EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY! 4500 Avios for a £30 subscription to The Sunday Times Travel Magazine

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(EDIT:  This offer has been closed early due to overwhelming demand and is no longer available, sorry!)

Tomorrow was meant to be the last day to pick up 4,500 cheap Avios points via The Sunday Times Travel Magazine.

However, due to what I can only imagine was insane demand from Head for Points readers, this generous offer has now been rolled over.  It is now showing an expiry date of 3rd February 2017.

Whilst there is no rush to apply now, it is worth running through the deal again for non-regular readers of HFP.

I have a soft spot for The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, probably because they tend to mention this site occasionally!  It also has a slightly more aggressive tone than Conde Nast Traveller, being happier to call out companies or cities which don’t live up to the hype.  The August issue had a great piece demolishing various over-promoted destinations, companies and services.

Whether or not you are an occasional reader of the magazine, you are going to want to subscribe!  This is because The Sunday Times Travel Magazine is offering 4,500 Avios points if you sign up for a £30 subscription.

At 0.66p per point, this is a no-brainer for most of us.

Sunday Times Travel

You can sign up here.

The offer does NOT show immediately.  You need to enter STTM0916 in the ‘Promotional Code’ box and hit ‘Submit’.  The page will refresh and the deal will show.

Cutting and pasting the code sometimes fails. If so, type it in. Try upper and lower case too!

YOU MUST CLICK SUBMIT so the page reloads. If you don’t, you will NOT get the Avios as you will be signing up to the standard package.

If you do not see a box during the check-out process asking for your Avios or BAEC account number, you should assume that it has gone wrong and will not work.  Try again using a different browser or device.

In summary:

you receive 4,500 Avios in either British Airways Executive Club or avios.com

the offer now runs until 3rd February 2017

the cost for a yearly subscription is £30 via direct debit (which you can cancel via online banking as soon as the first payment is taken ) or £32 via credit card or cheque

Avios are awarded within 28 days

You are paying 0.66p per Avios point if you ascribe zero value to the magazine.  Given the content I doubt anyone who reads this site will not get some value from it.

Whilst the original rules did not mention anything about multiple subscriptions, the magazine has now changed its terms to read “One offer per member. One award of Avios per household.”

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  1. Missed this before I went on vacation but will get organised when back. Sounds an ideal Christmas present!

  2. Terence Yap says:

    thanks for the update. I am from Asia and was interested to find out if you can recap if the credit should be made to BAEC or avios.com ? or either one without preference ? thanks !

    • When I did it back when the original offer came out, my wife and I each did one to BAEC and one to Avios.com. The BAEC points posted quickly but the Avios.com points took I think 30 days to post (after a chaser call and follow up email). Whilst in theory they should be the same, if choosing one (as now limited to one per household, but we don’t know if or how this is being enforced), I’d be inclined to say select BAEC.

    • I bought one for me on my BAEC and gifted one and used my avios acc. Paid by card on both and points posted a month later on both accounts

  3. Great if you get your points. I am being asked to jump through hoops having to answer additional questions to confirm the account is mine etc etc, when I asked why my points had not been awarded. Took out subscription as soon as you mentioned the deal. Still no sign of the points.

  4. I did it and got my first magazine last month. It’s rather good . Thanks HFP

    • Nicola Walton says:

      Off topic, but is anyone having problems with their Supercard? I received an email yesterday saying they were sorry I was having problems with my pin and would be sending me a new card? I have not used the card since last month at Rome airport and it was fine! Also coincidentally my IHG visa is linked to this card and I have just had to have it blocked because of 3 fraudulent amounts.

      • Yep I got the same email out of the blue about my Supercard pin yesterday. – new one is in the post apparently. Wasn’t aware that there were issues as it’s been a few months since I used it, as I was getting a little frustrated with the ‘double’ billing process for overseas transactions that make up any difference in the exchange rate.

      • Yes I got the email too. I had thought it was because I had forgotten my password. Used 2 weeks ago in Madrid. First time had a refusal – worked twice, failed once. It’s actually quite embarrassing – never happened to me in the beta test. I’m not that bothered about getting the new card tbh.

      • How are you guys finding the exchange rates on Supercard? Are they competitive?

