in any offer from then again.

    OTOH I might now cancel my subscription for a partial refund, given the rough process so far I find it likely that they don’t have a mechanism in place to claw back avios.

  20. rams1981 says:

    I did a spend online with my first years which had a £10 off £50 Amex offer. It also credited £5 for shop small. Nice little bonus