      • Same happened to me. Out in the US at the moment so especially annoying. Used it twice successfully for shopping out here and a very embarrassing decline at a restaurant.

  5. OT- Curve Card UK ATM withdrawal

    Can anyone please confirm whether £200 ATM withdrawal limit is per calendar month or per rolling month?


  6. Do I have to cancel the subscription before it finishes by calling or writing, like I do in Germany with magazine and newspaper subscriptions there? Or does it stop automatically?

  7. Janet Thomas says:

    I also received the e-mail from Supercard. Phoned them and was told there was no security breach but they were sending a new card with new pin & I would have to re-register my IHG card! I haven’t used my Supercard for a couple of months. This sounds really dodgy. Perhaps everyone needs to check for fraudulent transactions.

    • Nicola Walton says:

      I am glad I posted about Supercard now it is worrying!

    • Nick Burch says:

      I used my supercard a number of times last weekend for pin transactions without issue, so it’s not a problem of the pin not working. I wonder what they’ve managed to stuff up at their end to need the re-issue of perfectly fine cards?

  8. Easy enough to get round the 1 offer per household stipulation – use different email addresses, different physical addresses (and possibly different payment method)

    • And creating multiple BAEC accounts to go in your HHA?

    • not sure whether this is Tom, Dick or the real Harry, but if you’re so keen to collect points this way, I would be happy to send you my address so that you can buy the mag for me.
      It suits me to forgo the points for a free copy.
      In fact, I’ll let you have a few different addresses and you could send a copy to my friends and relatives?

  9. Has anyone who signed up recently actually received the magazine? Subscribed in august and the avios posted fine, and received a letter suggesting my first issue would be September’s. But October rapidly approaches with no sign so far…

    • My wife, dad, auntie and I all received mags start of Sep

      • Magazine and points all posted for me early this month(CC payment).

        Genghis, unfortunately I couldn’t stretch to your levels of generosity- Mrs Gummidge and I have to share the same magazine, 🙂 .

        • 🙂 I saw my dad the weekend he got his first magazine and he’s really pleased with his bday present.

    • Believe magazine delivery date is supposed to be the first Thursday of each month, and lead time is long – for my 28 Aug subs, I will only get my first issue start of Oct (the Nov issue?). I’d chase up in case your issue has gone astray.

  10. Subscribed 28 Aug (paying by credit card, not DD) – Avios posted to BAEC account 3 days later, 31 Aug.

  11. Oh! Matron! says:

    As it’s just cost me 4000 points + £15 for a single flight from London to Manchester, this is an absolute bargain (given it was £100+ for the same flight with no points!)

  12. Worth bearing in mind you’ll hit some problems on the crediting of Avios if your account surname does not match your delivery name.
    Unfortunately my passport is in my “old” name so my BAEC account reflects that, however my Avios.com account is in my current name.
    Plus I’d ordered some subs as gifts for delivery to others with totally different surname! The magazine automation can’t cope with these variables, but I’ve been told (across assorted emails) that they will manually correct it.

    • Still chasing them up about this – I subscribed on 8th August.
      Today, after another email which was from someone I’ve emailed before & which has the rest of the email history in it, I decided to try phoning & speaking to a human.
      He could see what the issue was & could get the Avios applied, however stated that the T&C was for 1 lot of Avios per household. I advised him that T&C was changed after I subscribed….long & short is he actually isn’t enabled to do anything other than “pass it up to head office” to look into. I’m to expect a call back no later than Tuesday.

      The saga continues.

  13. Anyone outside the UK have any luck? And specifically with sending it to some random UK address.

  14. If anyone is trying to judge when they will get the points I signed up just before the initial deadline and chose my BAEC account for the points and they went into my account today.

  15. Justin Laur says:

    No points credited to neither me nor my partner, been about 6 weeks. Just emailed them and this is what they responded –

    Thank you for your email regarding Sunday Times Travel.

    I can confirm the points are only available per house hold, please may I ask if there is only one subscription going to your address?

    Please may I also ask if the name on the subscription is the same as on your membership account?

    With this information I can assist you further with your query.

    If I can be of any further assistance please contact me

  16. Seems like the promo code is no longer valid?

  17. Agree – code isn’t working for me on any browser/device

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